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  1. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Yes, it's Detail My Car or DMC Newbury. They're obviously doing well for themselves as they have moved to bigger premises, They used to be near the race course which was handy for losing money, they are now on the old Greenham common site. Just google dmc newbury.
  2. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Probably the wrong section but talking of detailing, I used to use a guy in Newbury but have since moved. Can anyone recommend someone near Tenbury Wells. Worcestershire/Shropshire/Herefordshire borders?
  3. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Yup, clean oil.
  4. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Nope and when my wife rang and asked if the car was ready they said just washing it now, they hadn't cleaned it so shes due a complementary valet. I am going to check the dipstick to see if the oil looks new, you never know.
  5. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    They are refunding the litre of oil and the emissions control service. Winner.
  6. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    A tad late in the day but someone owes my two shiny pound coins. The BMW service manager left on Friday so the Mini service manager rang and he is looking into the issues and will call me straight back.
  7. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

  8. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Looks like you're a shiny pound up today. I've just phoned and asked when he goes home as I haven't heard from him and he's not in today. Someone will be calling me back soon though
  9. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Thanks for the tip , she's gone shopping but I'll check it's actually there. I phoned the service dept and the service manager isn't in, left instructions he phone me first thing Monday morning, should be a interesting conversation.
  10. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    The wife has just taken her 330d f31 with 54000 on the clock for a minor service ie oil and filter, I suggested she have the micro filter done at the same time. She tried to call me as they got her to have the fuel system cleaner and a litre pack of oil in the boot for an extra £40. I've done a quick google search and the fuel system cleaner is just Chevron Techron anyone had this done, I suspect the dealership have up sold her. PS the car has never used a drop of oil from new so why it needs a litre bottle in the boot? Cheers John
  11. marquisofraspberry

    Shocked at trade in value of F11

    I what way is it noisy? I went from an F11 to a F31 and apart from the obvious size and the F11 had comfort seats I find the F31 as good as the F11.
  12. marquisofraspberry

    Grade of Derv - 535d

    When I had my F11 520d I did many tests using Shell premium V power and it did feel a little more peppy and I got slightly better MPG, however it cost so much more than my usual Sainsburys cheapest it wasn't worth the extra cost. Never had any issues with cheap supermarket diesel over many thousands of miles.
  13. marquisofraspberry

    F07 GT 530D Owner and newbie

    You might need to be a bit more specific, body repairs, engine, boot lid?
  14. I agree with Andrew, the 530 is the better option with effortless power. I'm not sure my F07 had a provision for a dog guard, there was just a removable parcel shelf and whilst the car is massive the boot is quite small. The F11 on the other hand has a large boot and has built in net thing, it might not be a suitable dog guard but it's better than nothing. PS if you are near Worcestershire and go for the F07 I have a genuine BMW boot liner going cheap ;o)
  15. marquisofraspberry

    Service inclusive

    Well that's bizarre, entered the reg and mileage and it says I don't have any service packs, despite having had two services and never paid for them.