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  1. Some owners say there are a few signs like white smoke from exhaust. The only one I go by is when the car tries to hold onto the revs for longer than usual before changing up.
  2. Yes - DIS does show when the last regen occured. I also go buy the minimum 1/4 tank rule but seeming as the car may need a couple of runs and and the DPF cleaner requires a fairly full tank when being used. I drive switching between sports mode and manual to keep slightly above 2k RPM for a few minutes here and there.
  3. It's WAY blocked. Happens to me regularly but not those figures. Your stats look ok from the temps showing for the coolant temp. The first option to try and fix this is what I do and has always worked over the years is to take you car for a fairly decent long boot up a motorway where you can keep going at a constant 60-70mph. Looking at the amount of blockage you have a diesel additive like the one I use occasionally - Forte DPF cleaner would be best. The last time my DPF was blocked which was two weeks ago, mine need two boots up the M11 and back and it's clear.
  4. I will look into this however - what do you think of the fact that prior to having the two front tyres replaced, the shaking/vibration was very negligible and not that noticeable, it's become very apparent after the new tyres. Im hoping for more cheaper answers like maybe they didn't balance the wheels properly and hoping to go back to them.
  5. How much we roughly looking at?
  6. No - I do not feel anything through the pedal tbh, just through the steering wheel. I was hoping something as simple as tracking, but I know that might be wishful thinking!
  7. I previously used to have a minor steering wheel vibration at speeds above 60mph which were negligible after changing from run-flats to normal some years ago. Replaced my discs and pads couple of months ago and was the same so not bothering me much. But after having changed tyres again very recently the steering wheel vibrations have becomes worse when breaking from 70mph. Also there is minor play in the steering when breaking also. Can anyone shed any light as to possible avenues for me to look into?
  8. My car regens fine with those glows plugs error, they have been like that for couple years now. I know how to deal with clogged DFP as have experience in sorting out, it's just the error of gas back pressure reaching maximum which has never come up in the 6 years I have owned it, so wanted to know what's different to the usual back pressure high error?
  9. Could you explain what is meant by upgrading control panel? I have an LCI model so has climate control for both sides. Air Con I think needs to be re-gassed as hot air blows out when switched.
  10. Would anyone be able to help me out on what the first and last errors mean/are on the pic?: 481A 9C54 I know what the others are as have experience with them before.
  11. His name is Carlos based at Car Sales City in Mile End. His contact number is 07960 333840. He works independently out of various garages but that one is his usual.
  12. When I saw the pics for a split second I thought if someone was taking the mick, as my car had near enough the same skirt damage, car is same colour, rims etc. Anyway you're best off replacing the whole skirt which is what I did, I hunted around for a side skirt at BMW salvage places and got one for £70 but was not the same colour. So took to a bodyshop to have it sprayed and fitted which cost me around £140. As for the damage on the doors I probably would suggest to try and see if dent specialist who deal with such things, using heat and rods to work dents out could fix it. I had a dent on my front arch which included the crease lines and I got a real good job done for £150 which involved no re-spray. The guy is based in east London.
  13. Ok great thanks.
  14. Don't want to sound silly - but could you explain what the valet keys does - I do have the plastic key looking thing indoors. So if I were to insert that into the empty key fob - can it start the car etc? Thanks
  15. Can anyone explain what this empty key fob is for which is found inside the glove box?