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  1. [Autolocking] very easy to change but as above, does need software to do it. Best bet is definitely to find a local forum member who can help - @Tony Norton, where are you, geographically? If you update your profile someone may jump in to offer assistance. S
  2. (picks phone off floor...) I paid less than £300 for a slightly bigger room, with some nasty alcoves and a loft access hatch to cut round. To be fair, it was a "moonlight" cash in hand job by a guy we've used for years, but £780 sounds extortionate to me. S
  3. Real Ale and decent curries meant I didn't have a sick day for over 23 years - cut back on both over last 12 months, been off twice since, week at a time Just saying ...... In all seriousness, yours sounds nasty. I picked up a bladder/urinary infection in November, pretty much same symptoms - needed a long course of antibiotics to get shot of that. Take care, S
  4. Ooh, they look good - not easy to source, especially in that condition! I'd be interested if I still had the E39......
  5. Too much imho. Last one I had done by an indy was £49. Depends how much you value the dealer stamp in the history. S
  6. Ouch ..... so glad I got mine done as soon as I got the car @87k, went on to ~150k with no major issues at all.
  7. I think you're stuck with it I'm afraid, this is one of the "features" of obtaining updated maps from sources other than BMW (which I assume is what you have done - why wouldn't you;) ) Can't remember the specifics (been a while), but I think your only options are to get a map set *without* speed cameras, or learn to live with it. S
  8. Not to get a conviction, but used as supporting evidence in an insurance claim - driver denied it was him until my insurance company showed his mob the footage of him smacking into me (parked up with engine off!) and doing a runner !! S
  9. The days of KODi [other similar products/platforms are available] being able to use the, errrrm, "Add On" features may soon be limited in light of some of the new internet traffic enforcements in the pipeline. There's also the question of legality.....I'll say no more. S
  10. So here's what I'd do. Stage 1 Take Sky box out the equation (unplug it!), so no recording device. Forget about Now TV, Amazon etc for a couple of weeks and see what you *really* miss that isn't on normal, live TV ("Free to Air", or FTA). Make a note of anything you *genuinely" miss. If you survive, you've saved £60/month. If there's things you genuinely regret missing, ask yourself if they're worth the £23/£30/£60 per month you might have paid for them.......I doubt it! Stage 2 If you've found that there were occasions where there were 2 live programme on (FTA) at the same time but you could only watch one (because no recording device), then go out and buy a Freesat (not Freeview) recording device such as a Humax. Make sure it is FreeSAT, and is a twin tuner version. You can use the Sky dish and cables you already have, it's a direct replacement. Most newer Humax devices also connect to internet and have iPlayer etc buiilt in, another bonus. Expect to pay about £200 for a decent model though. (Sounds expensive, but how many months of Sky is that?) We seldom watch live TV (never commercial infested channels), always record/playback. Do have a NowTV box as well (£7/month) because there is the odd thing on Sky that the Mrs watches, can justify that. One last thing to watch out for. You can use your Sky box to watch *most" FTA channels, but there's a couple you can't get (ITV1 HD and CH5 I think) without paying a one-off £25 fee to Sky (remember, they are both FTA channels on Freesat). But here's the biggest con. YOU CAN'T USE YOUR OLD SKY BOX TO RECORD UNLESS YOU PAY £10/MONTH !! Now that is a disgraceful rip-off. Sky's "justification" for it that they are providing a "service". Absolute bollox - they're charging for something you can get for free using other kit. So, rant over, hope that's helped - PM me if you want a chat about it off forum. S
  11. I was. Seems a bit hit and miss, depends what colour your eyes are and which way the wind was blowing when your car was built Mine was a late build - E39 Touring 530D, Oct 2003 - and it fired up without any issues using an relatively old HTC Sensation phone with Torque application. Went to a local meet a couple of years ago, tried my reader and phone in a couple of other cars, no joy. I've got a later phone now, and a [much] newer car - doesn't work in my F11 with a Motorola Moto G4 .... still got the HTC, but can't be arsed to try it tbh. Have fun, S
  12. If you get INPA running, there is a place in there where you can raise and lower the suspension either both sides at once, or independently. You might want to have a play with this and see if it throws up any funnies. Sounds a bit like a dodgy sensor, but could be a variety of things....... Good luck! S
  13. I believe they are different due to the cut-out around the gearbox. I was lucky, I managed to pick one up really local to me and was able to compare my old [damaged] one next to the replacement before buying. Not sure about now (my E39's been gone a year or so now) but they weren't cheap, even on eBay. Good luck S
  14. Hi all, Thought I'd pop a quick note up here for anyone who may tow with an F10/F11. I've got an F11 525D which came with 19" runflats (strangely, non-staggered i.e. same tyres/wheels front and back - think this might be to do with the Blue Efficiency setup ?). I tow a caravan, weighing in at about 1550kg when laden, with a nose weight around 75-80kg. There's only me and the Mrs and the two small dogs, never too much extra baggage in the car, so I've tended not to adjust the tyre pressures as, to my mind, that's not really a full load. However, the other week I had a blow-out on the rear nearside tyre. On further investigation, seems that I had bad uneven wear across the tread - outside and middle 4.5mm, inside down to zilch. In fact, the blowout was actually the tyre shredding on the inside shoulder. (On the plus side, the RF capability go me to the destination about 40 miles away - fortunately, wasn't towing the caravan at the time.) Other side was the same. So I read up on this in more detail across various sources, and the consensus seems to be that when towing, inflate tyres to "fully loaded" setting. So travelling from Yorkshire to the Isle of Wight last week, upped the rears to 3.1 bar (normal 2.6) and fronts to 2.6 from 2.1 Couldn't believe the difference in both handling and consumption - got an extra 5mpg [fyi, achieved 31.1 mpg over 200 miles, average speed 57mph......not bad I would say]. On the island, dropped back to normal pressures, as driving on fully inflated without load isn't a good experience. Will up them to full load settings for the return journey at the weekend. Hope this is useful, S
  15. As Enda says, there is lots of useful data that you can get from the German version - however, you should be able to install INPA with UK language, that would help My E39 has gone now, along with my install of INPA, so I can't really help in detail, but there's lots out there on t'Internet about INPA language settings. Good luck, S