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  1. Something definitely not right .....6 years old + 60 days warranty maybe, but not 6 months (my Mrs works at a Mazda dealership and agrees). And £1400 is also ridiculous.....demand a full breakdown of the invoice and challenge it big time. Get a quote from Mazda as well for the same job. Someone's either got some numbers wrong or they're taking the p1$$ (or both). S
  2. There's an outfit in the US who do coding things remotely at a reasonable price. You buy the cable, connect between your laptop and the car, give them remote access to your machine and they remotely install the tools and carry out up to 6 different coding settings for about £50 iirc. You're now going to ask "who?" - don't have their details to hand as out and about, but will find them and post back later today. S
  3. Reminds me a bit of - errr, - me!! That's why I retired
  4. Try part 2 in the diagram here Also worth changing part 4 at the same time, they're dirt cheap as well. S
  5. Had similar (including tyre wear on inner edge) try this. Go to the rear of the car and rock it from side to side, aggressively - if it starts creaking then it could well be the "rose bushes", which sit behind the wheel hub (I'll see if I can find a pic from RealOEM). The bushes are relatively cheap - about £20 iirc - but they can be an absolute **** of a job, need a special tool to do it properly. Took my indi guy nearly 2 days to free them up, glad I didn't try that one myself. HTH, S
  6. Did you know you've probably got memory seats as well :)
  7. Hmm. Do a search on this forum, there was a thread a few years ago where the whole right way/wrong way of doing jump starting was discussed, and probably more of interest to you, what the problems could be. Hoping it's not bad news for you. S
  8. I experienced something similar with mine, looks like the car's been on Viagra INPA is your friend here, it has options to raise and lower the suspension manually, but more importantly set the correct ride height. Have a search through this forum for a post I put up a few years ago now, goes through how to do it.....assuming you don't already know! S
  9. I still have a 25+ year old B&D "percussion" drill which is still going strong and used regularly. Couldn't cope with the brickwork in our current house so also got a DeWalt SDS which is incredibly good. Had some Ryobi cordless gear which was OK, but batteries failed to charge after 2 years. Now use Makita cordless, highly recommended. May be obvious, but try not to leave batteries in an outhouse/garage over winter, they don't like it. And re "sniggers", absolutely right - showed the story to my Mrs, she nearly choked on her beer !! S.
  10. Aha - well spotted on the Auto Stop-Start - Knew I recognised the symbol but couldn't for the life of me remember! And good shout re the auto garage door, looks feasible. Cheers.
  11. Hi All, Posting this in General as probably applies to multiple marques .... Trying to identify the various fuse symbols as per the card in the fuse box. This is from my '15 F11 525D. Can you help with the symbols, especially those I've marked with a red dot in the picture. I've listed them below (in order by column) as I *think* they are, feel free to copy/correct my interpretation to keep the thread going until we get a 100% consensus:) 1. ABS and Traction Control 2. Steering wheel functions 3. Towbar 4. No idea !! 5. Electric Mirrors 6. No idea !! 7. XDrive ? 8. Not sure 9. Main headlights 10. Sidelights (and indicators?) 11. Alarm? 12. Parking Sensors - not sure about the second symbol? 13. Temperature (or oil?) 14. Horn 15. Parking Brake 16. Central Locking 17. Electric Windows 18. Heated seats 19. Electric seats 20. Seat Belts 21. OBD 22. Electric Fan 23. Cruise Control ? 24. Wipers (Front and Back?) 25. Heated Rear Screen 26. Heated washer 27. Interior Lights 28. Something to do with suspension ! 29. Instrument cluster 30. Air Conditioning 31.Front demister 32. DME/DDE Engine Control 33. Fuel system.....any better description? 34. Engine management system 35.Suspension - which function? SLS? 36. Convertible roof 37. Radio 38. Type Pressure Monitor System 39. Windscreen Washers 40. Headlight wash system 41. Power tailgate 42. I have absolutely no idea !! 43. Phone (Bluetooth as well?) 44. Nav System 45. Sunroof - if so , see note below. 46. 12V accessories As aside, I'm going to check out fuse 58 [for sunroof] to see if it's "live" on my car [no actual sunroof], it's a damn site easier to get to than fuse 54, which is the normal suggestion for hardwiring accessories such as dashcam, which where this all stems from. Over to the forum S
  12. Will check that out - assume I get at that area from inside glove box....? Or from door pillar somewhere? S
  13. Here you go.......wikipedia source though, so standard caveats apply
  14. Just hit the same challenge (re where to earth in front glove box area).....any offers? S
  15. Definitely analogue. Although DAB was launched in c1995, it's only relatively recently been adopted by car manufacturers. S