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  1. Steering wheel swap

    Mine is a coarse spline, I have a fine spline wheel, ideally need a coarse spline, if not I will just change the column on my car to suit the wheel I have. Let me know if you fancy a trade or not? up to you.
  2. I have to say, Steve's enthusiasm did make me feel, the car was going to the right hands in terms of restoration works, I cannot imagine him skipping any corners to make a job easier, I can see it will be done correctly just from talking to him. Once works are completed, I will post before and after shots, as Im fairly certain it will look fantastic!! Just wish the engine conversion garage will pull their finger out now and get this transplant done!!
  3. Hi all, not been on here in a while. Recently purchased my first classic BMW. Its a 525e auto on a 1985 plate. In Bronzit. Not my first choice in terms of colour, but its growing on me I have to say: Its currently in the process of having an m52b28 engine fitted, along with a manual ZF gearbox conversion, and m50 inlet manifold mod. EWS delete, and slight remap. The car in question currently has a rather large bus style steering wheel. I have found an Mtech1 wheel which was originally off an e28 535, but was removed and fitted onto an e34. My question is, will this wheel fit my car splines? my car was registered April 1985, I called Fritz Bits today and they seem quite confident it will fit my steering Column. However i am reading other posts online saying that the e28 was coarse spindle up until Sept 1985, not 1984 as Fritz Bits guys suggested. Can anyone help out here? Pics of wheel attached below Thanks for reading
  4. So looking at pictures of and doing bit more research into these wheels. Seems as though my car has the coarse wheel. You dont even need to remove the steering wheel to spot this. Looking at the profile of the back of wheel its fairly obvious, here is a fine spline profile, and a coarse profile to confirm. The fine profile has the deeper lip to it, like a 1” shoulder and the coarse has nothing atall. So on this basis, I might just sell my wheel. Ive found a coarse but its bigger money, so I need to sell this wheel for nearer the price of the other one.
  5. Anyone know the best place to source e32 discs and pads for the front?
  6. Haha, I do indeed have you mixed up. ( Im posting these days off Safari on iphone, and if honest its a real pain in the backside! I miss tapatalk for this forum. Ive seen the pics of your bronzit car, with white door . Should be good car when its all sorted. Did Steve do any work on your previous cars? if so were you pleased? I want this car of mine to be perfect. Hope its all sorted for early Summer. Wheel could be an option!! Will wait and see what comes of my findings. Frustrating when the car is a good 1 hour and thirty mins away from you.
  7. Ordnator, Ive been talking to Steve today at Auto Bahn Stormers, he was talking about your Bronzit car, and your other two. Once engine conversion is completed, guess where my bronzit is headed It will be going to keep yours company!! Steve has a column there which will be changed to suit the Tech1 wheel if my column ends up being coarse, so for this money I think Im best keeping it. Will alter the car to suit. That brown is gorgeous, I do like that a lot, you are a lucky man owning 3 of these e28’s.
  8. I picked up the fine spline wheel for £50!! Changing the column to suit is only £100, so Im not too bothered. Still coming in cheap. And who knows, my car may have a fine spline anyways, if splondikes did, mine could do aswell. Seems to be a bit of a grey area this.
  9. Right the column will be changed to suit the wheel!
  10. Right ok, steering rack . Well im just thinking with engine out it shouldnt be too much of an issue to swap “rack” out.
  11. Right ok, steering box . Well im just thinking with engine out it shouldnt be too much of an issue to swap “box” out. That wheel Ive picked up looks to be fine spline I guess yes ?? Hmmm wonder where I can find a coarse tech1. The bus wheel is doing nothing for me :). Would look cooler in the bin!! haha.
  12. So I need a coarse spline wheel then?? gutted. Unless I change the rack aswell? to a fine spline one that is? Is £50 a good pickup on those tech1 wheels?
  13. Hi Mick That is great news!! so what we are saying here then, is chances are, my 85’ 525e will prob be fine spline like yours. Phewfff! I feel like I got the wheel very cheap @ £50?? they seem to be a lot more on ebay. Car is currently miles away from me in Garage having all works done, hence me not being able to check. Looking forward to losing the bus wheel. Thanks for replying, your car looking very clean and tidy, bet you love it! love the colour aswell.
  14. Steering wheel swap

    Did you ever sort a trade? I have a wheel which I think isnt going to fit my car. My car is a 1985 B reg. Will this have coarse or fine spline?
  15. Car is already raised up a bit. Awful rear window stickers will be completely removed I should add
  16. Car is on BC coilovers, wont remain that low, as I am thinking of Dailying this. e34 540i front brake conversion as well along with engine conversion. Body work all being addressed, and rear bbs spoiler being fitted, with a Zender front splitter, and that will be it complete hopefully.
  17. pre-LCI halogens headlight upgrade

    just put lci halogens in and add an hid kit, exactly what I did, along with a CIC upgrade from Mask unit.
  18. DIY Guides required

    Can I interest you in selling the cables?
  19. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I hate to say it.....but........ I ..........got a few days ban on here, posting wise, for commenting on this thread!! will say no more Good luck with the sale
  20. BMW looms etc are far far better quality than Audi / Merc fact. Pre lci box was the same bar the gear shifter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Looking good!! first to go, the SCO sticker badge off the backend yes?? What else needs doing? I would suggest get repair kit for the disa valve as its curtains if failed. HID kit if non xenon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Bmw E60 525i manual 2003

    Sell it and buy a kev mobile instead [emoji1]. dont do the same old same old blacked out murdered look. Looks naff!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk