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  1. Damn sorry I didn't get back to you.. totally forgot about this thread after replying though I am really glad to hear you found it. Be interested to know if a fault code scan would even have picked that up?!
  2. Rear subframe bushes would probably be a good place to start. Worth using the search for stuff like this though as it's been more than covered on countless threads.
  3. The ease of removing it for access to the front of the motor too... a couple of plastic pegs for the fan shroud, a counter sunk spanner and normal spanner and you can have the whole lot out in 60 seconds. It's really a superb piece of design. Coming from mid-90's VW ownership where the car had a twin fan setup (where the motor was known to fail), in a shroud with electrical connectors for the fan (which could come undone.. and your car would overheat), temperature sensors in the radiator (which are known to fail regularly), and a standalone fan controller unit which was also prone to fail.. honestly, the viscous fan is like a dream in comparison!
  4. You're pretty near to me - I am only over in Coventry. I'm not especially knowledgeable about these cars so can't pretend to be able to help fix the problem BUT I have a USB cable and working copy on INPA so would be happy to read the fault codes for you?
  5. I'm always kind of surprised at the number of people who are in a hurry to bin off the viscous fan system. It seems a fairly easy to maintain system with very few components required to make the system work... the viscous fan coupling / clutch and the fan blades themselves? Electric fan systems are surely equally expensive, with more components involved along with associated wiring and the like. Just maintaining the viscous system seems the least painful option by any measure?
  6. Let's just say £25 posted? I'll try get over to the lock-up this evening and post it tomorrow for you. I'll PM you my details now. Mine is just having a problem with an occasional power hiccup / cut out when giving it full throttle.. as if I've just let off the power even though the the throttle pedal is to the floor. But if you let off the gas and then accelerate again it's fine. Suspect is the diesel pressure relief valve in the engine bay but BMW want about £100 for a new one which is a bit of a piss take.. and it's so infrequent that I'm not in a big rush to change it.
  7. At least on the touring you can still get into the boot easy enough with a flat or removed battery
  8. Have a look at ththe diagrams on RealOEM.. sometimes they can help, sometimes not but it's worth a look!
  9. No. Not sure what is up with mine though the problem is infrequent enough that it's not a big issue. Regarding the pump, I would be happy to post it over to you of course. How urgently do you need it?
  10. Check out Euro Car Parts... managed to get a Pierburg pump from them for about 120 quid with discount code. I still ill have the old one that came off my car... fairly sure it's fine as I swapped it to fix a different problem (and it made no difference) so would at least help you rule it out? You could have it for... dunno... 25 quid?
  11. Kinda cool but I think Damon Hill actually owns or was linked to at least one BMW dealership.. so I don't think it's a custom key fob for him, but just a dealership fob!
  12. Well there must be something there...? Unless they've done something unthinkable like.. super glue the air line to the top of the air spring or something insane. Can you turn the air line fitting at all on top of the air spring? From what I've read it is possible for the clip to break in such a way as the tabs have gone but the clip will still just about work... so it means you'll probably need to go at it with a pair of needle nose pliers to remove what's left of it.
  13. That is just.. glorious. I absolutely love it.
  14. Yep - ditto. Had to pull mine to charge it a few times due to battery drain issues and all I lost, that I can tell, was the date / time.
  15. Failed an MOT last week on some really minor issues... so it went back in today with most of them fixed, and the garage to tackle one of them.. and just seen that it's passed with 0 advisories too. Not bad for a 16 year old car with 207K on the clock really, eh?