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    2001 E39 530D Touring SE
  1. Fecks sake. How tight must that have been done up to cause that!! The perils of home mechanicing sometimes Hope you manage to get it sorted in time for the weekend! You never know but worth ringing local BMW dealer I suppose? They might just have one on the shelf!
  2. Had some free time, and got some motivation to do a bit of polishing on the car.. ended up doing: * Claybar whole car * Poorboys Polish * Poorboys Blackhole Glaze * Autoglym HD Wax Took about 6 hours, and my arm was destroyed by the end of it, but the car looked much better for it!
  3. Did you do the service and fit the MAF today?
  4. It's just that feeling of having something on the car not function as it's supposed to, and an overwhelming urge to fix it! Like you say not exactly needed in this country anyway and I had no clue about it prior to it failing and making my electronics go haywire.... I'm sure I'll just forget about it with time!
  5. Noddy job but bought a good used toolkit on eBay which filled in all the missing blanks in mine, on my Touring. Problem is now the extra weight has just tipped the dead struts / dampers over the edge meaning the boot lid won't stay open now! I guess that's the next job..
  6. Bearing up to tackling this job myself. The rear glass panel struts seem to be in rude health as there are no issues lifting that at all, but the struts for the main boot lid itself are a nightmare. Sometimes it'll hold the boot open OK but today I just "completed" my tool kit with a number of missing items and now the boot just will not stay open so I figure they're both toast and the extra weight of the tools has tipped it over! A pair of new ones on eBay is about £100 and from watching several videos it looks pretty straightforward provided you have the right length / diameter pry bar. It seems there's lot jobs one can tackle on these cars with a hundred quid here, and a hundred quid there, just to bring them back to being enjoyable usable daily drivers. Having established the Webasto heater is dead on my 530D I was content to just write it off, but seeing that one can fit (much cleaner looking used) examples from the E53 (X5) I'm getting the urge to get that put back into service as well. Not sure where one draws the line on a car they bought cheap and swore they'd apply bangernomics principals too.. problem is these cars are too damn good to run into the ground!
  7. To be fair, I was just regurgitating information I've read as a pretty new E39 owner. Clavurion, from what I've seen, really knows what he's talking about... so I'd only opt for the Pierburg MAF if I was on a budget given you can pick it up for like 1/3 of the price of the genuine Bosch one!
  8. Pick up a new MAF, definitely. The car will run on 'preset' values but it won't be optimal at all. I was reading around about much more affordable and supposedly even better MAF than the OE one... details here: With the 'WEEKEND55' code on Euro Car Parts this weekend you can pick one up for just £55. Search on their site for the product code 434220200. You'll need a torx 'security' type tool (which is the torx bolt pattern but with a hole in the middle) as it appears to just be the MAF element that is supplied, not the entire housing.
  9. Oil spatter seems to be from the PAS reservoir - I have similar with mine, except more oil sitting around there too. Apparently a new cap and gasket from BMW should sort that out? As for the MAF sensor plug.. was struggling to find a picture. This is the best I could dig up: The plug / connector right in front of that bolt in front of the oil filler hole..
  10. Sounds like Liam79's lucky day
  11. If it's like mine that's a leak coming from the power steering reservoir cap, which is apparently an extremely common problem on these motors.
  12. Do you have a fusebox / board in the boot as well? My Touring has one in the right hand side compartment with the battery.
  13. You can you can access the connector just by removing the frontal part of the engine cover which is just a couple of bolts. Then bit of a squeeze under the left part of the engine cover but easy enough to disconnect.
  14. Humbly would suggest hanging onto the money for the paintwork, and sorting the mechanical issues out first! No point in a car looking great, if it's driving like a dog. Correct thing to do really would be get it diagnostic scanned.. I've spent a bit of time in recent weeks reading up on various issues and there's a lot of things to consider on these cars. Could be any number of things, and rather than throwing money troubleshooting an unknown issue, might as well getting actual diagnostics done to point you in the right direction