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  1. Aux cable input help

    I bought a replacement CD player unit for my mid-2001 E39 touring from someone on here. I already had one installed, but when connecting up the AUX cable, I never got the aux input option. Switching to the later-built CD player unit (from about 2003 I think) works exactly the same and now gives me the AUX input option when plugging in a source. It also meant I could keep my CD changer in place as well.
  2. Favourite feature?

    For me it's just the effortless practicality and versatility of the thing. You can pack it to the roof with massive amounts of stuff, yet it's comfortable, fast, reliable, and still looks fantastic. Genuinely one of the best cars ever made.
  3. 99 523i not coming to life...

    He says he's changed the ignition switch for a known good one...
  4. The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

    Who would have thought.. heat and a bit of airflow would dry out moisture!
  5. Relevant diagram with the part numbers is here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP72-EUR-12-2002-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=13_0802
  6. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    I'll say now that this has been a hell of a learning experience for me in a number of ways. Tonight I learned a big one - don't bodge stuff, and forget about it. Got the car jacked up, got the wheel arch liner off and inspected the Webasto. My temporary wiring repair was to dismantle the old plug completely and simply push the two pins onto the necessary connectors on the board - 2 and 6 I think. Foolishly I'd left it like that for a couple of weeks. Upon inspection this evening I can see that water got in there and annihilated the pins, melting 2 completely and just tonnes of that blue / green corrosion everywhere. I didn't notice this until after I'd spent about an hour repairing the loom with the new connector that I'd bought from BMW. Explains why the Webasto was no longer contactable by INPA at least. So - this is back on hold again whilst I think about my choices. Not sure if I can just replace the board or whether I'm looking at another replacement Webasto from eBay. Not sure what I was thinking really leaving those pins completely unprotected / weather proof. Either way I guess I'm lucky I didn't cook something else in the car as a result of my stupidity.
  7. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    Well I ran through the coding just now and it seems to have worked in that the programming process was accepted / worked but I noticed prior to starting the process, I couldn't interrogate the Webasto so I think my temporary cable repair may have come undone - and because it's not showing up on the K-BUS, I guess the MID isn't letting me interface with it as I don't get any extra functions on my MID. Hoping to spend a bit of time at the lock-up this evening (working by torchlight - damn these dark evenings) so will see if I can get it to play. Will say one thing though - I was literally crapping my pants when recoding with NCS Expert.. all I could think was I was going to brick my car. Thankfully after it all completed (I saw the clock reset on the MID) I was still able to actually start the car and stuff - radio works, etc.. so... phew.. massive relief. I'm off for a lie down now!
  8. Idle issue

    Interestingly I've had this with my 530d on occasion as well. Can be absolutely fine for weeks and then one morning I feel it bucking slightly at idle. The revs seem to be fine but the whole car shakes. But up the revs a little and drive for a couple of minutes driving and it's fine. Be interested to hear your findings as you investigate the problem.
  9. Sls what Air bags help needed

    Well.. given that they list sport and non-sport, even on aftermarket parts, it says to me the part is different. I have no idea how they differ, but if there must be a difference otherwise there wouldn't be different parts.
  10. Sls what Air bags help needed

    Take a visit to Aerosus (https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw.html) - you can find good quality replacement bags for £100/side. You're correct in that Sport and non-Sport have different bags so make sure you find the right ones. In terms of the height and what actually caused the bags to overinflate and burst, that's a good question - one I'm not really able to help with. Possible the little level sensor on the rear subframe got stuck somehow and sent back an erroneous reading to the system?
  11. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    As mentioned I replaced the entire unit with one from an E53 / X5 - it looks virtually brand new to be honest. I briefly opened it up and internals looked spotless too so I'm hopeful it'll work nicely when I finally get it to fire for the first time.
  12. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    Not forgotten about this - just not had much time to work on the car. The replacement K-BUS Cable came from Cotswold BMW last week so I need to get that wired up, and attempt to code the feature in to control the heater from the MID. I may get a little time on Saturday to have a go so will update accordingly.
  13. E39 Cable Repair Piece

    Cable popped through the door today - excellent service. Many thanks!
  14. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    OK - will attempt to tackle this in the next couple of days and feedback, and will get the water pump ordered in the meantime. I just want to say again, thanks for your time and patience Clavurion.. it's amusing the amount of threads regarding these heaters I've looked at on numerous different forums, and each time, there you are providing information and guidance. So - sincerely - thanks. It's people like you that help keep these cars going! This link is a very step by step guide explaining exactly what you just said to do, but in complete newb "has never used NCS tool yet" type layman's terms: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2000502-NCS-Expert-Changing-the-vehicle-order-on-EARLY-E39s&p=27981614#post27981614 Posting it here so I can refer back to it when I come to have a go at it