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  1. Unable to make it this year as its start of school holidays and going away
  2. Welcome to the forum, that looks very clean.......and it's not all about the speed!
  3. They will fit but will look a bit crap and will sit well inside the arches, as Dan said you will need spacers to push the wheel out into the arch. see this link for a pic E28 with et46 wheels
  4. I use them loads and purchased a set of tyres a few weeks back, quick delivery, always works out cheaper for me to buy them at camskill and then get fitted locally for £10 per wheel.
  5. Blimey, they don't look like the same hubs, they only look fit for the bin in the first picture
  6. Looking good Mick, I like that colour leather , what made you choose that?
  7. Good work Gary, glad I don't have ABS
  8. Welcome to the forum, that looks like a very clean original looking car , what's the colour called?
  9. Welcome to the forum, nice looking car you have there
  10. That's a real shame, the pics of it when Derin had it looked lovely, nice colour, nice interior etc
  11. I think this is the one you mean? E28 528i a se Looks quite nice, I'm sure this was for sale about 2 years ago
  12. Simon who owns this B10 purchased my white e28 528i at the beginning of the year, the same white one that Derin restored many years ago........small world eh
  13. Im sure I've seen your car recently, was it EPorsch that had it?
  14. That does look very nice indeed, I too spotted the local dealers number plates, did you buy from down on the south coast?
  15. Looks nice but I'm not cutting my car up to do it! im not even that old but i prefer the old days! A lot of younger people I work with only have the ability to email / message people and it gets on my tits, I keep telling them to pick the phone up or go and see them and talk to them.