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  1. Cheers Tim. Just got to clean it up and fit. Perfect
  2. The only BMW I've ever owned and will probably ever own. Never selling.
  3. All back together. Running much better. Adjusted throttle and stop so idles smoother. Pretty pleased with the white as well so might continue with the smaller rusty brackets. Really want the correct red fan for itso if anyone spots one can they let me know.
  4. High temp paint then high temp lacquer as not 100% on the colour so didn't want to commit to powder coat just yet like the plenum and rocker cover. Bit of a test for both colour and quality of paint.
  5. Managed to get 20 minutes to pull the fuel rail and injectors as the new 8 x 13 hose has arrived so I can make up the lines.
  6. To be fair it was only on the hidden bits that go under other pieces. ( holes where the rubber clips fit) This is only to get the really big chunks of rust off. 10mm etc. I wouldn't use it on the showing face and I'm literally just breaking the loose bits off
  7. Warm soapy water to wash general dirt. Wire wheel on the big chunks of heavy rust to pick them off. Meguiars 205 cutting compound and DA with soft buff 2.0 pad Meguiars 105 polish compound and DA with medium pad.
  8. Still sorting out some small niggles. Injector fuel lines have perished with 2 leaking badly. Noticed when I ran the car up saturday morning. While the manifold ifs off I’ll clean up the throttle body linkage. Some parts are NLA but I notice the lever has been modified and had an extra spring which had broken anyway so I’ll remove that and the additional arm which seems to have been added.
  9. Joss

    To enclose or not to enclose?

    Have the same issues with mine. Now though they look awful on the top shelf. Must dust them tonight. Thanks for the reminder
  10. First cut over the 2nd hand bumpers from Tim. Came up really well.
  11. See what you're saying. but if DVLA notify the insurer they can void the insurance so it will show up.
  12. The same way you do now I guess. People would have to return their drivers licence if they failed to pass the test. I'm sure you'd get a similar number of oik's still driving without a licence as with no insurance etc. If you loose your licence it could notify insurance. This would flag up on ANPR as invalid insurance etc or DVLA owner of this car has no licence etc.
  13. Apparently the car was on foreign plates so assuming they thought they were driving on the correct side. I don't mind people of any age driving but I think that there should be a test every 5 years for everyone to weed out the incapable and eventually too old to drive.
  14. Joss

    Delta Integrale

    Cam belt every 24k or 2 years on those bad boys. No excuses
  15. Repaired front grilles and wired up fuel tank sender. Just waiting on bumpers from Tim
  16. Sorted bumper parts so hopefully that will be on soon. Just the deck lid to sort.
  17. More sophisticated the car and transmission the more to go wrong and the earlier to the scrappy as un economical to repair. The more valuable a good classic becomes mind I've seen how kids drive today and tbh it's no better than when I learned. There are too many crap drivers on the road these days. Testing should be done every 5 years to get rid of those who really shouldn't have passed and those who are no longer able to pass. Driving in general should be a privilege not a right..... Oh and there definitely should not be an option to have an automatic licence. Whinge over.
  18. 16! 100?? Jesus must be like Blackpool near you We currently have 3. Of which 1 works although looking to make that 4....Of which then 2 will work. Must fix those other 2
  19. I think you need some more lights on your house.
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    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Haven't had mine for a good couple of months.