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  1. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nothing especially exciting but did another 300'ish miles in the 530d this weekend visiting the folks, and a bit of driving around.. but the point of posting was that on the way home today, following a pick-up truck at about 50MPH, it threw up a rock that must have been the size of a golf ball. I saw it coming, didn't even have a split second to react before it smacked into my windscreen with a REALLY loud crack - and yet somehow, as I stopped squinting and cringing and looked where it hit, all it left was was leave a little tiny chip in the screen, and didn't crack it. I mean, I know these E39's are well built but.. I have absolutely no idea how it didn't crack the screen. Talk about a relief.
  2. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    These finally arrived today and I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the general "jinkyness" of them... the actual light units themselves, that you screw into the headlight housing, seem solid and nice quality but there are several adaptors and an additional 'dongle' needed (presumably to cancel canbus errors?) which means you end up with quite a mass of wiring (and potential sources of failure once water starts to get into them) and I also find the units feel a little loose in the headlight unit itself as well. But they seem to work so I'll give them a try for now but... have to say I'm kinda wishing I'd just bought new OEM stuff!
  3. chicaneuk

    Winter oil 5w40 or 5w60?

    I mean... I'm fairly sure
  4. chicaneuk

    Winter oil 5w40 or 5w60?

    I literally just changed the oil on my 530d last week and yep... around 6.5 litres was correct. I bought 2x 4 litre bottles and had about 1.5 litres left over.
  5. chicaneuk

    Concentrated washing liquid pump check

    I have previously put in undiluted screenwash but honestly I never find 'normal' screenwash not up to the job.. so really I don't tend to use intensive much anyway.
  6. chicaneuk

    Concentrated washing liquid pump check

    It's as it says.. a concentrated screen wash solution, not diluted with water... it's intended for something a bit more aggressive if you have glued on crap on the windscreen. I think BMW sell a specific solution to use in this bottle.
  7. chicaneuk

    Solution for cleaning diesel injectors?

    My general understanding of these is that you're wasting your time trying to clean them in an ultrasonic bath - you need to strip them to effectively clean them properly. Have you bought that VW Phaeton yet?
  8. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yep! Well I just ordered them.. will let you know once I've got them installed :)
  9. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm normally pretty dead set on staying fairly OEM on this sort of stuff but maybe I'll give them a go as the headlights are xenon anyway, so I guess these would more match the light output of them anyway. Cheers
  10. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    If there’s any recommendations for known good / error free ones I would’ve happy to give em a try.
  11. chicaneuk

    Nice mint 530i. £2,750 !!!

    That will get snapped up by a trader and be up for sale in a few weeks at £8k.
  12. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Found today that the angel eyes on the driver side of the car were dead. Seem to have been pretty lucky over the years to not really have to change many headlight bulbs on cars so wasn't familiar with how these came apart but... good old BMW.. ludicrously easy - just disconnect, twist and pull. Found that the side that is dead, the plastic housing is all cracked too so probably best bin it. Genuine new sidelight bulb holders from BMW for £30 a side on eBay, so might as well replace them both as I'm sure if I only change one, the colours and brightness will be uneven.
  13. Well seemingly the Webasto not wanting to run was purely down to it being too warm outside or the car being too warm already whenever I tried to fire it. Few of the colder days we've had lately, I fired it up from the MID and sure enough within a minute or so warm air was starting to come through the vents and the Webasto unit was humming away quite normally to itself with no odd noises or choking diesel emissions
  14. chicaneuk

    Concentrated washing liquid pump check

    I'm fairly sure the concentrated wash pump is the same as one of the other pumps in the main washer bottle. You could simply try pulling one and swapping it over and seeing if it works.
  15. chicaneuk

    How to check if turbo still working?

    I'm sure you posted about changing the vacuum pipes in the past.. did you ever actually do it?