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  1. Thanks for this. Probably have to pay someone to do it. Don't think I have the ability (or space) to d.i.y
  2. TenaCar!
  3. I'm of the same mind. Apart from anything else it'll stop my neighbour from continually pointing out the embarrassing puddle on my drive!
  4. Any experience of this e Bay item? 171180798120 Bimmerfix
  5. Hi. Thanks. Do intend to get it sorted, but need to use car in interim.
  6. Hi. I have an e60 545i which I believe has the 'valley' coolant leak. I have to top it up every 50 to 100 miles, depending on type of use. My question is, would it be of benefit to add anything like radweld or similar until I am able to get it fixed? All other hoses and radiator seem sound, so this is the likely culprit. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. I took mine in for thebattery cover recall last week and asked about the security issue. I was told that if mine was affected I would get letter in the next few weeks.
  8. @ Tristan. Possibly, but they look in good condition and offer a lot of resistance when you lift the blades clear of the screen. Not rusty or corroded.
  9. @ Neil D. Thanks . Tried all that loads of times. No better.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. Only used OEM/Bosch blades. Have tried all kinds of window polish, Rainex, everything. You name it I've tried it. Spent as much on polish and treatments as I have on blades. Have wondered if there is some kind of adjustment which alters the angle of the wipers or how closely they contact the screen. This has been an ongoing problem since I got the car 12 months ago. Nothing I try seems to solve it. New blades make it marginally better for about 2 weeks.
  11. I have a constant problem with smearing wipers. I have changed the wiper blades 3 times in the last 6 months, but still have a problem with the wipers smearing and juddering. I have done a search on here and tried all sorts to try and solve this problem. The blades are very juddery at times and only smooth out for a minute or two if I use the windscreen washers, but this does not stop the smearing. This even happens with the new blades. Am I missing something. Is there any adjustment that can be done? Thanks.
  12. This worked fine, thanks. Might be stating the obvious, but for anyone else using this, you have to do each window individually.
  13. Thanks. Will give it a try.
  14. I have suddenly started getting a warning message saying window trap system not working. At great personal risk I have tried this and it IS working. I still have all my fingers to prove it. It all started when I bent down with key fob in my pocket and must have accidentally pressed a certain combination of buttons by accident. The windows went down then back up. Since then the message has appeared. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it? Thanks.
  15. It certainly is. Makes me feel a bit better though! Seriously though, you have my sympathy.