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    BMW E63 M6, F25 X3 & E30 touring
  1. Razorsharp

    Proud week - two birthdays

    Congratulations on both fronts Andy. It's a Euro Lottery roll over tomorrow and the jackpot is £70m. I think you definitely need to buy a ticket with a 7 in. PS: if you win, I'll have a Lamborghini Hurucan in frozen grey please
  2. Razorsharp

    Any Watch experts here?

    That Double Red is stunning - definitely a keeper!! Good to see you wear it as a daily and it's not a safe queen.
  3. Razorsharp

    Any Watch experts here?

    I appreciate that the following watches won't be to everybody's taste, but if you want something a bit different and inspired by cars try autodromo: https://www.pageandcooper.com/brands/autodromo/
  4. Razorsharp

    I need your help guys and girls!

    Done and good luck!
  5. Razorsharp

    E60 M5 'DSC' fault.

    Ideally, you need to get the fault codes from the car. Typically this issue can be caused by a faulty idle control actuator (there are 2) or throttle actuator (2 again, 1 for each bank). That said, I have known this fault to occur when the alternator isn't providing sufficient output or the battery is on the way out. A trip to a BMW friendly local independent, should help with the fault codes.
  6. Razorsharp

    E60 M5 issues

    ^^as above. The throttle actuators can cause this type of problem. The best thing you can do is get the garage to share the fault codes with you. A good indicator that the actuators are starting to fail are the fault codes for "intermittent misfire". With regards to the car being hesitant in auto mode; this is not unusual with the smg boxes on these and don't forget the car remembers yours or the previous owners driving style. I never drive mine in auto mode, it kills the ride. Good luck!
  7. Razorsharp

    Fuel cards

    As a ex consultant to the UK fleet industry, I can't advise you strongly enough NOT to do this. Your company fleet manager outsources fuel management to one of the numerous suppliers (Allstar, Euroshell, Key Fuels etc) for a reason. It's not just to fix the cost per litre; it's about the Management Information (MI) they provide to them and the governance. The key report is the 'exception' report. Typically your fuel card will have a registration number on it. The fuel card companies validate your vehicle and it's maximum fuel capacity against the DVLA and then the manufacturers or CAP database. Each and every time you fill up, they report how much you filled up, where and what time. If you typically fill up 6 times in a month, using your 'suggestion', would be an additional 30 litres a month. This would make you appear on the exception report. I'm not for one minute saying the system is infallible, but it is designed to keep stuff like this from happening. If I had a pound for every company van and car driver that was sacked for doing this, I'd be driving an Aventador now. Please don't do it and probably best to delete your post.
  8. Razorsharp


    That's strange. I spoke to Carrie there this morning around 10:30am. Phone was answered within about 3 rings too. Also, I had an e-mail conversation with Mark over the weekend.
  9. Razorsharp

    F-Type Coupé

    The F-type convertible is ok, but doesn't really do it for me. This, I like................................a lot! The white one at the top of this thread looks like the Type R version, which I think starts at around £85k? Once you've added a few tasty extras, I reckon you'll be in for close to £100k. This pitches the Type R against the likes of a 2-3 year old used Ferrari 599GTB, F430 Scuderia, Aston Martin DBS, Audi R8 V10, Porsche 911 Turbo PDK and Lamborghini Gallardo etc. Thankfully, not a choice I'm likely to be making anytime soon. Unless I start buying lottery tickets.......hmmm.........
  10. Razorsharp

    What's a 630 worth 2005 and 110k

    Subject to condition and service history, I'd say around the £7 - 7.5k mark. I've owned 4 E63's now, in the form of 645i, 650i and 2 x M6. Thankfully, the 630i doesn't suffer the same issues as the V8 & V10 models. That said, they all seem to suffer from 'sticky' windows, where the motors / sensors make the windows roll up & down very slowly. Also, check front discs as they tend to wear out quite quickly and can suffer from warping. Unless the model you're looking at has the SMG option, you should be ok. Check for leaks on the 'sealed for life' gearbox though as it's not uncommon for them to leak. Good luck!
  11. A great choice, stunning car! Interestingly, your short list for a replacement for your M5 looks exactly like my short list. I'm on my second M6 and feel it's time for a change. I still can't make my mind up though, but had been swaying towards a manual 997. Think I'll wait to see how you get on before I commit
  12. Razorsharp

    What would you have

    For me it would be the RS4. It's always been on my list, but I always ending up staying with an M car. I've only test driven the RS4 and E9x M3, but to be honest, was pretty underwhelmed with the M3. I found the RS4 far more interactive and engaging when 'pressing on' a bit. I'd definitely recommend you test drive both before committing.
  13. +1 for tiger seal. Used it many times and never had any issues. It's still holding my Tec2 rear spoiler absolutely solid on my E30 touring It can be sourced from e-bay or motor factors.
  14. Razorsharp

    SMG Clutch and Flywheel replacement

    Thanks Andy! I've been following the threads on your car
  15. Razorsharp

    SMG Clutch and Flywheel replacement

    Thanks Adam! Hi bm530. In short, I used to be a self employed consultant in the Fleet Industry for 20 years (more on the innovation and new products to market side), but made a lot of friends in the industry. Particularly handy is my friend who heads up the maintenance control team for one of the largest leasing companies in the UK. He checked the ICME and Autodata labour times and advised that clutch only is authorised at 3.9 hours labour and the clutch, together with flywheel is 4.1 hours labour. I should explain that the stealer was trying to charge me for the same job twice. I'd specifically asked them to split the box from the engine, so that I could inspect the parts and more importantly identify if it was the guide bush at fault. They tried to charge me 1.75 hours to do this and also a further 1.75 hours for 'diagnostic' work. I obviously argued that plugging the car into the OBD II port to run a diagnostic was .5 hour at worst. I also argued that they couldn't charge me twice to remove the gearbox. Thankfully, backed with facts, I won the argument Hope this helps.