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  1. 540i/6DB

    My E34 540i 6-speed manual.

    I do indeed. And, no it's not for sale!
  2. Unsure on the code but visually that looks like light silver grey. Not the same as mine unfortunately.
  3. 540i/6DB

    E38 springs.

    Received yesterday. Many thanks.
  4. 540i/6DB

    E38 springs.

    Hi, could you quote on a set of front and rear coil springs for an E38. VIN is DJ84512. Many thanks
  5. 540i/6DB

    Bloody frozen !

    E38's suffer the same problem. Obviously an common latch/lock that has an internal issue in v.cold weather.
  6. 540i/6DB

    Few niggly questions.

    Rear window motors can stick through lack of use. Try thumping the middle of the door card hard while prodding the switch a few times as this can free them off. Rear wiper is likely to be broken wire(s) in the loom near the hinge. Front wiper clonk will be a worn out rack, not an easy fix as new are very difficult to source (poss. discontinued by BMW??) & good used one nearly as hard to find!
  7. 540i/6DB

    Whats your favorite e34 colour ?

    I usually reserve judgement on these things until I have seen it in the flesh but so far probably Brilliant Red.
  8. Looks tidy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-525i-Touring-SE-Manual-Transmission-E34-/302265104575?hash=item46606778bf:g:pSgAAOSw2gxY2QMg
  9. 540i/6DB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    If I recall the other was for sale some time back & it had low miles but there was something fishy about it?? Also there was 1 Touring in DB as well. I always keep my eyes open for it but suspect it's long been turned into beer cans! They would make a nice pair..........
  10. 540i/6DB

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Threw some water over the 540...
  11. 540i/6DB

    Warning to M60 owners...

    Even cheap pattern parts usually perform some sort of function. They just don't last very long! Manufacturing something so poorly that it breaks when you're fitting it seems somewhat illogical so I can only guess they are part of a poor batch or complete fakes in Febi boxes.
  12. 540i/6DB

    Who's Was This..

    MOT history check has it down as an M5.
  13. 540i/6DB

    Clutch pedal switch location

    For test purposes you can loop the 2 connectors in the clutch switch plug with a bridge wire to simulate its operation.
  14. 540i/6DB

    Warning to M60 owners...

    Febi stuff has been ok in my experience. Never had engine mounts though. Where did you buy them from?