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  1. See what you're saying. but if DVLA notify the insurer they can void the insurance so it will show up.
  2. The same way you do now I guess. People would have to return their drivers licence if they failed to pass the test. I'm sure you'd get a similar number of oik's still driving without a licence as with no insurance etc. If you loose your licence it could notify insurance. This would flag up on ANPR as invalid insurance etc or DVLA owner of this car has no licence etc.
  3. Apparently the car was on foreign plates so assuming they thought they were driving on the correct side. I don't mind people of any age driving but I think that there should be a test every 5 years for everyone to weed out the incapable and eventually too old to drive.
  4. Joss

    Delta Integrale

    Cam belt every 24k or 2 years on those bad boys. No excuses
  5. Repaired front grilles and wired up fuel tank sender. Just waiting on bumpers from Tim
  6. Sorted bumper parts so hopefully that will be on soon. Just the deck lid to sort.
  7. More sophisticated the car and transmission the more to go wrong and the earlier to the scrappy as un economical to repair. The more valuable a good classic becomes mind I've seen how kids drive today and tbh it's no better than when I learned. There are too many crap drivers on the road these days. Testing should be done every 5 years to get rid of those who really shouldn't have passed and those who are no longer able to pass. Driving in general should be a privilege not a right..... Oh and there definitely should not be an option to have an automatic licence. Whinge over.
  8. 16! 100?? Jesus must be like Blackpool near you We currently have 3. Of which 1 works although looking to make that 4....Of which then 2 will work. Must fix those other 2
  9. I think you need some more lights on your house.
  10. Joss

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Haven't had mine for a good couple of months.
  11. Joss

    E30 Touring...

    Would love and E30 touring. Love the v8. My mate has the same conversion in one of his E30's although not a touring. Only thing that annoyed me was the silly camera angle stuff he did at the start
  12. Finally after months of sitting under a cover I've started attacking the BMW to get it back on the road. Lights are rebuilt with new seals, fitted and working. Chrome trim re-installed across thee back. Bumper hopefully off to the chromer's. Exhaust refitted. Just need a good boot lid form Tim so I can refit the restored spoiler and when the bumper comes back I can fit the new rubbers and clips
  13. Joss

    battery charger/trickle charger what to buy

    Lots of people from several forums I use all seem to go for the CTEK brand.
  14. Joss

    Secondary trailer couplings.

    I just use a break away line on my RR. The line is longer that yours and threads through the loop on the tow bar. I see you have a similar loop on yours below the socket. That is where I'd loop my strap through which would stop damage.
  15. Joss

    Thoughts on the Moon...

    Yeah I defo seen this before.
  16. Well as said I moved the e12 at the weekend and sods law it was near an engine crane in the garden which then proceeded to fall over on it about 20min later. 2 massive dents in the freshly painted rear quarter from the wheels. Gutted doesn't even begin to describe... Only saving grace is that you can reach both from the inside so hopefully a dent remover can make it look ok but it has cracked the paint above one of the dents so it'll never be right until it gets done again. I've been really hard up the last 12 months so the car isn't even back together from the last time it was at the body shop having new rear quarters , boot floor, lower scuttle and rear valance welded in. Not having the best of luck atm
  17. Yes I have chipex kit for it. Contacted a company for a quote. Hopefully find out today.
  18. Very true mate. If you look carefully you can see your side skirts in the picture
  19. dunno yet mate. It’s not on a crease so I’m hoping it can be sorted without a new piece. However I will give you a shout if it does. Thabks mate
  20. I just put the car cover back on it I was so pissed off mate. I'll take some tonight.
  21. Joss

    Tats goldie chains and a BMW

    Problem is no-one buys their cars anymore. They are all on tick which means any old oik can now own a brand new fast car. There are 3 apprentices at my work all in brand new Audi A3 and A5 S-lines which at some point they'll all have to give back