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  1. Gremlins Everywhere

    Sorry no. I’m sure someone will be along shortly with some ideas
  2. Gremlins Everywhere

    Ah! Well we’ve all done things like that. Glad it’s sorted
  3. Gremlins Everywhere

    Same happened to me. End result was catastrophic failure of electrics, which took out power steering and brake servo. Just managed to get it in neutral before died completely (automatic) otherwise it couldn’t even have been pushed. Failed going through traffic lights blocking a bus lane as well. Nightmare! Cause of alternator failure was slow drip of coolant onto alternator from a leak in the complicated hose arrangement sitting directly above alternator This is on 545i.
  4. Error free rear indicator bulbs

    Thanks. I’ll give them a try
  5. Error free rear indicator bulbs

    Thanks. Are these brighter than normal? I have been using an led bulb, because the standard bulbs not very bright, but which despite being canbus is showing errors and sometimes stops working. Are these a better alternative?
  6. Hi I thought this would be an easy internet/eBay search, but I’m struggling. Looking for amber non-error LED rear indicator bulbs for my 2004 e60 545i. Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. Do glow plugs affect DPF regeneration?

    If glow plug controller is faulty it will affect DPF regent even if glow plugs themselves are ok
  8. Intermittent loss of brake servo

    This is the reply I got from BMW after enquiry about the recall. Doesn’t make sense Thanks for your email about outstanding recalls or quality enhancements for your BMW. I can confirm that our database shows that you have one outstanding (recalls/quality enhancements), please find listed below: · E7x replacing front propeller shaft (RoW) For your convenience I have listed for you below, previous recalls which have been completed on this car: · E70 E71 Check steering gear and replace, if applicable I hope you found this helpful and if there’s anything else I can help you with please do not hesitate to get back in touch with me. Kind regards Syed
  9. Hi over last 2 days have briefly lost brake servo while engine cold. Resolved when warmed up. Any ideas please?
  10. Space Saver ‘ditching runflats’

    Many thanks for that
  11. Space Saver ‘ditching runflats’

    Thanks. So I can get away with 17” space saver as a get me home?
  12. Space Saver ‘ditching runflats’

    Stupid question of the day. My car has 18” wheels. Does space saver spare have to be 18”? Just changed from run flats to normal tyres
  13. Secondary air system fault can cause this. It just increases amount of air on first start up and goes off after a couple of minutes. Not vital to the car, but can cause a lot of hassle if faulty. However the ECU can be programmed to ignore it. Worked for me. Another point, have all coil packs got the rubber boot at the bottom in place. If not this can allow the coil pack to move about causing random faults and misfires