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  1. Hi all need to do braked pads change on my f10 530d ... front and rear ... do I get them from BMW or is there any that you all can recommend ??
  2. Any info on this map dvd ... Rusty? ... link
  3. Hi had this same fault on my 525d after software update. . It turned out to be an issue with the lighting control unit Cheers
  4. Blood do you have any pic of mirror puddle lights , also I have door interior lights on the front but not on the rear so looking at doing this mod .thanks
  5. Any more photo on the lighting pack on the e60 ? I had this on my audi a4 ,miss it on the bmw
  6. Poss glow plugs
  7. Poss glow plugs
  8. What gasket ???? This was done as I had an Auc warranty ,all they said they changed the inlet manifold gasket
  9. I had this fault turned out to be glow plugs and glow plug regulate .yes the inlet manifold does need to come off ,also don't forget to change the inlet manifold gasket
  10. I had this fault on my 525d its needs an gearbox software update
  11. Nice car same colour as my 525d and wheels ,like to upgraded my to the 172 alloys
  12. I wait for an long drive last week I used forte DPF cleaner just add to full tank of fuel
  13. About 73 up and down
  14. I had my main stat changed ,did about 190 miles today temp went to 80 max and got 36mpg ... I was doing about 70-80 mph is this any good ?
  15. I only do short trips in my 525d , Asked an friend at a garage he said to add Forte DPF Cleaner and Regenerator to full tank for fuel and take for long run in 3rd gear it work for him