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  1. Semkehead

    E28 525e project

    My car has returned from the bodyshop, where a bonnet scab was repaired and the bonnet painted and i am very pleased with the result. The power steering fluid was changed, which was still red, but needed changing. Brake fluid checked and topped up, <1%, air filter changed, coolant changed, new window wipers.
  2. Semkehead

    Recommended Garages/Services/Suppliers

    Classic Barnstormers 18 Lawrence Road Cirencester GL7 1SD 07833491349 info@classicbahnstormers.com I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Classic Bahnstormers who were trusted to take care of the part restoration of my M535i. The integrity and attention to detail of this company has not failed to return my car in the best possible condition. Regular and detailed email and telephone updates allowed me to follow each stage of the restoration., with any challenges quickly overcome. I live 200 miles from Classic Bahnstormers but I always felt part of the decision process If you are wanting a proficient, reliable and knowledgeable company specializing in classic BMW’s I urge you to contact Classic Bahnstormers for an informal chat.
  3. Semkehead

    M535I Project

    When the car returned from the painters, the new parts were painted in the original colour paint. Now that i have had time to see the work up close, i am very pleased with their work. They really have made a good job, thanks to Classic Barnstormers. All new bonnet trim was fitted and the wash wipe piping was installed. Because i was unable to get in the boot for a long time, condensation had built up in the wheel well. I had previously blocked the drainage holes with sound proofing. I ripped this out and returned the boot floor to paint and replaced the sound proofing under the carpet with sound proofing that won't absorb water. I will return the car to Classic Bahnstormers when i save enough money to finish the paint work and to carry out some small repairs to the rear of the car.
  4. Semkehead

    E28 525e project

    While my M535i has been in the restoration stage for a few years, i have missed driving an E28. So when a suitable 'daily' came up, i bought it and here is the progress, On the way home, she ran fine, no over heating etc. The previous owner replaced all or most of the steering components so the drive was tight and no wobbles. On closer inspection only a few things need attention : . A rust scab on the bonnet - -completed . Bubbles in the sunroof and sunroof didn't open - completed . Rust on the bottom of the drivers side door - completed . A new rubber boot needed to the AFM - completed . Sound proofing to the underside of the carpets- waiting for spring (parts sourced) - completed . Noisy heater blower - waiting for spring . Removal of a large enclosed amplifier in the boot - completed First, was to change the AFM boot over Then address the drivers door, Before After An off-side replacement window guide was sourced, to replace a perished and broken guide, lifting mechanisms greased and sound deadening material placed inside the door. the vapour barrier was also replaced. When i took the drivers side door card off, it had suffered with water damage, so i made a new one and covered it with sound insulation The headlights were cleaned, upgraded the bulbs, replaced old components, de-rusted the headlight surrounds and painted them with Por-15 The cylinder head looked a bit tatty, so i sourced a replacement from Tim, which was already painted. It just needed sanding in a few places. A new gasket was fitted which came with the car. I inspected the fog lights, and no surprises there. So i ordered a new light, and painted it with Por-15 so it will not rust again. I covered the fog lights with yellow film to protect them from stone chips, to see how it looked. I haven't decided whether i like it that way yet. It's only film, so i can take it off should i decide. I preferred clear fogs in the end, so were covered with clear laminex film to protect from stone chips. Having a look underneath i took the rear anti roll bar off, de-rusted it, painted it with Por-15, changed the anti roll bar links, changed the anti roll bar bushings and brackets. I also changed and painted the two new push rods. I attempted to take off the front arb bracket, the rusted screw sheared off. The garage sorted that out and replaced the front arb bushings and brackets. Also replaced both front brake pipes as they were both perished. Both new front and rear brackets were spares and have been powder coated The cover lid was cleaned and painted. The gasket however had seen better days. NLA from BMW, i made one out of cork. When i removed the Amp from the boot, it was secured by wooden batton's. A clean up revealed a small areas of rust that needed attention. Rusty areas were sanded down, treated for rust and the whole boot painted with Por-15. The sound insulation material in the boot was missing, so i made one out of an off cut of flooring vinyl and 3mm sound deadener. It turned out really well and looks the part. The rear light gasket seals were also replaced, as the previous owner commented the boot would get damp sometimes. New foam on the boot tool kit, a few tools replaced in the tool kit , a replacement alloy wheel to fill the empty wheel well and the rear light trim surround sourced and replaced. The rear lights were also sanded and repainted. An electric ariel fitted and a matching spare wheel added as well. By now, you can guess i hate rust and the next rusty thing were the horns and a new radiator support. I tried at first with stuff from Halfords, but later tried some rust remover from Frosts, which is amazing. The headlight grills were also sanded, primed and painted The condition of the underside of the bonnet was only dirty, with surface rust in a few places. The bonnet vents were in good order, unlike the condition on my M535i. I thought i would paint that myself and get the scab on the outside of the bonnet done professionally at a later date. On a visit to Tim, i had seen the sound insulation material that goes across the bonnet, as opposed to the three pieces have for my other E28. Tim said he had one, so i dyed it black and it looks new now. One of the bonnet struts had failed, so i ordered and fitted two replacements. LED lights were added to the interior and the boot light. All the bulbs for the instruments, behind the dash have been replaced. The sunroof suffered from small areas of rust bubbling through the paint work, would not open without force and the seals had perished, so i took it out and had a look. Rust had taken hold in the common areas. The glue preventing the material on the underside of the sunroof sagging had perished and dried, so i took it off and reapplied some fresh fabric glue. It was sent to the painters and came back looking like a new one, with a perfect colour match. My drivers side seat belt buckle was faulty, so i replaced it. While the seat was out i removed the other and replaced the underfloor soundproofing and replaced, one of the underfloor heating ducts. _1020766.ajpg
  5. Semkehead

    M535I Project

    1st phase complete
  6. Semkehead

    M535I Project

    Classicbahnstormers said i could take a sneaky peak before the car goes for paint shortly.. A few bubbles below the paint, around the front screen had created corrosion which i am glad was caught now before it became worse. Three holes were created in the rear screen surround also, which are now being attended to. It is very reassuring to see such dedication and attention to detail from Classicbahnstormers!!
  7. Semkehead

    M535I Project

    Just some more images before the resto. The front arches were sound except the part of the inner wings that support the bumper brackets A replacement bonnet was sourced, rust free, 2x new wings, new front apron, battery plate and C-3PO plate in preparation. After some research i found ClassicBahnstormers from this forum. After a friendly and more importantly non-condescending talk on the phone Stephen reassured me such a resto would not be a problem. Having extensive E28 knowledge knew i had found a company that would treat my car the way i would like it. Needless to say i am very pleased with the progress so far!!
  8. Semkehead

    M535I Project

    And the resto continues... After saving and to go travelling for a few months, i returned my attention to my car, Here is my progress so far. My wheels needed a refurb and i eventually found someone close to me to do the job, I decided on polished rims with a darker centre and they came out great. There was a slight buckle in one if the wheels which was repaired and made such a difference when driving When i came back i charged my battery and she started as if i left her the day before i left. Both my wings suffered from areas of bubbling under the paint at the bottom which i hoped to get sorted before it got worse. I decided to purchase some new wings instead of getting the old ones repaired. I was told the old ones could be repaired, but will never be as good as new ones. I hate rust. So the wings were removed, which allowed me to inspect the bumper. My thought process was BMW will eventually stop making parts for these cars, so i would replace/repair stuff while i can. The metal bumper inside the M-tech bumper was predictably rusty so i repaired and treated the rust. With the bumper and the wings off allowed me to see areas that needed attention As you can see some TLC needed. I asked body shops near me for advice, whether they could do the work and the consensus was, it was too much trouble , so i looked further afield and to this forum for answers.
  9. Semkehead

    Annoying squeak

    I have been living with a high pitch squeak from the binnacle area on my dash. When i travel over slight imperfections in the road i get a squeak, which means it squeaks lot. I have no stereo so i can drown the sound out for a while, then it gets on my nerves. The screws in brackets in the images are tight, but when ever the area above these brackets are touched it squeaks. Any ideas of how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated
  10. As many have said, thank you Maca for organising a great day My first show and certainly not the last. It was great to talk E28's to like minded car owners and meeting many new people. Many highlights of the day which included: . following Justin's E28 and listening to his exhaust note down the M25, . meeting some previous owners of my car . admiring the turbo twins and the amazing ETA However, i can't stop thinking of changing my exhaust now!
  11. I'm coming from the A1, so i could meet at South Mimms services ?
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  14. Semkehead

    M535I Project

    A few more parts have been fitted and replaced: . The replacement exhaust . Various parts . A replacement carpet fitted to replace my torn and sliced one. It has also been dyed black along with the door card carpet. . The rear seat frame would not secure to the mounting and was rusty anyway, so i sourced a replacement which required the removal of my leather to transplant on the non rusty rear seat frame . I also have a complete tool set (and the carpet) thanks to Rob, aka Wattsmonkey I have a non rusty replacement bonnet, which will require painting. Any ideas of how much this might cost ?
  15. Semkehead


    Thanks for the info. That is interesting concerning the offset. When i bought the car i was assured these were the correct alloys for the E28. It also had some H & R 1075725, 10-7 A, spacers on the front hubs. When i changed the tyres, the fitter said these were not need and took them off. Will i need another pair of spacers for the rear alloys ? The tyres on there are 235/45/17. I have read that same article that said the H2 coding was for the speed rating. I didn't know alloys had a speed rating. However, i have read another article that said the H2 was for a 'double hump' ? With the correct offset being 20, and my alloys being 13, will this be the cause my car to wander on a straight road, as it does ?