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  1. I changed one on a 530d without removing manifold. Tricky, but do-able. Plenty of videos on You tube. However if you are having glow plugs changed would be easier to let them do it as they will have to remove manifold to access glow plugs anyway.
  2. Hi. If it was not specified as an option from new it won't be installed
  3. Sometimes affects rear number plate lights as well. Happens on lci as well
  4. Hi, yes I have had this done on my 545i. Only a week ago, but so far ok. Depends on which car you have. I had a full remap, but apparently on some cars it is possible to just remove the SAI, i.e. tell it to ignore the system.
  5. I used Terraclean. They are a nationwide franchise. Google for one local to you. Sorted out my 156,000 mile, 2008 530d which no one else could do. Get fault codes read though, as a faulty glow plug controller or any faulty glow plugs will prevent DPF regeneration. I only had the car for another 1000 miles before I sold it, but was fine up to then
  6. Hi. Does anyone know what this might be? It was fitted to my 545i in 2016 by previous owner. I have searched real OEM without success. B64.11.6.906.652 Description 732403/WATER VAL Price 116.35 including vat. Thanks
  7. Thanks guessed it was something like that but couldn't work out where it was. Shame it didn't have new water pump at same time then I wouldn't have had to buy one!
  8. Hi. Bit of a mystery. The engine management light suddenly constantly on, but on dashboard only, not on iDrive and no check control fault. I know CCVs need replacing (these are on order) and have lumpy idle. Otherwise car runs ok and revs freely. Oil level ok and had very recent water pump and thermostat replacement. Any ideas or could it just be down to CCV? Thanks in anticipation
  9. Oh dear! Hopefully my experience might help other forum members in future
  10. Seems very likely that was the problem then
  11. UPDATE. Changed CCV valves although they were not visibly damaged. No improvement. Had codes read and found fault on secondary air system and misfire number 3 cylinder. Was advised to use V power and to get a carbon clean (search on Facebook) as may be due to carbon build-up. I have had this car about 6 weeks and prior to that it had only done 6,000 miles over 2 years, so relatively little use . Had |carbon clean done yesterday and feels like I have new engine! Still occasional misfire when on tick over, but otherwise sorted. Fault codes cleared and so far have remained clear. Cost £99 and worth every penny. They come to you at place of work or at home.The basic principle is hydrogen pumped in through air intake which causes carbon to burn off at atomic level. Worked a treat!
  12. First time I tried was ok, but tried since and they won't work. Keep trying to get me to download apps from App Store
  13. Hi. No noises like that, just rough idle. Interesting stuff. Has more or less behaved today. Will let you know what happens when parts arrive.
  14. They're the ones I have on order. All settled overnight. Light gone off. Strongly suspect these now
  15. Hi. Think you mean crank case ventilation valves, which I have on order. Easy DIY so hopefully will sort it
  16. Can I get software/cable or whatever to do this myself?
  17. Unfortunately not
  18. Good morning I need crank case ventilation valves for E60 545i, 2004. Could you give me a price including delivery, please? Regards Jonathan
  19. Hi yes they are. Have managed to source some locally now. Thanks for looking, sorry for any inconvenience. Regards Jonathan
  20. Hi just to be clear I mean these items. Am I getting confused? (See attached photo)
  21. Hi. Reg. number is M333 JDH. as far as I can tell, valves only. I was under the impression that the caps now available don't have the little nozzle that the small pipes attach to. Thanks
  22. Faulty thermostats can also prevent DPF regeneration and might not necessarily show as a fault code.
  23. Remember this well. Garage did an 'oil change' on my E36 M 3and told me I'd let it run low on oil as they only drained about 2 litres out! They didn't spot the other drain plug. Needless to say, never been back.
  24. Hi. New to 545i ownership. I want to change ignition coils, but confused as to which type as I am seeing 2 types listed, either 8 straight items or 8 with a central 'lug.' am I just being thick? Any advice appreciated
  25. Oh yes. Forgot about that. Not used to sparky things and coils!