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    2001 E39 530D SE / 1999 E39 523i SE
  1. Best and Worst thing about an E39

    Believe me it’s not just BMW. I have actually been surprised how affordable some parts are (not to mention the high availability of parts) compared to other brands. Try getting parts for a 20 year old Volkswagen.. things have improved now somewhat with their classic parts scheme but it’s still a mile off what Mercedes and BMW offer.
  2. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Like so many things these days, it's a race to the bottom in terms of price. I guess we do have the option to spend more and buy BMW parts which, typically last a bit longer. Interested to note that the new tank I fitted appeared to have had a part number removed (sanded off) - so either Hella / Behr are indeed a BMW supplier OR they do this to fool punters like us into thinking they're OE grade parts My cynicism says probably the latter!
  3. V8 Tapping Noise

    I come from Corrado ownership and the VR6's are notorious for timing chain tensioner guides wearing and failing too. The only way to be sure of their condition is a visual inspection. Not sure of how much work is involved in performing such an inspection on an M62 engine but for peace of mind it might be worth finding a specialist capable of doing it and getting it checked out.
  4. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    That area looks to be a real weak spot then as it’s basically the same as mine, albeit a larger split in your case.
  5. E39 530D - Light grey smoke

    I think grey smoke is basically diesel so... for whatever reason the injection system isn't running correctly / cleanly. It might be worth getting it checked over by a diesel specialist.
  6. Xenon Retrofit and new MOT rules debate..

    Won’t argue with that. Was dazzled by someone in a banged up old Land Rover the other day with clearly retrofitted HID’s which is were angled too high. About time they clamped down on it.
  7. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Yep - certainly plan to Thanks.
  8. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Picked up the expansion tank from ECP earlier (labelled as Heller / Behr) and some coolant from BMW too. New tank doesn't come with a cap or bleed screw but thankfully no issues removing the bleed screw from the old one. Found the small crack on the back of the old expansion tank (see attached) when removing and have to say it was a real knuckle grazer of a job but got there in the end. Car took about 3 litres of 1:1 mix of coolant and water roughly and that was after I'd spilled a fair bit upon removal and refitment of the new tank. Was surprised actually how effective the electric water pump is - before even cranking her over for the first time, it sucked down a fair amount of water / spat out air. Once up and running and up to temperature got a bit of air out via the bleed screws but not a tonne and went for a 25 minute cruise up some local dual carriageway. Wasn't feeling brave enough to welly it but needle came up and sat bang on in the middle for the whole trip so... cautious optimism it's happy, and that I didn't do any bigger damage. Old tank seemed to be unbranded with no BMW part number on that I could see so possible it was just not particularly sturdy and decided it was time to pop!
  9. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Cheers Dan.
  10. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    I read that Hella and Behr were the same company, so was hoping that would be an OK brand to use. I've had Hella radiators and the like in the past with no major concerns.
  11. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Euro Car Parts had Eismann or Hella expansion tanks - so I went for the Hella as generally they're fairly good, and got this afternoon off so will go pick that up and pick up some coolant from BMW and see if we can get her back on the road.
  12. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Hey Keith. I honestly couldn't, in good conscience, take a penny from you towards the repair. You sold the car in good faith and with an impeccable service record - what happened couldn't have been forseen and indeed you'd already overhauled (amongst many other things) all the cooling system. It's just bad luck and, as we know, just an E39 weak point for whatever reason. The amusing thing is I was fretting about even telling you, as I felt you'd be thinking "Who the hell have I sold my pride and joy to?!" Ah the world of car enthusiasts. We're a funny old bunch! Having slept on it and weighed up taking it to local garages (where there's no certainty on whats being done, what parts are being used) I think I'm just going to try swapping the expansion tank where the car sits as it's well within my ability set to do so. Will get a new tank ordered and get to BMW for some coolant. Watch this space.
  13. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Irritatingly the car is parked on a road facing down hill now so bleeding is possibly more of a pain in that arrangement. I'm in two minds whether to attempt road-side replacement of the expansion tank, or, to just have it recovered to a garage for the replacement. I need to sleep on it as I'm rather emotionally drained after a long day! Ordinarily such a job would not concern me at all however but with my garage out of bounds for now due to the mud situation, that doesn't help.
  14. 1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Tremendous. Thanks
  15. Hi folks.. Well, today I had the pleasure of driving down to meet @Loadmaster and was extremely happy to hand him a very reasonable sum to take his lovely 523i off his hands. I had an extremely enjoyable and comfortable cruise back home (despite the weather and the traffic) however my pleasure was short lived after a failed attempt to garage the car (due to an utter quagmire of mud due to the rain we'd had all day) when the expansion tank blew On the plus side, at least I got it home though have had to abandon it a few miles away near to my lock-up. Thankfully when it went I'd already shut off the car so I'm desperately hoping no damage has happened to the engine otherwise this could be a very brief love affair and I'm going to feel terrible for what's happened even though it is just sheer bad luck and coincidence. I've checked a few videos and a replacement of this expansion tank seems straightforward enough - however I just wanted to clarify the part number and just if any other folks have any words of wisdom I need to be aware of. Part number seems to be 17111436381 - does that sound right? Presumably I want a BMW only part too. I'll also be doing some reading up on a surefire bleeding process. I also really posted to get some sympathy from fellow E39 owners as, well, it's been a pretty stressful evening Thanks.