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  1. E34 TDS back from the dead

    you talking about the lift pump? or the one in the engine bay? i already have a spare mech pump from a 524td for the engine bay. I plan on steel braided brake lines, i have about half the needed components for a full suspension refresh. Right now I am worried about rust tho, seen a few bubbles on arches and doors. Gonna take the sills off soon and pray. Car was bone dry inside including the boot.
  2. my current seats are manual not heated. is it just a straight swap to get electric and heated working? How much do you want for the fronts?
  3. Almost 4 years ago I declared my e34 sorn and left it to die behind the house in the alley. Yesterday i visited the car bearing the gift of battery. Plugged the new battery in, waited for the glow plug light to turn off. Started first time, perfect idle. Put it into drive, the torque quickly overcome the rusted calipers. Lifted on the tow truck I bought it home. Spent all day washing her, had plants growing in the bonnet, moss in every crevice. Still the car is dirty. Baby steps. Thanks to eurocarparts weekend sale, going to do a full coolant flush, and a air oil service this week. New tyres and hopefully ready for mot next weekend. The car has been sitting in a muddy alleyway for 4 years. The engine bay is full of spiders. What maintenance should I be doing? I will be getting new discs, pads, shocks, springs, and anything else I can get my hands on. Is there anything I should look out for after this much time ?
  4. do the seats fit in an e34? if so id be interested in the front seats
  5. No luck involved, i have worked very hard to be able to afford the m3
  6. @hotbox that's why I got it in the end to get away from them quickly @duncan my car history is as follows: micra, jazz, e34 tds, e92 330d, e92 m3. I aint your typical petrol head i like to get as much economy out of a car as possible (because my previous cars wernt really fast). Even on the 200 mile journey home in the m3, i averaged 27mpg.. its a calm-ish daily driver, take it off power, drop the gear ratio and enable start stop, its a damn prius. I average 20mpg around town which for the miles i do is acceptable. When i put it in manual (m) mode however... its scary fast. Puts a smile on my face every time i floor it. driven carefully it is very passive, gear 7 (in dct) at 35 mph, very smooth. Its not like other torque convertor autos however and can be a bit clunky going very slowly in stop start traffic. Driven aggressively turns it into a different animal. Its unlike any thing i have driven before. Youll need to drive it to truely appreciate it but i love it. Take that for what its worth from a 25y/o with little experience with fast cars
  7. Ahh fair enough, i didnt mean to come off agressive. You wouldnt believe how many people have told me not to get an m3 as its not a wise decision... Ill take some pics once i give the body work a once over as the dealer i bought it from didnt detail it very well... Its a black (with hint of blue) 2011 m3 dct with competition pack and edc. Cream leather interior with the premium hifi (harmon kardon) system. Lots of niceties like lumbar support and heated memory seats. As far as modifications go, its completely stock. I plan on an exhaust upgrade down the line and a subwoofer in the boot firing through the ski hatch. Then just keep her clean and maintained
  8. @cableguy no i bought an e92 m3 for the times i dont commute and enjoy the drive. I can cycle 5 days a week and drive on weekends as well. As long as im enjoying the car i don't see why it is a waste. I could have bought an e34 m5, rebuilt my e34 tds, bought any new car and it would still be a waste by that logic
  9. So far its been fun. I only commute 6 miles a day so fuel costs dont really hurt. And i can always cycle my e34 still takes the only drive space though... need to get a two car drive asap
  10. @rumrunner thats ok was a fun read. I ended up buying a 11 plate e92 m3 competition pack... not a 5... but im keeping my 525tds as i cant bring myself to sell it. Ill slowly work on it and use the m3 as a daily
  11. For the past year and a half I have been driving a E92 330d. Fast, reliable and smooth. However every time I walk up the steps on my drive, I see her staring at me... my e34 tds... she needs alot of work to become road worthy (been sorn since the e92). She is automatic, I really want a manual e34 so I am stuck with the following options... 1. convert my e34 tds to a manual (i am no mechanic but can source parts quite well)... 2. sell my tds and find some petrol auto variant 3. sell my tds and buy an m5 What ever I do I will be getting rid of the e92 and will have about £7k to put into the e34. The current state of my tds is as follows: needs new gearbox or torque convertor needs bonnet resprayed and aligned needs other parts resprayed all new tyres, brakes and discs needs some work on the interior new battery needs work on the headlights fix some faulty wiring fuel fillter cap surround needs replacing some refurbishment on the locks needs the intake manifold and egr valve welded as it leaks and burnt through the plastic engine cover needs cynlinder head skimming where it joins the intake manifold wheels need refurbing I love working on my cars so i will do as much work as I can. Ideally, I want which ever e34 to be in showroom condition and then start upping the power. no tasteless mods, just a stock look but a powerful engine. I almost added a hx35 to the tds but funds did not allow for project completion. Now I am at a point where I can throw around £7-10k at the car and be left with a stunner. Based on what I wrote about my current tds, and with the knowledge that I want to reach atleast 3-400hp on my e34 (which is possible with the m51 engine, search 325 m51 hx35 on youtube), what should I go for?
  12. E34 M5 collection for sale

    Inboxed you urquattro, hope to hear back soon
  13. @Dongiov, ill go for one of them, see if it will work. Hopefully a battery is all that is needed. Having the e92 for so long, love having a maintenence free car.. but the e34 urge.. is .. strong... @stevenc, Haha I wish I was still a student. Left uni over two years ago In the real world now with bills and a job.. not too fond of the bills part
  14. My TDS has been off the road since november, since I got my E92 330d. However, the urge to sell the 330d and run the 525tds has become unbearable. I tried jumpstarting it today after 20mins charging from the 330d. Nothing. Not even one turnover. The battery was always a little weak so its probably dead. Considering the erratic behaviour of the interior light and other electrical niggles that always happened when the battery was flat before. Long story short, I am on the computer at 10pm and getting very impatient. I just want to order a new battery but cba to measure the battery as the car is far away to get to right now. Will this battery fit underneath the rear seats? http://www.tayna.co.uk/610-200-Varta-Silver-Dynamic-Car-Battery-P3200.html
  15. Where to buy new aux water pump?

    If you are talking about the water pump that runs from the accessories belt, I got a replacement for my 525TDS waterpump for £30 from SC motor factors.