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  1. Hi, I can't see the E28 front indicator lenses on their site At least not with pictures. Did you inquire specially about the clear fronts? They look great, thanks for the post. I want to do all mine.
  2. It's a bit further away but these guys are just along the road from me in Hexham
  3. Mine is an M30 system but I still have the original manifold section. Fritz do their own version which I will purchase in due course. They are great chaps and hugely helpful. I recommend their products and service.
  4. I tried to get a standard BMW system but all I could buy was the back box section nowhere did the mid section. So I went to Fritz's Bits and got the M30 E28 system. Saving up for the matching manifold kit next. I've found it has improved the performance of the car already, even without the manifold section. Plus it won't rust. Sounds great too.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Times were around 17 seconds. First time on a drag strip. Just got this pic from a mate.
  6. I'm just in Northumberland, Scottish meets might be easier/closer for me to get to. I'd certainly be interested.
  7. I went. There were only 3 E28s there that I saw. Going down the track was fun.
  8. I've got my tickets. I'll be there all weekend.
  9. I'm around and would definitely like to get more involved in the scene.
  10. Mine is fine. I've still just got the stock manifold though. Hopefully getting the Fritz manifold to go with the rest of my system soon. No motorway issues thus far.
  11. I'm planning on going and camping for the weekend. Maybe throw the E28 down the 1/4 mile for laughs, never done it before. Looking forward to meeting some folks from here.
  12. I'm planning on doing a roadtrip down for the whole weekend. Fancy having a go down the 1/4 mile.
  13. I'm intending to go also. Hopefully see some other BMWs & humans there.