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  1. bmw 523i (e39) no sound from mk3 sat nav

    no still running mint not had any problems with it at all ...................... just had to change cat though eghhhhhhh
  2. bmw 523i (e39) no sound from mk3 sat nav

    ill keep you posted if it dose
  3. bmw 523i (e39) no sound from mk3 sat nav

    not to sure to be fair stripped it all out cleaned all connection and put it back together again and lost the stereo and all sounds so stripped it again inspected it all could not see anything obvious plugged it all back in and a now all is mint hmmmm
  4. bmw 523i (e39) no sound from mk3 sat nav

    all sorted now thankyou for you help
  5. bmw 523i (e39) no sound from mk3 sat nav

    yeah its saloon theres no water leaks ill check connections now to see if all is good just a bit strange how it mutes the stereo ready for her to talk
  6. hello all im having trouble with my sat nav voice. the stereo mutes ready for her to talk but she mute ie no sound could anyone help on this topic thankyou
  7. Sat nav retrofit and high obc retrofit

    how do i separate the i and k bus rob ? thankyou
  8. dose anyone have a mk3 satnav player for sale if you could let me no that would be great pm me thankyou
  9. i have a bmw e39 with a small screen tv/radio/tapedeck & 6 disk changer i just bought a mk3 sat nav player with loom and receiver. the player came with no discs and dose not show up on my screen. do i need the discs to make this visable on my screen ? and if so what discs do i need to get it running ? thankyou