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  1. trenchy24

    What's it worth - B10?

    It's a B10.... Not worth anything... but I'd find a space on my drive for it if you want rid All jokes aside, as has been said it's worth what someone is willing to pay/how much they want one.
  2. trenchy24

    Rust e39 no hope?

    £600??? I need to meet your bodywork guys....thats way more than £600 IMHO... i was quoted £700 just to sort rear arches! That thing needs serious work and best option would be strip it and scrap it.
  3. trenchy24


    If you think thats bad.... you should see some of the things Tristan shares on the Whatsapp group...
  4. trenchy24

    Cost to repair jacking points

    Ive just dropped my tank in preparation for repair. Im tight and feel that 1500 is too much bloody money to spend on a £1200 car. I'm doing the repairs myself!
  5. trenchy24

    A.C / Fan issue. 2002 e39 525d

    Massive fan of a Kwickwank then Start at step 7, skip step 8 and all will be good!
  6. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I don't think the passenger side is quite as bad, time will tell though! The pictures are of the driver's side... Taken with front facing camera Is there any other way to drive an E39?? Especially when you drive a Vauxhall Vivaro for work.
  7. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mine looked ok, the inner lip was a bit crusty.....until I removed the plastic covers!! Haven't even looked at the passenger side yet. Looks just as bad, from what I can see. Just need to pluck up the courage to start attacking with a grinder!
  8. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Dropped the exhaust, tank and heat shields In preparation for sorting this CHECK YOUR SILLS!!! (or don't and stay happy)
  9. trenchy24

    E39 Parts

    I have attached an excel file with a list of parts i would like to know the price of when you get 5 minutes. Reg: T90 CET Thanks E39 Bits.xlsx
  10. trenchy24

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    I've been eyeing up this ebay listing for mine... Meyle HD Front arms What do you reckon Dan?
  11. trenchy24

    530i sport e39 with 2k miles!!

    At that price ill take a chance on a couple of scabby M5s thanks
  12. trenchy24

    Coding new high obc clocks?

    From my little bit of experience with PA Soft all you will need to do is install the new clocks and change the mileage and then VIN in PA Soft. Get the mileage from PA Soft first, it will be in KM. Mileage checks are done every 100km so it should update eventually anyway. If the clocks have a higher mileage than the EWS and LCM they will update to the higher mileage. Not what you want. To change the mileage down i think you have to wipe/replace the EEPROM in the clocks, this is age dependent though as early clocks could be changed down (possibly)
  13. trenchy24

    02 530d aircon compressor not spinning

    I believe INPA should be able tell you Aircon gas pressure? Did they put enough in??
  14. trenchy24

    02 530d aircon compressor not spinning

    Could be faulty pressure switch? Is there power getting to the compressor clutch? Not very helpful I know....
  15. trenchy24

    Caliper running against front disc...

    When one of my front wheel bearings was shot it caused the disc to rub the backing plate... Very loud it was too!!
  16. trenchy24

    02 530d aircon compressor not spinning

    Did they pressure test the system before filling it? If it's got a leak and all the gas has gone the compressor won't engage due to low pressure.
  17. trenchy24

    2001 E39 530i Auto

    While i was having a breakdown about the state of my 39's rear arches and sills. (I think my words were "im breaking the ducking thing and buying a V8") I spotted this... CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME Its an hour up the road from me and i quite often pass the area on my way to work. I see it as either being a total turd or a potential diamond after a bit of TLC Thoughts?
  18. trenchy24

    2001 E39 530i Auto

    You are supposed to say step away it'll be a dog.... I'm very very tempted. I'm probably looking at spending 500 to sort out my current issues anyway. So if the sills aren't falling out of it, it may well be an option. Why couldn't it have been in Glasgow, out of the question then.
  19. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    3 arms and 2 legs???
  20. trenchy24

    What are you listening to?

    Haven't played properly for a while.....First recorded mix for a couple of years... Live Mix
  21. trenchy24

    2001 E39 530i Auto

    My biggest concern is that it's been sat for 4 years.. is it going to be in the same state as mine is?!... The battery thing did make me chuckle...I would quite like to plug it into my laptop to check stuff before committing?! Has it got wet inside and killed something? It isn't far from home, might be worth speaking to the bloke. It's 2 years newer, 50k miles lower then my current car. Oh and it's Petrol (I fancy a change from oil burning)
  22. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The design is awful... Underseal and plastic covers are just a recipe for disaster. I hate underseal, once the water has got under it... It just sits there! I was already planning on dropping the tank. I just hope the rust hasn't started on the floor pans. It's at that point I may reconsider! 1400 is a good price, with out a doubt. But I can't justify spending 1400 on a car I only paid 1200 for. As much as I love the car there are others out there in better condition for not alot more money.
  23. trenchy24

    2001 E39 530i Auto

    Depending on the condition it could potentially have all the nice bits off my current 39.... then sell whats left...
  24. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Upset my self by delving a little further into the bubbling rear arches...removed the plastic arch liner, nothing new to see here. Then i removed the rear sill cover and found this..... One totally fecked rear sill/jacking point. i haven't managed to look at the other side yet. (still getting over this one) i imagine its going to be a similar story though. My original plan of paying someone to replace the arches is out of the window now and i'm going to be having a go at it myself. (with guidance from some people that actually do it for a living). The cost of the repairs vs value of car, it just isn't worth spending the money.
  25. How much difference is there between Calypso and Sienna red? It doesnt look like alot?