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    2001 E39 530D Touring SE
  1. Cheers... will have another look on eBay. Little uncertain on which versions will be compatible and am not 100% on the different software versions but will go have a look and see what's on there.
  2. Hi... I'm after the dash mounted CD player unit for an E39 which supports aux input. I believe I need a unit manufactured from September 2002 onwards and must be software version 40? Thanks.
  3. I never realised PDC was killed off by installing one of these units.. that pretty much rules them out for me. I've never had parking sensors before on a car and always managed just fine, but found PDC surprisingly useful so not really in a hurry to lose it now! Presumably this would be the case of fitting any aftermarket head unit then? Is PDC somehow wired through the stereo system / MID then?!
  4. I don't think this is uncommon at all.. most people who post fault codes from the diesel E39, that fault seems to be present!
  5. According to this, they're only used for starting the engine:
  6. It's funny, the compromises made on cars for certain parts. Seeing the pictures above remind me of doing the heater matrix on my Corrado VR6 - which you can do with the dash in place, but it's easier to remove. I ended up with everything out and wondering if it would ever go back together the same way - thankfully it did. Same methodology - no special tools required, just patience and being organised. The heater blower motor however, whilst also reasonably feeble, is a 10 minute job to change!
  7. Martin Hind on the E39 Facebook Group says about £100/side for the ball joints.. someone just asked about it on there the other day
  8. My touring was squeaking a fair bit on the rear from one side, and the guy I bought it from fixed it for me - said it was indeed the ball joint on the rear. I've never really done many suspension related DIY jobs so can't comment on the difficulty - he said it was a complete pig and took him hours even with the right tool, but then I've also read comments saying it can be done fairly easily in around an hour per side if you're familiar with the job.
  9. Finally. A substantial improvement, and it's down to the MAP sensor. It probably helps that I've changed a bunch of other things leading up to this (MAF, intercooler, VAC lines, all the filters) but have just swapped out the MAP sensor and after a quick drive the car is noticeably more lively. In second gear at lower revs, if you just plant your foot there's no lag - it's now just an immediate slug of torque and the car just goes like someone has lit a rocket in the exhaust. I was seriously getting to my wits end with this thing! So this is a definite lifeline. I'm going to take the laptop out with INPA in the week and take a look at the values. There's still a little lag but it's like someone's flicked a switch as it's a massive improvement suddenly, so the MAP sensor must have been toast. I did try cleaning it and that helped a little, but a new one has really improved things massively.
  10. Yeah - had a good chortle at that pricing too. The pedant in me wanted to colour code the lines to be factory correct but sometimes common sense has to take over when it comes to the money side of things.
  11. Every time I see a post about a bargain 540i, I kick myself for spending similar money on a 530D which needed loads of work. Sigh. That looks fantastic for that money - well done It's still astonishing to me how cheap you can pick up a decent E39 for!!
  12. I used this stuff to do all my vacuum lines More than you'd need to do all of them, and a really good price. Bought a few bits from this trader now too and had no issues at all.
  13. Thank-you Can confirm it's connecting to the car OK as I was able to read fault codes, etc.
  14. Worth sending a PM to "e34m525i" on here.. sourced a good / known working 3 pin pusher fan from him (and he said he had more) for just £50 posted. Even if you do decide to buy a new one instead down the line, you can at least confirm whether it's a problem further up the line or just the fan itself as the connector is just about accessible without the need to take the front end apart.. so you can plug it in, and switch it on with INPA or just by switching on the air conditioning and confirming whether the fan is running.
  15. A quick google search seems to corroborate the theory of it (most likely) being a faulty wheel sensor: