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  1. E39 for sale 23K

    What the hell are they sprinkling on their cereal in the morning? I wish i could go to work as high as that lot must be coming up with those prices.
  2. E28 Remains - Large pile of bits.

    Still got a garage full of bits.
  3. Rear light issues

    Still suffering with this. The brake warning could be to do with the 3rd light in the spoiler as i noticed it flickering the other day. It never used to throw a warning though. Still stuck on the fogs....
  4. A little while back i swapped my Pre facelift wheel for a Facelift wheel and since then the controls dont work, or light up. The horn still works and i don't have an airbag light on the dash. They old wheel worked correctly. Am i missing something obvious? Could it just be the controls are goosed? Had the wheel off again yesterday and checked all plugs etc. Any thoughts?
  5. This months stupid award goes to....

    Should have been left..... Natural selection at its finest!!!
  6. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sworn at it.... then apologised.... Flat battery two mornings in a row. Recent carwash trip (needed a last minute quick wash) seems to have killed my webasto. Hooked up my meter, waited 20mins..... 8amp drain when car 'sleeping' oh shit!!!! Removed fuse 47 (Additional heater), problem solved. *Back flip*
  7. Another Battery Drain....

    Just to add to this. I was getting an 8Amp drain when car was 'asleep' removed fuse 47 (additional heater) from the rear fusebox instantly down to 0.03Amp. Much better I think the recent trip to carwash has killed my webasto!
  8. Leads for connecting TVs, hdmi, 4k

    This..... Digital signal it makes no odds in a domestic setup. Back in the days of Scart it made a difference having quality cables. I made my own speaker cables from some 4core 4mm flex. £1/m from local electrical wholesaler. Heat shrink for ID. SORTED!!! I personally think people that pay silly money for speaker cable are a bit 'silly'. dont get me started on expensive power leads......
  9. If you fancy a long road test 'pop' down to Sussex so I can check out those coilovers
  10. E28 525e - Manual, 2.7 conversion

    Get bidding Dunc. Iv just got my E39 back so no space for an E28. Got enough bits for them in the garage though.
  11. What have you done on your E28 this week........

    That is pornographic...
  12. That's my beloved E61...

    Oh dear.....
  13. Looks like a good car. Needs some bodywork repairs. Anyone know it?? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/1987-BMW-527-525e-E28-2-7-Manual-MOT-Leather-Sunroof-Rare-Colour/263300838060?hash=item3d4df3f2ac:g:UYgAAOSwR2RZ~zbN
  14. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted later style chunky sports steering wheel. (E46 style) Much nicer feel in one's hands. Although the buttons arent working now?! Got to take the airbag out again to replace it so I'll investigate buttons then. Also fitted my all leather gear knob, E46 again I believe
  15. It's almost upon us....

    Or put Kodi on your firestick/smart tv....free TGT