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  1. Glad I just ride mountain bikes.
  2. Too many nice cars...................... I want them all
  3. So I started to repair some of the rust on the 5 today. As suspected the rear lower quarters are well past there best so I've ordered 2 repair panels. I also sorted the o/s rear sill and have now got that in primer so some progress today. There was a lot of filler on that rear quarter. Will post more pics as we go. Starting low as I have the rear scuttle to attack as well and want to be fully up to scratch.
  4. haha I think not mate. Far too much to do and not enough cash atm
  5. Finally picking up the 5 tonight. Very excited to have it home although I've got a long road ahead to get it back on the road. Battery MOT New Boot lid Bumper Rear lights Exhaust
  6. I'm in the middle of trying to cobble together the rear lights on the E12 but I can only get 3 of the 4 seals required. 63211363934 is ok (1 per side) 63211361522 RH main gasket is ok . 63211361521 LH NLA. Does anyone know of one in good condition or old stock somewhere? I'm gonna try Tim later but obviously he only has used parts. cheers
  7. Nope. No good. Broken as well. The search continues
  8. So talking to a chap from Greece no less about a good condition set of lights. He's sending me some pictures of the rears to see if I'm happy with the mounts. Fingers crossed they are all good
  9. Could a set of steels be cheaper? You could keep them with winter tyres on too
  10. Yeah they were the original damper although I don't remember if they had a second perch setting. I've still got them in the garage somewhere so I could have a look.
  11. I notice you've fitted H&R springs to your new dampers. I bought some of these and they made the car sit too high and it looks like you might have the same problem. I'll try and find the thread with the pictures Found it. Shows pictures after fitment.
  12. hmm. ok mate. cheers
  13. So what did you do in the end?
  14. Love the ring. Have fun mate
  15. Just called him and asked. He can't remember but he said they were definitely sealed like yours are.
  16. I don't know mate. I couldn't crack the nut so ended up dropping it at the friends garage. I was actually changing the backing plates as the time. When they stripped it we found it need bearings which I then tried to order from BMW. We sourced them from Europe in the end as said but I never got to see them and he just fitted it when they came in. Sorry I'm not much use here. I'll ask if he rememebers
  17. Dunno mate. I can see the lock nut in that bag too. Could only get one from BMW. Maybe they have started making them again.
  18. wtf. I recently went to the dealer for rear wheel bearings for mine and was told NLA. Ended up sourcing some genuine bearings from Europe. Gonna ask you to get my bits from now on!
  19. Crap news mate. I hope the little c###s are caught soon.
  20. Of course we could all just park where we are supposed to and then none of this would ever happen.......
  21. You're listing a totally different Genre. Modern Dance music does produce some legendary tunes be it in D&B, Progressive Psy etc . The Artists you list here are modern pop and that has always been shit.
  22. it missed the front right bumper by the wheel
  23. Well that's what I was thinking. Changing a door is a fairly straight forward process tbh, but fair enough mate
  24. Considering you could buy a good used door from ebay for less than a 100 would it make more sense to just swap it out?
  25. Yep I hear you. If you are going to be stupid enough to do that......