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  1. locaton of fusebox and 'hedgehog'

    How old is the battery? I just don't understand how anything could hammer the battery that quickly on the car. Wonder if it has a dead cell.
  2. Poss gearbox failure

    Ah - nevermind. There's a guy on the E39 Facebook group with a near godlike reputation for maintenance skills on the E39 who does good prices for an auto transmission flush / service, but unfortunately he's down in Dartford. A bit far for you to travel to be fair.
  3. Poss gearbox failure

    Where abouts are you based?
  4. Cool Running E39 525D Touring

    Let me know how you get on - I think I need to do this on my 530D as well (temperature needle never really makes it to the middle of the gauge!).
  5. 16" turbines fit over 530 brakes?

    Love this picture every time I see it. I'm never going to say that Turbines are as good as a set of 18" M Parallels but.. that slight off silver colour and shiny black paintwork are just perfect. Looks SUPERB.
  6. 16" turbines fit over 530 brakes?

    Pretty sure I've seen 540's on Turbines so I'd say yes!
  7. locaton of fusebox and 'hedgehog'

    If the battery has drained that quickly once the car is started and running then it sounds like you're alternator isn't charging the battery or putting any juice out at all? Probably worth just testing to make sure you are actually getting voltage across the terminals (using a multimeter) with the car running.
  8. E39 restoration project.

    I'm in no position to comment really. My "£1000 bargain E39" has since cost me about another £3000-£4000 in maintenance and repairs and I'm not even a year in yet. I feel like it's slowly coming together now though and the issues are becoming fewer and further between.
  9. E39 restoration project.

    Indeed. If the rest of the car is in otherwise good order (so far as you know) then it's a bearable expense. I always just compare such expenses to monthly leasing costs for a new 5 series.. given that, for all intents and purposes, these E39's are just an enjoyable drive as the new ones minus a few toys and gadgets. So using my man maths, provided you go say another 4 months without any other significant expense, you've sort of broken even.
  10. E39 restoration project.

    Ouch. That really is a serious chunk of money.
  11. Turbo Blanket?

    But is baking the turbo in a thermal blanket that it wasn't designed to be wrapped in, any good for the turbo? I would wager, probably not.
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah as I say, I just bought mine from BMW last week and it cost around £25.
  13. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well purely on a cost calculation, the loo roll cost me about £14 from Amazon last time I changed it.. probably paid well over the odds but assuming even £10 a time, and you should ideally change it at least once a year. Plus your time to fit the replacement, etc. And the Vortex filter cost me about £25 from BMW so... if you plan to keep the car for more than a couple of years the vortex type makes sense?
  14. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well it's best to just do a search as it's been discussed many times, but here's an example thread: Essentially the E60 with the later type M57 engine instead of having the foamy / spongey oil breather cartridge for the crank case instead uses some kind of self contained oil separator unit which doesn't need replacing like the one in the E39. Honestly, I'm not clued up enough to know the pro's and con's for changing it.. I think the potted summary is that the loo roll type is more effective BUT gets clogged easily and if forgotten about can cause problems for your turbo etc. Vortex less efficient but really it's a fit and forget part. Just about every thread I came across said to swap to the Vortex unit, so after a bit of a delay, I finally got round to it It's a drop in replacement and only takes about 30 minutes to do.
  15. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally fitted the vortex type oil breather, and disposed of the loo roll type, on my 530D. Nice easy little job on a cold Sunday afternoon! My loo roll filter which I changed about 6 months ago was indeed wet with oil but wasn't completely gunked up and saturated like I know some folks have reported in other threads. Interesting. I had an issue with mine recently where the heater would only blow warm air once the car was moving and above around 1600RPM.. as soon as you came to a stop in traffic, it'd start to blow cold. Found that, after having had the webasto heater off a few times in recent months, I'd dropped too much coolant out of the system and it needed a couple of litres (!) and some bleeding before it was happy. The odd thing was that the temperature gauge always moved up and sat in the middle spot nicely.. and now that the car actually has coolant I'm realising my thermostat(s) are probably goosed as it takes ages to warm up and never gets fully to the middle of the temperature gauge any more!