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  1. Rearlight Lenses

    Welcome to another 545i owner.
  2. Comfort Seats - Adding heat...

    Not so much an issue for me. My other half keeps asking about heated seats. The cost and effort involved will hopefully change her mind!
  3. Comfort Seats - Adding heat...

    So, you can’t retro fit without actually replacing the seat cover?
  4. Comfort Seats - Adding heat...

    Don’t have an answer for you, but I too would be interested to know
  5. Rear tyre wear on inside edge

    As above. I had exactly the same on my 530d. Tyre people said same, common with run flats. I have changed to non-run flats on 545i and no issues plus quieter and more comfortable ride.
  6. CD Changer not showing in Idrive

    It may seem obvious, but is the changer correctly installed with CDs in it? When I first got my car the changer didn’t show in the iDrive for this reason. It was in its place at the back of the glovebox, but not correctly installed.
  7. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    I love my 545i. I hate my 545i!
  8. Gremlins Everywhere

    Sorry no. I’m sure someone will be along shortly with some ideas
  9. Gremlins Everywhere

    Ah! Well we’ve all done things like that. Glad it’s sorted
  10. Gremlins Everywhere

    Same happened to me. End result was catastrophic failure of electrics, which took out power steering and brake servo. Just managed to get it in neutral before died completely (automatic) otherwise it couldn’t even have been pushed. Failed going through traffic lights blocking a bus lane as well. Nightmare! Cause of alternator failure was slow drip of coolant onto alternator from a leak in the complicated hose arrangement sitting directly above alternator This is on 545i.
  11. Error free rear indicator bulbs

    Thanks. I’ll give them a try
  12. Error free rear indicator bulbs

    Thanks. Are these brighter than normal? I have been using an led bulb, because the standard bulbs not very bright, but which despite being canbus is showing errors and sometimes stops working. Are these a better alternative?
  13. Hi I thought this would be an easy internet/eBay search, but I’m struggling. Looking for amber non-error LED rear indicator bulbs for my 2004 e60 545i. Any recommendations? Thanks