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  1. Passenger mirror not tilting

    Hmm, interesting thread. I've just picked up a new G31 and have exactly the same symptoms. I thought it might be disabled as I have the reversing camera as well, but this thread suggests not. Just spoken to BMW Customer complaints, they neither confirmed nor denied the situation. It has been officially logged with them but predictably they've referred me back to the dealer. I'm in a slightly different situation to most other people in so far as I didn't actually spec out the vehicle myself, it was available on their stock list and if I was OK with the spec I could take immediate delivery. So I don't think I'll get any pennies back, but I will follow up on the retrofit as I find it's a really useful function, especially when maneuvering the caravan. (Had it on my previous F11). S
  2. Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    So, quick update. There appears to be 3 fuse boxes/panels in total, one in the boot (offside), the front offside and another one front nearside. The one on drivers side is accessed via the trim panel above the pedals, two plastic twist clips either end, easy to locate. Only need to pull down the outer right part of the trim to get required access to (most) fuses. Fuse F50 is your friend, ignition-switched accessory circuit. There's a couple of potential earthing points, not completed install yet as can't find the damn cable I took out the other car last week. Will try to get some pics when I do the I properly.
  3. Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    Looking to hard wire my dashcam in my new F31. I noticed in another unrelated post someone mentioned "drivers side fusebox"..... I've not looked for it yet, so a) does it exist? where is it? (OK, name probably gives me a clue!) c) is there a suggested ignition-switched fuse to piggy-back off? Used the cig lighter fuse in my previous F11 I'm going to have a poke around shortly anyway, but if anyone can save me a bit of time would've appreciated. S
  4. TPM - standard or optional?

    Just for the record, definitely comes with TPM and power tailgate
  5. TPM - standard or optional?

    As per title, is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPM) fitted as standard? I have a brochure (dated August 2017) which contradicts itself. The grid/table that shows all the options (with the solid dot representing standard and the hollow dot representing optional with the associated cost) shows TPM as optional across the entire range, but in the cost column it is labelled "std". (Other zero-cost options such as debadging are shown as £0 ). I suspect it is a misprint in the brochure, as I thought all new vehicles were legally required to have TPM these days. The option code doesn't show on the build sheet, but there again neither does the power tailgate option which I know for a fact is standard on the Touring......or is it ?! Any comments? S
  6. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    Just going back to "is there a 525D" comments, I was told the 525D wasn't available "yet", beginning to think that was the dealer wanting to move the 530D he had on the books - but I'm not complaining Collecting 4th Nov all being well. S
  7. Job advice

    I'd still be inclined to try the HR director directly, just in case - as Dan says above (and he probably knows better than me, based on his occupation!!) might be dead and done, but what's the worst that can happen if you do call? Purely out of interest, would be interested to know who (or what kind of) org you were going to see. I know a Staffs-based org who are expanding in Scotland, might be same one - PM me if more appropriate. S
  8. Lights on always? How to

    iirc, the switch is the same across the model range but the feature isn't necessarily enabled on all cars. S
  9. What I did WITH my E39 today

    Oooh, nice Looks like many a happy hour to be spent in the man cave !!!
  10. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    I had an E39 530D and got the 320D as well for business use. E39 was the workhorse, towing the caravan and trailer. Eventually (and somewhat sadly) I sold the E39 and swapped the 320D in a the same time for the 525D to become the single car. (As you can probably gather, the 320D wasn't quite up for the towing job, lacking in weight and pulling power.) Love the 525D with the extra 30-odd horses and more torque, but always craved another 6-pot. Apparently there is talk of a 525D in the G3x series, but at the moment can only get 520D or 530D (both available with xDrive as well). Read a review recently about a journalist's road trip from Spain back to the UK, allegedly the 20" wheels provide phenomenal grip, but you feel every piece of grit on the road - not ideal for the crappy, pot-hole riddled roads in the UK these days. Will let you know how it goes once I pick it up in about three weeks time. S
  11. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    Just going back the original question re 525D.....I've got a 525D F11 Touring, I use it to pull the caravan (amongst other things), I previously had a 320D with the 184bhp engine and the performance difference between the two is extrardinary - based on what I know after 2-1/2 years in the 525D, I'm absolutely convinced that I was right not to go for the 520D for pulling the caravan. I'm on this forum now because I'm just doing the paperwork on a brand new G31 530D M Sport - pre-built dealer stock (not even pre-reg, just sat there waiting for a buyer). Only thing I'm not 100% happy about is the enormous 20" wheels, but got no choice. And you can't really turn down £8k dealer deposit contribution, add a bit of cash and staff discount ......happy days Collect it back end of October/beginning of November (milking the road tax and a month's payment on the 525D which will cover the fitting of a removeable towbar). It's in Bluestone, so Mrs B has already decided to call it "Rocket" after the character from the hilarious comdey "Bluestone 42". Roll on November..... S.
  12. New Addition to the Family

    Love it
  13. Sorry; but to me this is absurd...

    Like asking boxers not to hit their opponent
  14. They must be 'avin a larf surely???

    Something definitely not right .....6 years old + 60 days warranty maybe, but not 6 months (my Mrs works at a Mazda dealership and agrees). And £1400 is also ridiculous.....demand a full breakdown of the invoice and challenge it big time. Get a quote from Mazda as well for the same job. Someone's either got some numbers wrong or they're taking the p1$$ (or both). S
  15. F10 Coding

    There's an outfit in the US who do coding things remotely at a reasonable price. You buy the cable, connect between your laptop and the car, give them remote access to your machine and they remotely install the tools and carry out up to 6 different coding settings for about £50 iirc. You're now going to ask "who?" - don't have their details to hand as out and about, but will find them and post back later today. S