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  1. How much does your key get gripped?

    For mine I have to press the button to get it out, it’s not really loose at all
  2. Do glow plugs affect DPF regeneration?

    I’ve had 2 glows plugs (4&6) out for couple of years and mine regens fine. Your temps ain’t looking the best and it seems as your stats are on it way out. I vaguely remember they need to be at a constant of 85+ to make sure regens, but could be slightly lower as I’m sure someone will be able to confirm. I’ve had to change the stats twice in my 6.5 years of ownership.
  3. Gearbox fault?

    Because of the mechatronic sleeve being cracked, which was the £11 plastic part, it threw up the clutch pack errors which obviously made me cak my pants. After being fixed and errors cleared, never came up again. But I agree about E60 ownership - loved it the first couple of years (prob as I had 2 years BMW warranty) and after that, when things went wrong they came in quick succession. The whole DPF thing is mare along with the temps... let’s not go there!!!
  4. Gearbox fault?

    I got the software and got codes checked, was showing up as a couple of the clutch packs gone. And as Steve has said - must be reason why was sold, one of my options was to get a recon gearbox fitted then sell of the car ASAP when my box packed up. But a professional gearbox service which costs £300-500 depending on where you go and MAKE sure the right parts are used original BMW even down to the oil!
  5. Gearbox fault?

    I would have it serviced - my gearbox died on me last year completely, got a gearbox service done first to see if cheaper option would help, by doing that an £11 pound plastic part was found cracked to be the culprit.... long story short was replaced and car was working fine after. I wouldn’t call the gearbox service I did a waste of money as even though BMW says its lifetime.... it ain’t and also the actual culprit wouldn’t have been found without doing it, so had to be done either way.
  6. What is LCI?

    Yes very true - another visual aspect is the the change of the gearstick design inside the cabin from the mechanical to the electronic shifting one.
  7. What is LCI?

    The most easiest visual way to tell is the rear LED indicators as every facelift/LCI model has those.
  8. Thinking of buying 535d m sport

    I second that about getting all fault codes read and checking to see if thermostats are working meaning temps running on or above 85c. The above would be a cheap easy start.
  9. Thinking of buying 535d m sport

    If was being offered for cheap - I might take a punt. But as above and with me owning a 2007 LCI model, I’ve had some issues and can be the cause of many headaches with various things going wrong.
  10. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Well if trying to figure out how to sort the bulbs on these models were the only headache. Hate to break it to you Des but there’s so many irritating things that can go wrong in the E60’s have no idea how I stayed with is for 6 years!!! But this forum is the place for help to sort out most of the problems so you’re in good company.
  11. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    I just went for these cheap and cheerful ones just to take the stock yellowish light: https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/382200076663 Now when you say you are looking for bulbs that would give out a bit more beat, again due to the nature of halogen it’s kind of tough to find just a bulb to do that as the actual set of would do that. However I’ve seen LED Cree versions that might do the trick. Thr type of bulb for the dipped beam is the H7, so you could search for H7 Cree bulbs as well.
  12. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    When you say newer design are you thinking you can potentially fit the newer 5 series (F10) models headlights onto your one which is the E60? If so - don’t think ever done before which would mean don’t think you can do it and even if you could, would mean change to body work and wiring and tbh, just wouldn’t be worth it.
  13. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    What do you mean by renew?
  14. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    You’re in the right forum for help, I’ve been a member since 2011 and the amount of help and knowledge I received here from people was worth it’s weight in gold!
  15. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    It’s not ‘plug & play’ hence why you would need to buy and install the HID replacement kit which includes ballasts to control the power and heat given my the Xenon lights.