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  1. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    @Globetrotter999uk any more updates?
  2. adeel43

    Wheel alignment

    Merityre in Sunbury. Did a proper job on my e39 a few times when other places failed!
  3. adeel43

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    I've just bought a Landrover Discovery and it's brilliant. Go and have a look at one in HSE spec
  4. Those wheels make the car, looks brilliant. Was not a fan if the previous ones you had.
  5. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Mo good to see you are treating her already! Alloys need doing! always felt a boot lip spoiler would look good also. Really looking forward to seeing her live on ps. what am I doing with the rear bench in my garage??
  6. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Have lived here for years! E39 was lovely but am sure Mo will finish and then maintain it!
  7. adeel43

    2002 BMW E39 525d SE registered April 2002

    Car is now sold. Purchase price was exactly what I paid for it 6 year ago but hate to think what I've spent on it in that time!
  8. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Yep. This is the last picture I have of it. I very much doubt I will ever like a car so much or want to spend so much money and time on looking after it. It was with us for 40k miles and 6 years and never let us down. The forum has been a great source of knowledge and a friendly place over the years.
  9. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    I'm already regretting it. New owner came to pick it up today and it's on its way to Manchester. Mo has promised to keep it cared for and I'll hold him to that. Hopefully he will take on this thread and keep us updated
  10. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Tragically now up for sale. Already replaced with a Landrover Discovery to accommodate 3 growing kids!
  11. Front and rear both sides mate. Needed as the SE ones don't really fit the sport bumpers!
  12. 2002 BMW E39 525d SE registered April 2002 £3000 140k still in use so will go up slightly MOT till March 2019 Full Service History – just about to be serviced with a folder full of receipts for loads of other bits and pieces done. Services at 14k 28k 42k 70k 95k 100k 106k 111k 117k 124k 132k (by our very own Dr Hind!) 140k Have just replaced the FSU (hedgehog) as it failed last week AC freezing cold as just been refreshed Private Number Plate included Silver cluster rings OEM shadow line trim around the windows OEM sport steering wheel retrimmed by Royal Steering Wheels Leather centre console HID headlights recently polished LED number plate lamps Replaced original angel eyes with aftermarket LED rings similar to modern BMW’s EGR blanked All vac lines replaced Tinted rear windows Decat fited Braided brake lines Swirlflaps removed New shocks all around at 130k M5 heated interior front and rear seats (memory fitted but needs coding) M5 manual wing mirrors Full leather doorcards (with grab handles) OEM sport headlining OEM sport bumpers OEM electric rear blind New Eibach lowering springs at 130k Loads of other suspension work done which I have invoices for Parrot Asteroid shallow double din headunit & colour coded Janus fascia – no modding to airducts etc as it is a diskless unit. Runs Android and via mobile hotspot /tethering can access Waze and Spotify accounts along with digital radio stations E38 armrest Style 42 alloys in desperate need of a refurb with good Continental tyres all round. I removed the lacquer from the dishes about two years ago and have run them as bare metal so requires lots of maintenance which I have let slip over the winter. I have owned the car since February 2012 and have done approx. 40k miles with no trouble at all. Spare extra parts include - one front Style 42 alloy (needs refurb and new tyre), lower ported M5 style grille, black leather rear seats, nighteye led bulbs and holders, spare black OEM mats, spare original centre console and a box of interior trims and clips, HVAC panel and OEM used blower motor This car has been a labour of love as you can see with the retrofitting and careful modification and 100% reliable since I have owned it. Due to having 3 kids who need a lot more space it just needs to be replaced with something a bit bigger but I’m keen for it go to an enthusiast to finish it! It just needs sport arch liners, the front fog lights wired up (I have the retrofit kits from BMW which are included) and the rear bumper painted and it will be done. Car has had some paint to the front passenger wing and drivers door and more recently the front sport bumper, rust on the front sills sorted and fuel filler cap treated and painted. There is some slight bubbling on the underneath of the rear sills and boot lid near the license plate lights. Nothing terminal and jacking points have a clean bill of health.