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  1. E34 535i Sport

    Still waiting on the invoice its Spot on Tuning in Eye, there is a FB page
  2. E34 535i Sport

  3. Viewing an M5 :)

    I think the sale is pretty much agreed and I'm going along for the inspection tomorrow but always a good idea to ask the gang if it's a known car... I still need to start a project thread on mine...
  4. E34 535i Sport

    And Shiny
  5. Viewing an M5 :)

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-M5-Full-Documented-Service-History-Evolve-Remap-3-Keys-/122361163122?nma=true&si=0VDrvaxGuvLXJgPIFJP43NLv9JQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Hi All, Going to view this tomorrow with a friend, Do we know of the car on here? All feedback appreciated,
  6. Rebuild? Partout? Scrap?

    Any progress with the engine yet?
  7. 535i not starting

    Solved it! Fuel pump was a rusty pile of scrap, Cleaned out the tank, flushed some fuel, turned the key and she fired straight up!
  8. '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Epic thread continues to be epic!
  9. 16" tyre choices

    Looks like et19 Mate, Bit of an odd offset right?
  10. 16" tyre choices

    Needing to revisit this guys, going to put the ACT's on the 535 sport after a refirb, I'm concerned about the front struts fouling the tyres Assuming stock sport suspension or even -35mm on eibachs is there an ideal tyre size front and rear?
  11. Widescreen Nav with Small screen display

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the late reply with this, I've not taken the tuner out yet to check the part numbers, it looks a bit scary TBH, am I at risk of messing anything up disconnecting and removing components to get a proper look at the part number?
  12. Clock adjustment

    Hi all, My Clocks have been out at some point on the E39, unfortunately now the needles are all misaligned... DOH! Is this something I can sort out myself or do I need to send them away, is there a trusted source for these sorts of things? Brgds, Chris
  13. Rebuild? Partout? Scrap?

    I think the question to ask is what will you wish that you'd done 5-10 years from now once the values of these cars have shot up as per the E30 M3 17850ish produced as opposed to 20000ish M5's I was thinking that perhaps you might have had a chance to do a compression test or have cleaned out the oil separators but either way its worth sticking with the car long term even if you only get a few thousand miles a year out of it, Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution
  14. E39 Tyre Monitor

    Hi Guys, Procedure for shutting up the tyre pressure monitor using BMW Scanner? Ta muchly!
  15. Rebuild? Partout? Scrap?

    Any further news on this?