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  1. cableguy

    E34 520i Touring

    Looks can be deceptive as the advert points out. Still, could be a good base car and it's cheap. Courtesy car, tread carefully... C.
  2. cableguy

    The unwritten rules of being British

    Read rule 1, 2 & 3 and that's enough for me... I'm a poet and I didn't know it... C.
  3. cableguy

    Fingers Crossed.

    Welcome. Previous owner has been busy over the last four years considering the mileage. Will be interesting to see how the four pot diesel performs over the next few... fingers crossed its reliable. C.
  4. cableguy

    Disconnecting Battery.

    Strange! Has the alarm got a separate battery pack? I always disconnect and remove my battery when in storage over winter and never have any issues with the alarm. C.
  5. cableguy

    Minicab fare con?

    "duped out of a few quid?" The difference is £1.65... however I've seen this before on non agreed fares so there must be some logic behind it. Any cabbies care to explain...? C.
  6. Old school cool Defender for £15-20k or Ur(an)us for £250k+... I'll take a Defender please. C.
  7. cableguy

    E39 530i Touring 

    Sterling Grey is a great colour on the e39 Wagon. That car with a manual box would be superb. C.
  8. cableguy

    E31 850i V12 6 speed manual

    Nice find. I thought only the 850CSi came with the Manual Box... this must have been a very rare optioned car. Not a fan of the colour combo, however it looks tidy and has clearly been looked after. C.
  9. cableguy

    E34 Anthracite cloth seats

    Let me know when you find them and i'll gift you my unicorn... C.
  10. cableguy

    E32 735i Manual £1995

    I'm pretty sure that's the same seller/trader. My guess is that they had lots of calls... hence they MOT'd it and doubled the price! C.
  11. cableguy

    Now THIS is how a 7 should be done...

    Good to see some high res pics in an advert. Pricey for a 200k+ V12 Barge. Potential bills could be big if you're not handy with the spanners and yes interior colour not the best. Not a fan of the cheap black looking sill covers & bumper bottoms either. C.
  12. cableguy

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    Agreed. Can't believe I failed to mention the V8's. C.
  13. cableguy

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    That red 525 on ebay is far from a good one. Scabby arches, dull painted bumpers, poorly colour matched sills, scabby door bottoms and not to mention it's a slush box. Price is fair however if prepared to haggle. There's a big divide on e34's IMO. Some decent 518's, 520's & 525's about for less than a couple of grand in SE form and mainly auto's, however a good manual 525 Sport will be double that and then some, 535 Sports a little more and then you're looking at a good chunk more for a decent Alpina or M5. The sweet spot for me would be a Manual 535 Sport or Manual Alpina B3.5, plenty of go and the big M30 is bullet proof if serviced regularly without the worrying costs and potential big bills of M5 ownership. C.
  14. cableguy

    BMW E34 540iA V8

    Nice colour combo and yes, pants advert...! Slush box and 177k miles make it a £2.5k car at most if it's solid. C.
  15. cableguy

    That’ll learn him....

    I see nothing wrong. Biker hits car, driver hits bike... C.