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    2001 e39 525i sport touring auto
  1. E39 525i Touring Sport

    Truth be told I’ve never had issues with cheap drop links before on any car, I think a lot of it depends on how you drive. Sounds like you got a good deal with your oil.
  2. E39 525i Touring Sport

    To be honest, the age of the car, I’ll just replace everything. The state of the roads nowadays I’d rather replace cheap ones every 2-3 months rather than expensive ones at the same rate. The oil actually worked out good value for money, can’t remember off the top of my head but Air filter, oil filter Bosch wipers and 8l of oil was £60. Wipers alone were £16. I do normally use the TripleQX stuff and had no issues, I’ve been using the Castrol on my discovery and I’ve been impressed with the state of it after 10k so thought whilst it was on offer I’d pop some in this too.
  3. E39 525i Touring Sport

    So, I had a door that I got silly with in the frost and lifted the handle too far on the back door, feeling a clunk I feared the worst and posted a thread asking what’s likely to of broke so I could get parts before I started the job. Fortunately someone said the cables can actually just pop off, feeling hopeful I had a look and was pleased to see it popped off, popped back on and it was fine. Pic if it helps someone in future, the red collar had popped out it’s casting.... As I mentioned earlier I serviced the car too, it was last done 11k ago but that was three years ago!! Took advantage of an ECP offer and got 8 litres of this stuff... I got an air filter too but fitted that before I got snap happy. I think the next thing I’m going to attack is the front suspension as it’s knocking away on bumps, I need to see what’s what first though and see if I can upgrade / improve at all whilst I’m there. I’ve already fitted some very cheap drop links but these didn’t really make much difference.
  4. E39 525i Touring Sport

    I don’t have any proof of it being done, given time I think it’s something I’ll do.
  5. E39 525i Touring Sport

    I’ve a few other pictures but it won’t let me upload them for some reason?? Since these pics I’ve repaired the load cover handle, correctly fitted the sensor as I had a special moment the first time and serviced the car inc new Bosch wipers that were linked to from ECP.
  6. E39 525i Touring Sport

    It did scrub up quite well though...
  7. E39 525i Touring Sport

    I’ll start with a little bit of background. So..... When I was 21 I needed a car and at the time my Aunt was selling her 518i in SE spec, it was high mileage at 140k but you really wouldn’t of known it and it was standard bar some later E39 alloys (The specialist she used suggested that buying these off him would be cheaper than replacing the runflats that were on the original alloys). I loved this car and put a further 10k on it, some of those towing a LWB Shogun on a trailer 150 miles for my dad, this sadly killed the clutch and Air-Con compressor. Once repaired I decided that insurance was getting lower it was time to get something a little better, sadly though I bought a convertible Astra 2.2 on VXR wheels, still it looked nice enough. Unfortunately only the one pic. Fast forward a few years later and after getting rid of my van I bought another 5 series, an E39 this time and a much nicer car, loved this car and genuinely regretted getting rid of it, had a very good spec and my first straight 6 being a 525, sadly though a daily commute of 60 mile was getting silly having just got my own place. Another picture Years passed and after a succession of Mondeo TDCI’s I spotted a car advertised on here that looked like it had loads of potential, a couple of viewings later and I had a nicely specced 528i Touring, sadly after putting it through a test the numbers just didn’t add up and I sold it on eBay within 5 mins of listing it. Another picture for you... More years down the line and not really needing a car I thought I’d treat myself to something I enjoyed again, after getting rid of the daily I went hunting and found this low mileage 525i Touring Sport in Auto flavour. Having viewed the car I deemed it was a rough diamond and made an offer that was accepted. I’ve had it a few weeks now and replaced a battery and front drop links. The car is far from perfect and definitely a ten foot car but I bought with my heart and not my head so I’ll have to stand by my decision. The main thing that lets the car down is the front bumper - It’s trashed! Along with all the under trays for it. I think it’s gone into a soft verge at some point as the passenger sill was pushed in, I've since bashed that out to look a bit more presentable. I have a few more than the one pic this time though, I’ll start with the sellers first.... These pictures show the sill better. After a while I thought I’d plug my code reader in to see what was what as it was a little smokey on a run (condensation), I got a code for a camshaft exhaust sensor so I bought one and went to replace it, spot the deliberate mistake.... Anyway, part numbers suggest it’s the right part but it won’t fit, I’ll keep it as a spare for the inlet cam. I gave it a clean too, I needed to make it clean so I could take the kids in it, it was a little grim before.... I also took pictures of the bad bits, it’s a 16 year old car after all, bar the bumper and the obligatory broke ashtray it’s not too bad and just needs time to sort it, worse bits being the rear arches, I’m hoping to run these back, treat and paint these though.
  8. Autobox erratic when cold

    So, in conclusion to this. I had a fault code for the exhaust cam sensor and only swapped it over on Saturday. Since replacing it the car runs fine, box is as I remember them and I got 35 mpg over a 300 mile run. Quite chuffed.
  9. Autobox erratic when cold

    My old battery used to drain and not start the car, is that the same or does it have to have the car terminals ‘shorted’ in the boot to do it? I’ve got inpa but I’ve never used it.
  10. Autobox erratic when cold

    I’ll have a look on inpa next time I’m out in the car. I think an oil change will improve things, this is my third e39 auto and it’s the worst one, coincidentally it’s the lowest mileage one too.
  11. Autobox erratic when cold

    Does the auto box have a temp sensor or similar? When the car is up and running whilst it’s still cold (gauge in middle) but engine not really warm the auto box is quite erratic, cruising at say 50mph and facing a slight incline with no change in throttle position it drops a gear or two like I’ve just kicked down? Its better when warm but not perfect.
  12. So in 15 years of driving, today I did something silly. Forced the outside door handle to open the froze door and snapped the cable, it was ok though, I could still open it from the inside. That worked once then I think I snapped that cable too?! Can the door card be removed with the door closed without damaging it? I’ve read you can on an e38 but not heard about e39?
  13. Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 17/01/18

    Are you breaking the m5?
  14. Another Battery Drain....

    Just to draw closure on this for anyone looking with the same issues in the future. New battery cured it, cheers for the advice
  15. P0369 fault code

    So, I bought a replacement sensor, did my best googling but there was quite a lot of conflicting info out there. I’m guessing, I’ve got a intake sensor by mistake? I purchased a Delphi SS10888, can anyone recommend me a correct one?