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  1. Steve S

    E60 power steering oil cooler

    If it's like the 520d with the cooler just in front of the main radiator then access is from above by removing the panel above it. I had mine replaced as there are some special connectors on the pipes which require a tool otherwise I don't think it's too difficult. Just be aware that if you take the panel above the radiator off and turn it over on to the engine the cables for the bonnet release can come off. Don't close the bonnet until you have checked the release cables are still attached.
  2. Steve S

    Power steering fluid leak.

    I used a genuine BMW part,which was £60. I was surprised it wasn't more. It was about 3 years ago though. Standard time for the garage to change it was about 45 mins.
  3. Steve S

    Power steering fluid leak.

    Mine went on the power steering cooler as it sits right in front of the radiator and gets any stones that get thrown up. You have to take off the cover plate that the bonnet latches on to to get at it. I got a local independent to do it as you have to have a tool to release the hydraulic connectors. Beware if you have a look as the bonnet release cables can drop out when you turn the cover plate over. Luckily the garage did it , not me, so they sorted it, but it took them longer than changing the cooler.
  4. Steve S

    E61 secret menu help please.

    Is it the sum of the last 6 digits or is it 5? I think mine unlocks with the sum of the last 5. You know it's unlocked because when you get to the item 19 it says "Lock on" or similar and after entering the code it says "Lock off".
  5. Steve S

    Trolley Jack Recommendations

    I would have thought the 2 tonne jack would be OK. That's the rating on mine and it lifts it fine. If you're lifting from a single jacking point you'll only lift maximum about 1/2 the weight of the car. I use a hard wood block to spread the load, but those rubber adaptors look worth a try.
  6. Steve S

    Oil service counter reset

    Oil change done and now done about 150 miles. I saved a sample of the oil removed that had supposedly done 500 miles and will sample again at the same mileage to compare. On the resetting the counter it hasn't reset automatically and so I reset it manually. I looked through other forum posts to see if I could find a procedure applicable to the 2007 Lci version and the key part I was missing was the press and release the start button, the other procedure only mention the key, and not the start button. Otherwise they are very similar. I really don't remember having to do any of that at the last oil change. Anyway if anyone with the Lci version needs to reset the counter try this procedure thanks to Allen from the 5series forum. 1 - Get in car…close door…apply parking brake…put in neutral…insert the key in ignition…press and release Start button. This should illuminate the battery, oil and parking brake lights…but not start the car.=> At any point in the following process…releasing the odometer reset button for about 10 seconds will abort the process.2 - Press and hold the odometer reset button…at about 2 seconds…a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appears…at about 5 seconds…the oil indicator appears...release the button.3 - Within 3 seconds of releasing the button…press and release the button again. Each press and release of the button will toggle to a different service indicator available for reset.4 - When you have toggled to the service indicator to be reset…press and hold the the button…at about 3 seconds…the “RESET ?” message appears…release the button.5 - If you do not wish to reset the indicator…do nothing…the process will abort in about 3 seconds.6 - If you do wish to reset the indicator…within 3 seconds…press and hold the button until the service miles remaining changes to “---“. (the exact button pressing part for the actual reset is a little fuzzy…but easy to do). Regards, Steve
  7. Steve S

    Oil service counter reset

    Thanks for the replies B7TMW & 535iAR. I think I have seen the rest procedures before, especially the Youtube linked to procedure, but I think that's on an older car. I tried the step by step procedure above and it seems to fail at step 3. I get the triangle with the exclamation mark, but when I release and re-press it I get the time and outside temperature back until after a few seconds the triangle with the exclamation mark re-appears. If I keep holding I get into the hidden menu. The odometer can only be reset with the engine running. . My car is an E61 late 2007 520D, which is the early LCI version. I think these must be a bit different. Does anyone have experience of the same model and age of car? I plan to do the oil change probably next week and I will see what happens to the service counter. If it doesn't reset then I have no idea how I did it before. Regards, Steve
  8. Does anyone know whether the oil service counter automatically resets after you do an oil and filter change, i.e. is there some kind of oil quality detection, or does it have to be reset by connecting in to the OBD2 connection with a suitable diagnostic tool? Last time I changed the oil about 12,000 miles ago I am convinced it reset automatically to something like 17,000 or 19,000. The reason I ask is I had my turbo fail a couple of weeks ago, I got my local independent garage to replace it and they quoted for doing the oil service as part of the job. When I got the car back I noticed the oil was very black after not many miles and the oil service counter is showing 2,600 miles to the next service and I recall looking not long before the turbo failure and noticing it was 2,800 miles. The indications to me are that the oil wasn't changed. I have queried it with the garage and was told the service indicator doesn't reset itself, it has to be reset and because the oil and filter change are only part of the oil service they didn't reset the counter (some other things like air filter, pollen filter and fuel filter are part of the oil service every 2nd or 3rd service and were not part of the job). The colour of the oil was explained as being from the residue of the old oil. My nasal passages are now twitching and I'm looking round for the male gender of the bovine species defecating all over the place. Can anyone enlighten me on the oil service counter reset?
  9. Steve S

    Newbie Timing Chain Worries Already N47

    Daz, I think it's worth calling another dealer as I have heard others say they were told their car is not affected even though they have the N47 engine. I know they are 350 miles from you, but you could try Soper BMW in Lincoln (01522 690000). My car is a 57 plate 520D with 136,000 miles on the clock and they said it was covered. Even when I told them it had a new engine in 2011 (prior to my ownership) now with 36,000 miles they said it was still affected by the issue and covered by the enhancement. They told me N47 engines up to 2013 are affected. They said all checks parts and labour would be at BMW cost. When they checked it they said the wear level was in the lowest range where no corrective work is required. I'm still concerned that a few years down the line with another 30,000 to 40,000 miles it could fail, so should I take it back for the free check and corrective work at regular intervals and will they keep paying?
  10. Steve S

    home oil and filter change

    When I did mine I was expecting the most difficult part of the job would be resetting the service indicator to reflect the new oil and filter, but there must be a sensor that detects the condition of the oil because the miles to next change reset itself automatically.
  11. Steve S

    E60 Timing Chain recalls

    I had mine done on Monday. I couldn't detect any undue noises before or after the work. What amazes me is the different story everyone gets from the main dealers. Anyone who has a 2007 to 2013 5 series with the N47 engine and is getting the response that their car isn't affected or their local dealer doesn't know anything about the quality enhancement I suggest you call Soper BMW at Lincoln. They have all the info from BMW and special fixtures to check the wear of the timing chain, which falls into about 4 categories, and the level of wear determines what they should change. On mine the wear was at the first level where work is required and only the timing chain tensioner was changed. The new design tensioner has a greater travel to accommodate wear of the chain, so will extend the time to failure rather than prevent it. No figures were given to me as to what the mileage increase would be (100,000 to 200,000 miles? who knows). When the timing chain wear is at the higher levels their instructions tell them to change the timing chain as well and at the highest level of wear change the other chains. There is no separate measurement of the wear of the other chains as far as I understood it; their wear is inferred from the wear of the timing chain, which seems logical as they have run the same time in the same oil. I would expect from investigation of the problem and looking at data from numerous stripped engines BMW would have a good statistical feel for the correlation between the timing chain wear and the other chains' wear, but I'm sure there will be the odd anomaly. Soper even threw in for free a car wash and vacuum of the carpets and a free health check, basically a check of any warnings and visual check of the Tyres, wheels suspension, Fluids etc. By the way does anyone change their brake fluid every 2 years? I last had mine done at an independent BMW specialist for about £30 and Soper quoted £155, naturally I declined.
  12. Steve S

    E60 Timing Chain recalls

    I picked up on this thread only a few days ago, so I called my local BMW dealer today to see if my 57 plate E61 520D with N47 Engine was affected. They only asked for the registration and the mileage, which is at 136k miles. They confirmed it is affected and recommended I book it in as soon as possible, but were keen to point out it's not a recall, it's an enhancement. I suppose it's because it's not safety related only cost. Even when I pointed out that the engine was replaced with a brand new engine at just under 100k miles in 2011, by the previous owner, (information they had on their database already) they confirmed it was still affected. From what I understand the work comprises first checking the timing chain and if it's within certain acceptance limits based on stretch they do nothing, but if it's outside the limit they may change the tensioner and possibly the chain(s). The checks take a few hours and the replacement chain is an engine out job and 2 days work. The cost is down to BMW, no charge will be made for the checks or the parts or labour for any replacement. I suspect at under 40k miles it probably won't require the work, but if it does I will give an update (after 22 June) as there's probably a lot of N47 engined cars 2011 year or older with over 40k miles that would also be affected.
  13. Steve S

    Cost if brake fluid change

    Does anyone know if there is a similar way of resetting the Brake fluid service date on the Lci models as I think the one posted by IanW was for pre-Lci. Jobs such as brake fluid change are simple, but it's resetting the service reminder on the computer that makes it a main dealer or independent BMW specialist job. When I changed the Oil I was expecting to have to reset that as well, but it automatically reset itself to 17000 or 19000miles. I did buy a cable and software, but had limited success getting the software running. It came with DIS and INPA and I had some success connecting and reading fault codes with INPA, but it didn't have the software for the N47 engine even though it was meant to be suitable for my Lci 520d model. DIS wouldn't communicate with the car at all. Any one out there with the N47 engine and diagnostics software? The cost rate at my local BMW dealer is £120/hour, which astounded me. I dread to think what it is in London or the SE. The Independent is about £40 and I'm sure some of the other specialist franchise service garages less than that, so £30, including the fluid that they will get probably for less than £5 even for good quality fluid, is probably not far off. I think last time mine was done by the independent it was £40.
  14. Steve S

    Average age for a E60 owner ?

    I'm amazed how low the average age is. I've skimmed through this and I think I'm the oldest at 53 and have the cheapest insurance at £160 fully comp with NCD protection. The last 3 cars I've had (and I keep them a while) have been estates as I needed the space for the family and the sporting activities. The 5 series drives and handles the best even with the run flats. Not as smooth as the V6 Vauxhall Omega, but not bad for a Diesel and nearly twice the mpg.
  15. Steve S

    Angel eye failure

    Shauney, Mine is a late 2007 E61 lci with standard lights and I fitted BA9S 12V 10W bulbs, which are the same fit as the original. These have a standard bayonet fitting, so are different to the 5W5 bulbs mentioned above. You do have to melt the bit of plastic that retains the bulb holder into the reflector body and then melt it again when you refit it to hold it in place.