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  1. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Excellent news. Knew he’d come through
  2. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Yes try Tony C/Tony BMW. He knows all
  3. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    At least you'll have a lovely car when it's done
  4. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Wish I could help but sadly my dash hasn't been out otherwise it's the sort of thing that I normally do for future reference.
  5. Bumper corner arrived this weekend. Time to build it up
  6. Cheers Tim. Just got to clean it up and fit. Perfect
  7. The only BMW I've ever owned and will probably ever own. Never selling.
  8. All back together. Running much better. Adjusted throttle and stop so idles smoother. Pretty pleased with the white as well so might continue with the smaller rusty brackets. Really want the correct red fan for itso if anyone spots one can they let me know.
  9. High temp paint then high temp lacquer as not 100% on the colour so didn't want to commit to powder coat just yet like the plenum and rocker cover. Bit of a test for both colour and quality of paint.
  10. Managed to get 20 minutes to pull the fuel rail and injectors as the new 8 x 13 hose has arrived so I can make up the lines.