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  1. trenchy24

    My E39 M5

    I'd imagine of they aren't E39 discs the centre bore is wrong?
  2. trenchy24

    Dpf problems

    Oooops..... You've done it again..... Hit a nerve!!
  3. trenchy24

    RUST!! - Rear arch / quarter panel

    The very reason mine will be getting done!
  4. trenchy24

    RUST!! - Rear arch / quarter panel

    i have a similar issue, mines quite bad. Probably worse than yours. IV been quoted about £300-350 a side to replace the whole arch with a repair section and paint. That's from a very good, reputable body shop in Sussex. Hope that helps.
  5. trenchy24

    ncs expert issues

    Ahhh sorry mate, was replying on my phone didnt see the mention of E60 on the screenshot. Unfortunately i have zero experience with NCS Expert. From reading various things on the internet it may be that the memory in the kombi needs 'wiping' or replacing so that the kombi appears as a new uncoded module? Do a search for UPA-USB. That seems to be the required tool for the job.
  6. trenchy24

    ncs expert issues

    This could potentially be too late. Get yourself a copy of PA soft/BMW Scanner off eBay. Makes doing this job a piece of cake! Ive just recoded and corrected mileage on a replacement LCM. Literally took 5 mins.
  7. trenchy24

    Solution Finish Trim Restorer

    Simply WOW! This is the best trim product I've ever used. Now first of all pence per ml is high, £15 for a 30ml shot. The product info states this is good for 3 cars, I personally think you would get more than 3. It is an american product and american cars are covered in black plastic trims. This is where that figure comes from i reckon. This the best photo i have as a comparison. Stripped my mirrors to give the trim some much needed attention. i will try and get a 50/50 of the mirror bases when the weather is a bit nicer. I have done front and rear bumper strips, which i didn't think were too bad until i applied this stuff. Now they are BLACK. It also gets rid of any marks/stains on the plastics. Many other trim products I've used look great when applied but soon look crap again (when dry normally) and often don't actually look black or cover marks, just shiny. Obviously this has only just been applied so time will tell how it lasts. if the info is to be believed then 6-8 months for the first application and 12 months for subsequent applications. Fingers crossed.
  8. trenchy24

    Solution Finish Trim Restorer

    I purchased the kit. You get some microfibre sponges and a cleaning solution. (Which also seems to work bloody well) 30ml Kit 30ml or 340ml
  9. trenchy24

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 11/05/18

    bit drastic to gain some extra power.... a remap would have been easier Some serious work gone into this, looks good.
  10. trenchy24

    You can’t polish a turd! Or can you? Budget e34

    Looking good that Sir, attention to detail is impressive. Iv never gone as far as stripping window switches. Too many young people don' t appreciate a quality older car i got my E39 when i was 20ish (7 years ago) it was only a little bit more expensive to insure than the MK3 astra i got out of. One hell of a difference!!
  11. trenchy24

    Oohh, I've out-launched him....

    Looks like he let off.... That thing is quick!
  12. trenchy24

    Spacer Advice

    I see, makes sense. I want some! I also want spacers. i have M para's and not sure if 15mm all round will be right? Fronts are certainly worse than the rears.
  13. trenchy24

    Spacer Advice

    With the stud conversion do you just do them up FT and hope they don't come undone when you take wheel nut off?
  14. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced fog light switch and clock spring/slip ring. I still have an issue with rear fogs and steering wheel buttons not working... not happy!
  15. trenchy24

    Phone Holder Cradle Removal

    I got mine on eBay as a complete setup for a bargain price. Get on eBay. You might have to get bits separately, but they are on there
  16. trenchy24

    Phone Holder Cradle Removal

    Tis what i did to mine. and it slides
  17. trenchy24

    E39 under bonnet insulation

    I am also after one, if they are still available?
  18. trenchy24

    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Iv been toying with the idea of a Play One to go in the kitchen... but that's all it would ever be, a bit of noise in the kitchen. I would never get rid of my Monitor Audio RX setup (2x floor standers + Center). Its my main setup and is used for all TV viewing/movies/gaming. The sound is outstanding. I couldn't ever go back to just using TV speakers or even a soundbar. I'm also tempted by a pair of MA Bronze bookshelf speakers for my desk. They get great reviews and are very good value for the quality. I made my own Bi-amp cables using 4mm 4core flex (i had it in my van), heat shrink and banana plugs. Sound quality is pretty good to me. i personally feel that expensive speaker cables are ludicrous..after all copper is copper.
  19. trenchy24

    Whats the worst car you have seen all WEEK!!!

    with or without the labrador??
  20. trenchy24

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove it for the first time in 2 weeks... my work van may only be 6 months old, but what a rancid piece of turd it is. So nice to drive something quality after 2 weeks.
  21. trenchy24

    E39 for sale 23K

    What the hell are they sprinkling on their cereal in the morning? I wish i could go to work as high as that lot must be coming up with those prices.
  22. Make me an offer. Interior: Black - Centre console (Non AC) Black - Handbrake surround Black - glove box Black - Carpet (no parcel shelf or rear seat lower) Exterior: Front idicators + Lenses Boot spoiler (smaller type, not the Mtech one) Boot lid (Holes for spoiler) Front and Rear bumpers in varying states Colour coded mirrors and bases Drivetrain+Engine: M20B25 engine (Motronic 1.3, removed from 87 E30 Auto) (Partly stripped) Open Differential - Needs new rear gasket Suspension+Steering: Front Struts (Non Abs) Front Subframe - Good steering box mount (Stripped of all rubber, ready for blasting and paint) Rear Subframe - Newer one with pitman arms (Stripped of all rubber, ready for blasting and paint) Rear Trailing arms (Stripped of all rubber + bearings, ready for blasting and paint) Steering Box Set of calipers and carriers - Front and Rear? 5 x TRX 2 style wheels 6Jx14 Wiper mechanism There is also an assortment of little bits and pieces that ill get photos of.
  23. A little while back i swapped my Pre facelift wheel for a Facelift wheel and since then the controls dont work, or light up. The horn still works and i don't have an airbag light on the dash. They old wheel worked correctly. Am i missing something obvious? Could it just be the controls are goosed? Had the wheel off again yesterday and checked all plugs etc. Any thoughts?
  24. trenchy24

    E28 Remains - Large pile of bits.

    Still got a garage full of bits.
  25. trenchy24

    Rear light issues

    Still suffering with this. The brake warning could be to do with the 3rd light in the spoiler as i noticed it flickering the other day. It never used to throw a warning though. Still stuck on the fogs....