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  1. cableguy

    How is this door trim attached?

    They just clip on, however they deform easily and are rarely re-used if taken off. Some details here: C.
  2. cableguy

    How is this door trim attached?

    Wrong trims. Those are the rubbing strips halfway down the doors and wings. C
  3. cableguy

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    I've had another set of splits recently refurbished and after many previous sets done, can echo what DennisCooper has advised. Painted centres will give a finer finish as powdercoat is heavy in comparison and hand polished lips will give the "wow" factor. PM anytime if you need a recommendation for a top split rim builder & refurbisher. C.
  4. cableguy

    extended leather handles

    e28, e34, e39, e60...? C.
  5. cableguy

    E34 m5 gear shift surround

    I think I have a spare one in Black. I'll have a dig around this weekend. What's the going rate for these rare sought after surrounds...? C.
  6. That's a great looking wagon and makes me want to crack on and finish mine... however narrow grille front FTW. If it's finished as well as it looks in the pics then not unreasonably priced IMO. Well spec'd e34's are still a veritable bargain compared with most modern classics of the same era. C.
  7. Have you thought about Chris at http://www.exelwheels.co.uk/ He'll come to you and fit a set of loan wheels while he takes yours for refurb. The added bonus is the quality of the refurb is second to none. Saves the hassle of buying cheap rims. C.
  8. cableguy

    Aegean Blue E39 M5 - For sale at a dealer

    Now listed as "Reserved". C.
  9. cableguy

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5

    I've seen a few SE's over the years with Sports Seats specified from new and the sill trims I suppose are easily fitted for effect. Would be interesting to find out the chassis number for build and original options? C.
  10. cableguy

    B10 touring

    A shame there isn't one decent pic of the interior. Very rare to see a car with the sought after Alpina Cloth and not leather... I'm wondering if there is heavy wear due to the lack of pics? C.
  11. cableguy

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5

    Before my original post, I checked the Motor Insurance Database and it's listed as a 535i SE. C.
  12. cableguy

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5

    The car is based on a 535i SE, so considering the mileage and recent spend on resto i'd say it's a £6k'ish car looking at where the UK market is. Add in the used prices for a front bumper (£500), wheels (£1200), steering wheel (£250), gearknob (£100), decal kit (£500) and you've got £2.5k of extras to make it the car it is. All IMO of course. It's well advertised on Pistonheads, Car & Classic, Ebay, Facebook etc. so time will tell if there's interest or not. C.
  13. cableguy

    Differential Question

    525i Sport uses a small case LSD (type 188), whereas as the M5 uses a large case LSD (type 210). Not a straight swap unfortunately. C.
  14. Those shown on M5Board are too blue, too light and nowhere near factory finish. Awful job! Shadowchrome done correctly is a great look. I had mine done by SEM many years ago and they replicated the OEM finish perfectly. From memory the base coat is Black. C.
  15. cableguy

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5

    Good looking car and it reads like it's had some strong money thrown at it recently. The purists will be disappointed with the aftermarket suspension & exhaust. Grey leather is no ones first choice and a shame it has no air-con. I'd guess that the mileage will hold it back for a while and you may say a price drop or two if the seller is serious about selling. C.