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  1. His name is Carlos based at Car Sales City in Mile End. His contact number is 07960 333840. He works independently out of various garages but that one is his usual.
  2. When I saw the pics for a split second I thought if someone was taking the mick, as my car had near enough the same skirt damage, car is same colour, rims etc. Anyway you're best off replacing the whole skirt which is what I did, I hunted around for a side skirt at BMW salvage places and got one for £70 but was not the same colour. So took to a bodyshop to have it sprayed and fitted which cost me around £140. As for the damage on the doors I probably would suggest to try and see if dent specialist who deal with such things, using heat and rods to work dents out could fix it. I had a dent on my front arch which included the crease lines and I got a real good job done for £150 which involved no re-spray. The guy is based in east London.
  3. Ok great thanks.
  4. Don't want to sound silly - but could you explain what the valet keys does - I do have the plastic key looking thing indoors. So if I were to insert that into the empty key fob - can it start the car etc? Thanks
  5. Can anyone explain what this empty key fob is for which is found inside the glove box?
  6. I've always said in life it's good to have these people as close friends: Plumber Sparky Solicitor and a bloody trustworthy MECHANIC!!!
  7. If only I had the skills and the courage and the tools to attempt such a thing!!! I will be honest it's not really about saving money - more to do with if that's how much it usually costs, then I'm fine paying it. The reason I was a little shocked with the pricing structure is probably because I've been lucky all these years and used to my usual indy who is a friend and he always would charge me £35-40 per hour for labour for any piece of work on my cars, but I honestly thought that's roughly the rates many garages charge. But clearly been mates rates all these times - unlucky for me he is off long term with health issues.
  8. Had to try out a new indy as trustee one is away for a while. brake discs and pads and sensors replaced all around. fuel Filter changed oil and oil filter change. been hit in the wallet for £210 - I supplied all the parts including the oil. car was at garage for 3 hours. he gave me breakdown of doing it £60 for doing front brakes and £80 for the back ones and £70 for the rest. so clearly he wernt doing it at hourly labour rate. anyone ever come across being charged like this? or have I just been a mug?
  9. If only slipping - a gearbox service could and should do the trick just make sure you use ZF parts and oils.
  10. Check this long thread I started last year when my gearbox packed up with similar codes. Luckily my problem ended up being a cracked plastic part only costing £11 but it took a gearbox service to find the issue out.
  11. I double checked with my VIN and comes up with the cylindrical filter as per option 1 - which should make sense as you said it's for Diesel and mine is a 525dm (2993cc).
  12. As per the picture - the one on the right is the Cleaner Element and listed as a serviceable item on the service book, while the one on the left is the Air Filter which is not listed and I take it is separate from the Micro-Filters... which is listed also? Does the cylindrical air filter get changed at same time as either/or micro and element filters????
  13. Cheers!
  14. Yes just checked the magnates c3 5-30w is ll04 spec. £50 for all that was a bargain - where di you pick all that up from?
  15. This is the one I'm getting on the website - it's not 5-30w though and the option did give me my car with or without DPF, but both come up same. But might look around as Grizzle said on eBay. Cheers people