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  1. Joss

    Tats goldie chains and a BMW

    Problem is no-one buys their cars anymore. They are all on tick which means any old oik can now own a brand new fast car. There are 3 apprentices at my work all in brand new Audi A3 and A5 S-lines which at some point they'll all have to give back
  2. Think I'm somewhere in the middle of this
  3. Joss

    Edd China's Garage Revival.

    Watched this a while back and I have to agree I enjoyed it far more than WD.
  4. They are a lot better these days but they still come with a fair amount of Italianisms in them which make you shake your head. The G is a good car as is the Mito and the Giulia. The Brera, 939 spider and 159 are from the era before and while they look lovely, they are heavy and not such a great drive in comparison to the new lot but still great cruises and look fantastic. The diesels are much better than the petrols (Avoid JTS. God they are shit. although the 1750TBi is good but rare) too in those cars but it has to be the 2.4 5 pot as the 1.9 is a bit underpowered. You get a lot of car for the money but a 2.4 Brera is a good choice. Sorry. I'll shut up now
  5. Join the dark side with me. Buy an Alfa.
  6. The rust on that car will be mental for sure. Still it should be saved.
  7. M535i standard and stainless exhaust popped up on eBay while back. Wondered if anyone had bought it on here? I had a chat with the seller and have first dibs if the seller falls through.
  8. Joss

    E30 V8 with a 5.6 twist

    Seems a shame to undo all the hard work
  9. Joss

    New Wheeler Dealers

    I was a little disappointed to be honest. Ant seems to know his stuff which is good but I also think the wing addition was a bit naff tbh. Never really been a fan of Mike and I watched it for Edd's fixes but as the show has progressively dumbed down the tech bit it has become less and less appealing and seems to still be heading in that direction. @duncan-uk I kind of agree. The first thing that annoyed me was when he couldn't work out if it was gearbox or engine oil. We all know if you smell and it smells like bigfoot's d1ck it's gearbox oil I sort of saw his point as he thought it would be rear main which would have been easier out of the car but he should have pulled the pan and checked that first.
  10. Joss

    E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    No worries. Glad you found one