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  1. Drew21

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    Thread Resurrection! the new laser pick up I ordered arrived today on the slow boat from China, I fitted it and I still have exactly the same symptoms the original mk2 nav unit is working fine in the car on standby duty though im guessing I really need to shell out on a new mk4 nav.... or just not bother and stick with the mk2 for now. I really need to get an intravee fitted, so I might park the nav and focus on how to fit an intravee into a 98 E38 with DSP, this needs some thought also you see
  2. Drew21

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    Cotswolds just quoted me £156 for that part number, but then told me that it was for a later generation car: E60 , etc. Can I just check, before I order it, that this DVD laser unit is backwards compatible. My current laser unit is an "M3.5" unit. No worries at all if it's not clear, this whole thing is as clear as mud to me!! I think a later version of mk4 nav was fitted to E60 cars, not sure
  3. Drew21

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    Cool thanks Barry, if you've got details for the OEM part that would be great. I'd rather spend 100 on a virtually certain repair than 14 on a maybe.... Will be speaking to Cotswolds tomorrow about a door seal anyway.
  4. Drew21

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    I don't any way of changing just the laser without a soldering iron, as there's a big metal panel which is soldered down, and this needs to come off to get at the laser and its connections. would this do it? Might be unbranded rubbish, not sure https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-ORIGINAL-SF-HD4-CD-DVD-Lens-Optical-Pickups-Laser-1pc/282314481575?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. Drew21

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    Hi all, I still haven't got this fixed, but having read a couple of DIYs I plan to buy a laser unit and get wizzy with my soldering iron, it doesn't sound too tricky and even if I wreck the unit the cost a replacement is not much more than the refurb cost. question is, which laser unit? I think the one I want is a SF-HD4 but there are options here, black or white cap, 's' or 'b' versions. for mk4 navs with DVD M5 or DVD M3 4.6 (I have no idea what that even means but I assume it's not E39 M5 or E46 M3 however!) price seems to vary between ~£10 (eBay Chinese generic) and £100 any help here is very welcome! cheers
  6. Drew21

    Rear Drivers side door locked

    Swap the actuator in from another door to see if it's the actuator or the wiring probs the actuator though...
  7. Drew21

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    thanks for that did you replace the whole DVD unit, or replace the laser unit within the DVD unit? as regards software mods, I had heard that some caused issues, which is why I was wanting to go back to original BMW software. However if there are some useful mods that are "safe" then I'd be up for those. But I'm just not clued up on what the options are
  8. Hi, I have a mk4 nav which is giving a constant "please wait" message on the screen. The disc, which is not an original BMW nav DVD (I assume it is a burnt copy), will not eject no matter how long I press the button. The disc spins constantly, except for a very brief pause every 2 mins or so after which it immediately spins back up again. I've had the lid off the unit and have tried to get the disc out using moderate "persuasion", but no joy and I fear more direct force will only damage the unit. I'm not keen on DIY for this repair and am looking for a recommendation in the UK (cheap and reliable please) for someone to take my mk4 nav and fix it, and supply an original BMW DVD (not brand new, an old set of maps is fine). Also, what are good mk4 nav software mods?
  9. Drew21

    Intravee II into a 1998 E38 with DSP

    thanks Richard, that's good news. I'll spend some time this weekend checking out the wiring to the GROM then. The GROM sits in the front, above the glovebox, so nowhere near the DSP amp, and I have not noticed a DSP converter anywhere, but then again I have not looked in detail cheers Drew
  10. Hi all I have just bought myself a nice 1998 Alpina B12, into which a PO has fitted a GROM system wired into a retro-fitted 16:9 screen. The CD changer is still in the boot, but is not connected up. I would like to throw the GROM in the bin as is it rubbish, and replace with an Intravee II, as it is excellent and I used one in my previous 2002 Alpina B10 and was very pleased with it as an audio source and as a way to improve upon the car's factory settings.. Fitting the intravee into my old B10 was a doddle, as the 3-pin and 6-pin plugs transferred directly from the CD-changer to the Intravee.. However in the B12 I think it is going to be a lot more involved! I'm looking for help on this one.... My existing CD changer has a DIN plug (large black circular connector), a co-ax connector and a three pin connector (of which only two pins have wires. I have read elsewhere that my CD-changer, on a 1998 car, would not be connected on the I-Bus, which makes sense as there is no 3-pin connection. So: does my car even have I-Bus (or an earlier Bus system)? like M-Bus? (under the Alpina badges it's just a breathed on 1998 750i) how can I connect an intravee into the I-Bus system if there is no I-Bus connector at the CD-changer? Can I just find the three wires somewhere else in the car and tap into to them and route them to the Intravee's three pin plug? For the audio, as my car has DSP, so I assume I will need to get hold of the DICE DSP adapter to convert the Intravee audio output into a signal useful to the DSP amp. Is that it, or is there another potential issue out there?
  11. Drew21

    INPA - how to?

    cool, thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll give it a go and see what happens! I'm hoping there is a good way to hook up to INPA at least, invaluable back up for old school trouble-shooting, and for subtle issues which are difficult to track down I'll report back
  12. Drew21

    INPA - how to?

    Hi All, I'm back in the BMW saddle after selling my E39 a few years back. This time I'm back with an E38, which I know is not a 5 series car, but these forums are where I learnt everything I know (which is not a lot!) about INPA/ DIS/ Intravee and BMW electronics in general and, being a pre-facelift E38, I face the same issues as E34 users in getting INPA and DIS up and running for full diagnostic capability. I have an old windows XP laptop with a native serial port, which runs Jimmy's software. and I have one of Jimmy's OBD2 cables, with a USB connector. This set-up worked extremely well, once Jimmy had helped me get it all set up. Now I think I need a new cable. I've seen an ADS cable: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tiny-ADS-Interface-with-diagnostic-connector-for-BMW-INPA-DIS-EDIABAS/263272849709?hash=item3d4c48e12d:g:AHcAAMXQlUNRMgzX which I think is what I need (not cheap mind). What I'm looking for is someone who's done this before and knows how to set up INPA and DIS so as to work with this new cable. And someone who can tell me if this will actually work or not, I've done some reading around on this site and I need to check if pin 15 (in the round connector in the engine bay) is active, not sure what this means though. thanks all
  13. Drew21

    looking at buying a 530d, what to look for?

    awesome link with a great debate, albeit brief and now I can't find it?! is there anyway to distinguish a duff turbo from a good one on a viewing and test drive?
  14. Drew21

    looking at buying a 530d, what to look for?

    all good stuff, thanks. interested in this though: is that because a 530d will generally cost more than a 530i to buy, or is it the running costs that are higher for the diesel.? I'm not sure I've seen a big autotrader price difference between similar spec petrol/ diesel cars. It all seems to be mileage and age dependent. re E39s, this would be my second E39, the other one was a veruy well spec'd V8 petrol car. Considering the spec this was not an expensive car to run IMHO, although it was expensive to buy due to its Alpina credientials and rarity. Any replacement will be a different proposition as I can't afford to have that much cash tied up in a set of wheels any more.
  15. I've seen a 530d touring that meets most of my checklist for a reasonable price. Having never owned a diesel car before, let alone BMW diesel I'm looking for some specific things to look for. It's a 2002 automatic car, with just over 140k, advertised at £3k from a dealer. It's relatively well spec'd, nav and electric memory seats. I would plan to remove the traffic master and retro-fit heated seats. An E39 with those many miles is not really an issue I think, and I will look out for rust on sills and near the tailgate opening (anywhere else?). I'm aware of the swirl-flaps and turbo as potential diesel specific issues. I'm guessing that checking for swirl flap deletion is not possible on a forecourt, and that the turbo is a case of checking the invoices for a recent replacement? For a turbo, is there an issue with any particular brand, or is there only one brand/ supplier? anything else to worry about? I'm looking for a cheap and reliable (and comfortable) family holiday car, as well as a daily commuter car. I confess I had been looking for a 530i, but read a magazine article which was very complimentary about the E39 530d as a used car option.