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    1997 - 528i
  1. JDA

    1997 E39 2.8i difficult to start

    Russian sensor fitted, engine now starts instantly is smoother & more responsive.
  2. JDA

    1997 E39 2.8i difficult to start

    The existing sensor is a genuine BMW part this failed after 4 years & 22000 miles, for various reasons I have a Russian sensor will see what happens!
  3. JDA

    1997 E39 2.8i difficult to start

    Code reader - Crankshaft position sensor
  4. JDA

    1997 E39 2.8i difficult to start

    Thanks, have arranged a Code reader later this week.
  5. My 1997 E39 2.8i (213000 miles) when the engine is cold it will turn over, after several attempts it will start, runs unevenly for several seconds then runs perfectly. When the engine is hot will not start at the first attempt, it takes less time to start than when cold then runs perfectly. Previously the engine started @ first attempt cold & hot. Any suggestions to solve this problem?
  6. JDA

    ABS problem?

    New front brake disc & pads cured the problem, both discs badly warped
  7. JDA

    ABS problem?

    Thanks for all the thoughts, plenty to check this weekend!
  8. JDA

    ABS problem?

    I have a 1997 E39 528i (207000 miles), when the brake pedal is pressed & held in one position at low speed, the car pulsates, the front brakes seem to come on & off. The pulsations vary according to the speed (worse at high speed). Is this an ABS problem? The ABS light is not on. Can I remove a fuse or relay to temporarily turn off the ABS ?
  9. JDA

    Misting Headlight Update

    I do not have a problem with misting on the inside of the headlights, however after 204500 miles (1997 E39 528i) the outside plastic surfaces of the headlights are dull with small scratches etc, a coating from a Silicon spray can covers the scratches & makes the plastic surfaces shine like new! Depending use & road/weather conditions, a wipe clean & another silicon spray coating retains "the new look".
  10. Thanks, will replace tomorrow
  11. I have 1997 E39 528i, the 2 "o" rings on the radiator cap have split, can I remove them & still use the car until I can replace the rings/cap next week?
  12. Now starting perfectly again, the connecting plug to the oil level sensor had been removed previously to cure a non start problem. This time wires in the plug had somehow been damaged & were shorted together & eventually flattened the battery
  13. Thanks for the explanation & suggestion, I will locate the fuse & check
  14. Recently the car would not start I replaced Fuse number 15 & the ignition switch module, now the car will not start fuse number 15 has not blown, when the gear selector lever is moved through all the gear positions the light for each position is illuminated, however there is no transmission range display in the instrument cluster. Any suggestions appreciated
  15. JDA

    No start - solved

    My 1997 528i (204500 mls) refused to start, when the key was turned all dashboard lights illuminated, the starter motor was not turning, previous to this the alternator & ABS lights had been flickering. I changed the ignition switch module ( the contacts were slightly worn & blackened) also found that fuse number 15 had blown, changed the fuse & disconnected the oil level sensor. Problem solved all lights working as they should & starts instantly