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  1. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    Gas pedal has to come off as well to remove carpet, I found this video online to remoe it which my help others doing it. BMW E34 gas pedal removal
  2. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    Sorry my mistake forgot to remove 2 other heater pipes. Anyway this thread should be of use to other users thanks for all the help.
  3. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    Realoem doesnt seem to be much help either.
  4. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    NO Joy with removing airbox this is as far as i got Car does not have a/c passenger pipes i unscrewed but box is still stuck like glue.
  5. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    Back looking for more help removing airbox i have removed 2 bolts 1 either side of box but it is still held down do the airline pipes passenger side have to be removed.
  6. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    Thanks for that i found videos on you tube but none off them tell you how & couldnt find it in realoem.
  7. GlossBlue

    e34 Dashboard removal

    Hi am looking for help @ removing the dash in my 89 e34 as i am doing a engine swap with my 95 it failed nct on rust so moving everything over to my 89 & let shell of to scrap yard To fit new wiring loom carpet & dash has to come out.Here is a picture of where i am at just need to know where the screws are to remove it.
  8. GlossBlue

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Thanks i thought it was seem welded as well as bolted . I will try it first on doner car before i bring out grinder
  9. GlossBlue

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Does the front of the e34 strip away this much or did you use a angle grinder as i have to do the same as you with a engine swap . its easier bring engine & gearbox out this way than try to fish it out overhead.
  10. GlossBlue

    E34 Auto Gearbox

    i am looking to swap my auto gearbox in my 95 e34 for one out off a e39 realoem say it will fit by the years of e39 up to 03 i is this correct the engine is the 2liter one . Realoem link to gearbox
  11. GlossBlue

    M57 diesel in an e34 has it been done?

    I wanted to do the same it works only going from old to new diesel & petrol as they have different engine mounts . so you would have to do some serious welding to go from petrol to diesel. Hope this helps what ever you do.
  12. GlossBlue

    Convert a e34 to a e39

    If i can find a cheap enough doner i will go as big as possible .
  13. GlossBlue

    Convert a e34 to a e39

    I found another guy on another website that did this but he was going from diesel to diesel where i was going from petrol to diesel so it seems engine mounts would get me as the are different mounts on the diesel block . So if i went this way i would have to cut the mounts from doner car & weld into mine which would be a bit of a job getting them in the right place.I havent given up though might try the 2.5 petrol was the 2.5i different in the 523 e39 than the 525i e39 Might be of help to someone in the future.
  14. GlossBlue

    chip tunning tds

    I was about to go thru with a purchase on ebay but now i will pull out & take the bad feedback for my cars sake . Its a manual by the way.
  15. GlossBlue

    chip tunning tds

    The chips are suppose to change the power band to kick in much early so you don't get the lag from take off as regards blowing the engine up I would suspect that is all down to how they are driven. I don't drive hard & only want to get rid of the lag from take off.