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  1. The Situation

    iDrive issues

    Always up for the cheaper simple option first, will give it a go thanks.
  2. The Situation

    iDrive issues

    Intermittently - sometimes comes up with disk error. The main nav screen won’t come on if the secondary one is not working either.
  3. I have an E61 with I'd idrive, it shows I have Bluetooth connectivity but I can't pair my Samsung with it. Any ideas? 

  4. I have an E61 with a phone dock, can you get an adapter lead that plugs in the phone dock to convert to a modern Samsung phone?

  5. The Situation

    iDrive issues

    None of the options are highlighted other than journey computer, that’s what I meant earlier.
  6. The Situation

    iDrive issues

    Well issue is as picture shows, the option for it does not even highlight itself to be selected. The whole screen went blank for a few minutes today also before coming back on again.
  7. The Situation

    iDrive issues

    Hi All Dreaded issue with the navigation aspect of the screen after 7 years of owning. Since last month during the mini heatwave I noticed the map not showing up on the right hand portion of screen, just the journey computer. I was using a copied disc with updated camera lists etc. I switched back to the factory CD nav and was working fine until couple weeks back whereby I would have to physically click on it and get the map back, rather than automatically coming on like usual. As it’s just the nav part of the screen playing up... FOR NOW!!! does this mean the laser reader is on its way out? Maybe even the whole iDrive is on its way out. Any ideas on what the remedies are and more importantly how badly it will dent the wallet guys??? Cheers
  8. The Situation

    Lock in wheel nut

    Replaced back two tyres today and fitter noticed one of the nuts, locking wheel one is missing. Cant have fallen off so thinking if someone took it off. Anyway can I just buy one? Are they universal to be used with my original lock in wheel nut? Anyone know where I can get one for cheap? Thanks
  9. The Situation

    Sat Nav Disc

    Yeah it’s copied disc - will pop original back in and see what happens. cheers
  10. The Situation

    Sat Nav Disc

    I don’t know if it’s the sudden heat wave, by sat nav stopped working citing a disc error. Any ideas people? Thanks
  11. The Situation

    E60 520d Auto Transmissuon failure!

    Take a look at the thread I started couple of years back with my transmission fault. My problem ended being a cracked £11 part so you maybe in luck.
  12. The Situation

    Stiff steering

    On that note - I forgot to ask the indy, what kind of damage would have I been looking at if kept on driving and it finally just let go???
  13. The Situation

    Stiff steering

    The culprit with a crack in it. Replaced along with a couple of belts - all parts from ECP and labour £250. Steering back to normal.
  14. The Situation

    Stiff steering

    Took to my indy this morning - he could smell burning rubber a bit, getting crankshaft/big wheel thingy replaced along with the belt. He showed me how the wheel would stop turning at times with the turn of the steering. Said it’s a fairly common E60 problem. Hopefully pick up in a couple of hours and should be sorted.
  15. The Situation

    Glow plugs

    I’ve found this set on eBay Bosch plugs and Beru controller for £117. From BMW it’s roughly £250. Can anyone tell me if the eBay ones legit/OEM please??