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  1. Herts meet 10th September

    Have you guys got a location in mind?
  2. I-Phone Update

    I have 7. It's really good! What I like most is that if your phone is locked you can swipe up and you get a page which let's you select Bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode, torch, brightness all with one easy touch for each!
  3. Syria

    Invasion????? All I've seen is missile strike so far. I would be very surprised to see any sort of invasion. Personally, if there are innocent adults & children being murdered by the thousand in such a tortuous way, I would 100% rather do something to at least try to stop them being killed (especially in that way)! Dying is not a good thing, granted, but dying from chemical/nerve agent is abhorrently unpleasant. Not saying I am right but I think this thread needs a bit of the old devils advocate!
  4. Water in oil conundrum!

    Nope! She still runs but the engine is now goosed so won't pass another MOT.
  5. Water in oil conundrum!

    Had this for 9 years on my e46 buddy!
  6. Three word story

    Wet and chewy
  7. Put dog shit on them! Won't come back I reckon lol!
  8. Winner! Cheers Siam!
  9. Nathalie Pinkham

    Yuuuuuuuuuup, I would! It'd be weird tho having a bird that knows more about Motorsport than the bloke lol!
  10. BMW configurator

    Is it just me or is the configurator not showing the 4 or 5 series?
  11. History mystery.

    Geeeeeez! Someone has had a lot of time on their hands lol. Unreal as to how these laws of coincidence occur.
  12. One for the lads

    Sweet lord!!!!
  13. 8pm tonight Watchdog

    I too think that it will do nothing for the poor buggers that have a fubared motor, but, it will hopefully stop others buying them and getting into the same mess!
  14. 8pm tonight Watchdog

    Ridiculous customer service/aftercare!
  15. 8pm tonight Watchdog

    This is gonna be interesting!