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    2001 E39 530D Touring SE
  1. I don't doubt that. I've wanted one of these things forever, and honestly if I could have one that was in good condition and all worked, I know I'd love it. The disheartening thing is the values for these things are... non-existent unless you've got a 540i or M5 it seems. I can keep ploughing money into sorting all the little issues on this thing but it seems like it'll never be worth more than about £1,500. Anyway, reading around it doesn't seem like it's TOO hard getting the front end off to replace the pusher fan. It looks as though I'd need part number 64 54 6 921 396 which superseded 64 54 6 919 058.. and there is a few around on eBay, etc so will just keep my eyes out for a reasonably priced used one and perhaps try that. Though that'll probably be later down the line after some of the other more pressing issues get fixed - brakes front and rear, some new rear tyres, new rear boot gas struts, possibly a pair of new airbags for the rear suspension... trying to work out why the car feels very flat at low revs (think I need to replace all the turbo VAC lines, etc) plus trying to work out why my auxiliary / drive belts are noisy / squeaky.. hoping new belts will sort those but who knows? The list goes on, and on, and on
  2. I think it'll have to remain un-fixed for the time being, as much as it sucks. There's too many other more important problems with this car needing attention and as nice as air conditioning is, I'll just have to make do without it for now. Really learned a lesson about jumping in without doing my research on the E39!
  3. Does it still have the air conditioning auxiliary fan fitted, did air conditioning work, and if so could I get a part number? Thanks Would you also happen to still have the chome trim strip for the top of the door, on the rear passenger side?
  4. Hi folks.. Firstly I appreciate this has come up a lot.. but I thought maybe a new thread would be better than trying to dig up an old one. Another day, and another thing I find which doesn't actually work on my bargain E39 Anyway - fired up the air conditioning the other day and found I was only occasionally getting cold air out of it - basically whenever sat stationary in traffic, the air was warm, and after a bit of movement I'd get some cool air out of it. I think the compressor is coming on as I noticed when idle the car would occasionally 'shimmy' as something came on or off - which it doesn't do with the air conditioning deactivated. So doing some reading around I came to the 'pusher' fan. I'm new to BMW's and also to air conditioning so kind of feeling my way through this. Anyway, read around and it should be that with the car on and the air con on, the fan should be running - needless to say, after a check, it doesn't. It doesn't seem to be jammed however as I can push the fan blades round by hand. My car is a mid-2001 E39 530D touring and I seem to have the three wire connector, not four wire. I connected up my laptop with INPA and went into the section to manually activate the fan and no matter what speed I set it to, nothing happened. The thing I've failed to establish is, are there any additional fuses I should be checking (75 & 76? Or are they for the four wire system only?) or at this point is it basically a new pusher fan needed? And is there a cheaper source than BMW which looks like something in the region of £500!! Thanks.
  5. Fitted a new final stage unit resistor this afternoon in the hope of getting ahead of a mysterious battery drain issue. Tomorrow or Sunday I am hoping to whip off the viscous fan coupling to investigate the cause of squeaky drive belts. Hoping new belts and a new tensioner might sort things and seriously hoping it's not the A/C compressor or something on the blink
  6. Hm.... maybe this is my issue? I have to sit with my foot on the brakes in traffic because the freaking handbrake is totally ineffective clearly going to need to overhaul the front and rear brakes in one hit. I guess hideous shimmy from from the front when braking down from anything faster than about 55MPH... far less severe at speeds under that.
  7. Well in the case of mine, it's done over 200K.. but the noisiness isn't classic noisiness like one would get from a clapped out petrol motor (like bottom or top end knock) - it does specifically seem to be under certain conditions.. so, it's not just "knackered" - I think there's specific elements which may be knackered or not right but I think the motor generally is pretty good.
  8. Yeah I find my 530D astonishingly unrefined at anything other than motorway cruising speeds. I think it's down to the injectors as if coasting at low speeds the noise is reduced somewhat but any application of the throttle makes it sound like a clattery old taxi again. Ho hum. At least 44MPG on a run goes some way to making up for it.
  9. If you buy a cable from Cableshack, I believe they are willing to setup a remote support session to help you get it all installed.
  10. The fact it gets worse the firmer you brake, suggests it could be down to the discs again potentially. I read on here about a 're-bedding in' procedure which is basically finding a quiet stretch of road and basically accelerating up to 60MPH, braking down to 20MPH reasonably firmly.. then repeating the process about 6 times. Could be worth a try to see if it improves the situation before spending more money.
  11. Local hand car wash offered basic refurbishment of the lenses for £15/side and it bought them up a treat, though they were not in terrible condition to begin with. I figured a restoration kit would set me back £20 anyway and I wouldn't use it in an optimal way so let him have a go - said it took a couple of hours but the results were very decent. Well worth doing it.
  12. I read something about worn top mounts also being a potential candidate for this problem as well? Also apparently a symptom potentially of a sticking calliper. The skittish feeling you describe could be a symptom of the problem.. have you looked into the track / tie rods? Again, heard these implicated as a potential cause. I've been researching the same as my (admittedly much leggier at 205,000 miles) 530d touring has got pretty serious wheel wobble under braking but the behaviour of it is kind of interesting as the effect seems to vary in severity depending on how firmly one applies the brakes (gentle braking makes it much worse than firmer braking) and also whether I'm turning or the steering is off centre or if I'm coming down or going up a hill. Also seems to happen far worse coming down from motorway speed than say 40MPH where there's no perceptible judder - which, to me, says it's not the discs even though I know they're getting to the end of their life. Be interested to read what you find out.
  13. Happy to go for 1&2, save you having to remove tyres?
  14. I'd definitely take a pair then please as long as they're in reasonable shape Cheers. Could you please let me know when you've priced up for courier and I can PayPal you or whatever you'd prefer.
  15. Can you courier? I really need some in reasonable shape.. think at least two of mine are buckled