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  1. webweaver

    Swirl flaps are going back in.

    My 2008 530d had 150,000 miles on it when I sold it. Never had swirl flaps taken off. Never caused any problems. Maybe I was just lucky?
  2. webweaver

    545i playing up !

    Glad you got it sorted
  3. webweaver

    545i playing up !

    I had similar issues and it turned out to be one of coil packs that had rubber ‘boot’ missing at bottom. It let the coil pack move about giving similar symptoms to yours
  4. webweaver

    Cabin wind noise.

    If you have a sunroof make sure the internal sliding hatch is fully closed. They have a habit of coming very slightly open not necessarily visible at first glance. This increase cabin wind noise
  5. webweaver

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Very useful, thanks
  6. From what you say it seems likely it would pass on new rules. Really depends on when and how you decide to get rid of it. I’m hoping that mine has hit rock bottom price wise and will be worth spending money on. Future classic?
  7. Yes, most unusual....not. Main one was passenger side rocker cover. Got that fixed. Still got smaller leaks, from timing covers I suspect. Need to get those fixed. One of them drips a bit onto exhaust and gets annoying in traffic queues when starts to smoke a bit.
  8. Depends whether you think there are any issues which may be affected by the new rules. For example, mine was tested in January and passed, even though it had a dripping oil leak. Under the new rules, it would have failed.
  9. webweaver

    Sorry, New one here

    Just to say welcome to the forum
  10. webweaver

    Parking light or sidelight bulb

    It’s the easy, cheaper option. Thanks for your input, everyone.
  11. webweaver

    Parking light or sidelight bulb

    Thanks everyone, will have a look at these today
  12. webweaver

    Parking light or sidelight bulb

    I think so. I had been told it was the one that is fixed into a holder and costs about £30 but I think that is in the LCI models, but been unable to confirm which it is. Hopefully this one which is much cheaper and easier to replace
  13. webweaver

    Parking light or sidelight bulb

    No, just poverty spec amber angel eyes
  14. Hi I have bog standard pre LCI lights on my 545i. I am getting conflicting search results as to what bulb I need for the angel eyes. Please can someone ( excuse pun) enlighten me? Thanks
  15. webweaver

    Rearlight Lenses

    Welcome to another 545i owner.