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    2001 e39 525i sport touring auto
  1. Wheel cleaner

    What does everyone use for cleaning alloys? Ive been using some Valetpro cleaner but I’ve not found it aggressive enough.
  2. Touring subframe bush removal tool

    Has anyone used one of these vastly cheaper tools? Any good? Waste of cash? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-520i-520d-523i-528i-530-ESTATE-TOURING-REAR-SUBFRAME-REMOVAL-BUSH-TOOL/263390598095?hash=item3d534d93cf:g:zi4AAOSw6n5Xq9E0
  3. Touring wallowy ride

    Cheers guys, I’ll get under it and have a look. It stands to reason it’ll be bushes as that was the reason for getting rid of my last touring
  4. Touring wallowy ride

    My touring knocks from the front, I’m hoping it’s drop links, ARB bushes, top mounts but guessing it’ll be all the arms . however....bear with me, it’s hard to explain. When I go over say a speed bump at anything other than a snails pace the car feels like it’s dragging it’s back wheels/axle (I know it’s not a beam axle but that’s the feeling) after the car has passed the bump, almost like the wheels are in a pendulum motion from the strut top. Any ideas?
  5. About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Is this a sport?
  6. Can you split the mirrors?

    As title really, I’ve replaced my drivers mirror but the replacement I got isn’t shadow line trim, my original has the shadow line in tact but can I make a good one out of the two?
  7. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    It’s a shame your selling, lovely looking car. I keep catching myself checking what mines worth but I don’t think the stars would align in time. Good luck with the sale. Any pics of the new stead?
  8. Item 1 mate, goes around the door frame on the body not the door
  9. Have you a drivers door seal? The big one
  10. Replica Sport front bumper

    How easy are these to spot? Are they bad quality etc? Any first hand experience of these?
  11. E39 525i Touring Sport

    Some days I like the touring shape, other days I prefer the saloon. The sport model looks good from angles and odd at others I do like a good pre face though.
  12. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Thought it looked familiar, I enquired about it on there but it had gone by the time I got a reply. You did well if you got it for less than it was up for, real bargain.
  13. E39 525i Touring Sport

    Nothing much to report lately, however with the best bus deciding it didn’t like its air compressor or it’s propshaft the BMW decided to split its radiator! Fortunately euros had one in so got that replaced this morning, lovely simple bleeding process on this, I wish there was more like it! I do need some new arch liners desperately though, there’s nothing left of these. I’m still keeping my eye out for a bumper if anyone has any leads?
  14. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Where did you stumble upon this? Did the previous owner realise what they had?