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  1. chicaneuk

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    Never heard good comments about EIS so this just goes to back that up. At least a rad swap is reasonably easy on an E39!
  2. chicaneuk

    Coolant air bleeding

    There is a bleed screw on the manual but as we don't have egr thermostats on a manual there isn't one on there as well (like there is on the auto)
  3. chicaneuk

    Coolant air bleeding

    Yes. That's why it's called a bleed screw.
  4. chicaneuk

    feeding car directly from 220v mains outlet?

    Disconnect the battery whilst you're working on the car (which is generally good practice anyway) and leave it connected to a charger / conditioner. I mean.. come on dude. It's not rocket science.
  5. chicaneuk

    Some Tasks From The Last Week Or So....

    I did see this posted on Facebook and thought that the car looked familiar! You'll be pleased to know V42 is out and about this weekend... Bought it down for a trip to London. Impeccable waft down the M1 in comfort!
  6. chicaneuk

    this is exactly why i hate germans

    I didn't find PDC sensors too horrendous on my touring to be honest. Which is good as I've got another dead one despite replacing them all a few months ago. The only pain really was reinstalling the rear bumper again but even that wasn't SO bad.
  7. chicaneuk

    this is exactly why i hate germans

    Personally I always find that the E39 is an extremely well thought out car, in terms of how it's put together. I can't say that ALL jobs I've done on it are fun, but I'm consistently impressed at how well the car comes apart for DIY jobs.
  8. chicaneuk

    530d and smoking

    I fitted the X8R egr delete kit and really pleased with it. Nice kit and well priced. Can't say it's improved my car's smoking on occasion but mine is an injector fault I think as I get lots of grey smoke and a loss of power rather than black smoke.
  9. chicaneuk

    Radio interference with led angle eyes

    Totally OEM headunit type arrangement, albeit with a Parrot hands free installed and an aux cable. No bad earths that I'm aware of.. as everything electrical works fine, no weird battery drains or anything. It's a real mystery!
  10. chicaneuk

    Radio interference with led angle eyes

    I bought these exact ones at your recommendation but for some reason these are the ones causing the interference
  11. chicaneuk

    Where is the MAP sensor located?

    Not sure the 525i would even have a MAP sensor would it? Only a MAF.
  12. chicaneuk

    Radio interference with led angle eyes

    Bumping this old thread (rather than starting a new one) as I'm running into the same problem with my recently installed LED bulbs for angel eyes. Think I'm sadly going to have to remove them and bin them off and go back to a set of OEM bulbs, as I listen to radio more than anything, and the interference they cause is quite significant
  13. chicaneuk

    Bubbles bubbling sound when engine prestarted?

    Hmm. My gut instinct would be air in the cooling system.. and that it's not been bled properly? Also I notice from one of your videos (where you ask about whether the engine being smoky when started is normal) it looks as though your Webasto heater is working as that's the exhaust outlet up front - so that's one bonus
  14. Not sure this would work as the Webasto on the E39 sits in line of the coolant circuit and heats the coolant up.. it's not just pumping out hot air. Presumably they also do a Chinese diesel powered water heater too though so... no reason why you couldn't rig something up. That being said, that's a cool unit for the money. A replacement water pump for my Webasto cost as much as that entire package. Crazy really.
  15. Can't view it unless you join that Facebook group..