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  1. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted an EGR delete kit (X8R one.. nice quality, and a bargain at around £21 delivered) to the 530d on Saturday, and dropped the 523i in this morning at the body shop for the bonnet respray. I've been using the local hand car wash for a while as washing a car at my house is a bit of a logistical challenge but I'm increasingly noticing that they must not be looking after their cloths or something as I'm starting to notice scratches and other damage that I am certainly not causing, to the car.. so once it comes back out of the body shop I'm going to have to stick to washing it myself somehow and not using those guys any more. Shame as they were really good for a while :(
  2. chicaneuk

    530d Bad Injector.. INPA values included..

    Thanks Clavurion. Car is definitely idling very lumpy though I have been doing an awful lot of short trips lately. Took it out for an italian tune-up at lunch time and it feels a bit better for it, but I still think I'll get that injector changed.
  3. I'm afraid diesel diagnostics are a bit of a black art for me but my 530d has been very lumpy at tickover for a few weeks. It went through the MOT however, but the tester did note that it was smoking a bit at idle which cleared as it ran up the revs a bit and he reckoned an injector was bad too. Just ran it with INPA and found the following: Initially I assumed the injector for cylinder 2 is kaput but then I noticed the correction values for 4 and 6 are interesting too.. or is that just because 2 is so off, that it's throwing them too? I have also been wanting to ask about the following for a while: Specifically ist-air mass value which even with a touch of the throttle will immediately go past 500 and have am exclamation mark next to it... the MAF sensor was brand new last year, Bosch unit which I believe to be correct for the car.. EGR has not been bypassed (yet) and is indeed pretty clean... any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Touring passed the MOT again... 212000 miles on the clock and the only advisory was pitted brake discs on the rear!
  5. chicaneuk

    2001 E39 M5 for sale - £8250

    I'm so tempted to come and have a look at this car. M5 ownership is an absolute bucket list item for me at this point and I'm in a position to be able to afford it - and this seems like an honest, really well maintained example for a great price. I'm just concerned about the potential cost. How long will they be available at this price before starting to sky rocket? What is a realistic, serious budget to maintain one of these to a good standard each year? I'm already running two E39's and lavishing parts and maintenance on them almost continually so I'm no stranger to opening my wallet to maintain one but I'm just conscious that parts for M5's are going to cost more than they do for the 6 pots...
  6. chicaneuk

    BMW INPA free download ?

    Correct! You don’t need a powerhouse though.. a refurb ex-business Dell type laptop for 100 quid should easily see you right!
  7. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Booked MOT for the 530d Touring on Friday. She went through (after a few minor DIY repairs) with no advisories last year and despite having only done around 6000 miles since then, I'm not feeling so confident. Especially as I think I've developed a bad injector judging by how lumpy the idle has become. Keep those fingers crossed for Friday, folks.
  8. chicaneuk

    BMW INPA free download ?

    Errrr... Android? It's a Windows based application.. so that ain't gonna work. Head over to Cable Shack to pick up a very reasonably priced cable, with complimentary software (including INPA) and great after-sales service.
  9. chicaneuk

    2001 E39 M5 for sale - £8250

    Are you located in Lincoln itself or Lincolnshire somewhere?
  10. I haven’t no.. I should but as the fault is so infrequent and only occurs in really warm weather and when idling I haven’t rushed to look into the causes.
  11. I changed up to a marginally heavier weight oil and the issue seemed to go away (5w40) but I noticed having since got back to 5w30 in the summer the problem reoccurred again a few weeks back oddly. It also seems to occur when I have air conditioning on, on the very hottest days but it’s still very infrequent / intermittent. So so long story short, I don’t have an answer / solution for you. It comes and goes and a slightly heavier weight oil helped.
  12. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Since replacing (most of) the glowplugs on my 530d last week I seemed to have developed some massive air intake leak around the rear of the manifold (closest to the firewall) - I had used new gaskets so assumed they were not fitting correctly or similar. Set about removing the manifold today and as I was looking under it to disconnect the battery terminal that bolts to it I saw a familiar orange gasket sitting just underneath it.. obviously had dropped out when I was refitting it last week and, thankfully, hadn’t dropped into the engine. Anyway, manifold removed, gasket reinserted, manifold reinstalled and she is back to her old self again
  13. chicaneuk

    Problem removing 525d crankshaft damper pulley

    Heh I meant I have a manual gearbox, meaning it should be easier to remove the bolts that hold it on as I can leave the car in gear
  14. chicaneuk

    BMW Car Club @ Gaydon

    I do have a ticket and a pass to be parked up with the E39 Club UK group from Facebook but the weather forecast is putting me off somewhat.. but not made it to a single BMW show yet in 18+ months of ownership so probably need to just pack a brolly and get on with it!
  15. chicaneuk

    Problem removing 525d crankshaft damper pulley

    Hmm interesting. I did notice when looking down into my engine bay some time back that the crankshaft damper pulley certainly looks a little... wobbly shall we say? I did look into replacing it but was astonished at how much they cost.. but it doesn't sound a total nightmare of a job to swap (plus I have a manual which would make it easier) - one to look into perhaps. Cheers.