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  1. You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    Nice cheap project car and the 4 Pot will make it easier to work on and cheaper to run. C.
  2. E38 750iL 64000 miles

    Looks good in Calypso although the rear suspension looks low. Didn't the same owner have a low mileage e32 735i for sale a year or so ago... Both nice low mileage examples. C.
  3. Just Joined

    Welcome. e34 540i/6 is a great car. What plans have you got and any pics? C.
  4. E38 740i engine into an E39 525i

    That's a big project... Sell them both and buy a 540i if you really must and save yourself a whole heap of head scratching. C.
  5. Wheel cleaner

    Seconded. It's been around a long time now and is still hard to beat. The benefit as Paddy mentioned is that you can dilute it to suit how dirty/stained your alloys are. C.
  6. Anyone identify this ?

    Just seen your sale ad and magnified the tyre pic, date stamp is either 97 (1997) or 06 (2006). Well past its best so maybe worth mentioning in the ad. C.
  7. Anyone identify this ?

    Cutters or ebay. I'm sure there's someone that could do with a good spare. Tyre is probably past its best... have you checked the date stamp? £50-100 IMO. C.
  8. Avus E34 540/6 Touring restoration

    Sorry to see you are selling Richard. GLWS. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-540i-Touring-6-speed-manual-E34/112931252270?hash=item1a4b3a282e:g:KRYAAOSwn3Vazf89 C.
  9. £38k E34 540i touring

    It will never sell at anywhere near the price advertised. Look at it as a LHD e34 540iA Wagon with some nice rims and that's where it's at, hence my £5k valuation. C.
  10. £38k E34 540i touring

    A little off... I'd say £5k as it has some nice bits on... Rims, Exhaust, Mirrors, Facelift Black Leather Door Cards etc. It would command more money and a bigger audience on mobile.de being LHD and German. C.
  11. Carbon Black ///M5

    Nice looking project. I have great memories of my CB e39 M5, they're pretty much the perfect all-round everyday car. Have to agree re tints, however you're doing yourself no favours with the daft incorrectly spaced number plate! C.
  12. I'd guess that the Old Colonel car is a Champagne I, hence the electric seats and brushed alu trim. The Champagne II's had Papel Natur (Poplar) and nearly all had manual, non-heated seats. C.
  13. Anyone used AUTODOC parts website before?

    Have a look at sparepartstore24.co.uk too. I ordered some coil packs for an s50b30 recently and they were delivered from Germany very quickly (2-3 Days). They were unfortunately the wrong ones and after an e-mail and a phone call they forwarded me a postage label and I returned for a full refund, hence I would recommend them. C.
  14. Been dismissed at Work

    Sounds like the future employer is getting a raw deal here and another reason this whole PC world has gone to rat sh!t. paulie031 - fingers crossed you have a case and all gets sorted amicably. C.