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  1. No mate. Still got to dismantle mine and make up the new fixings
  2. More work. Rear end now repainted. Got to source a boot lid as mine is knackered.
  3. I'm sure you have mate. I'd definitely say a wagon is a good way to go. Either yours or his own. Thought about a black box?
  4. Whatever you do mate it will be fairly expensive. Having parents on the insurance does help but obviously you are delaying the fact that they aren't earning any NCB so its not cheaper in the long run. Being 22 should make a big difference though.
  5. There is a cheaper option
  6. Its all to do with the car. Your 530d wagon is seen as an "old mans" car where as a little TI compact is a bit more sporty...supposedly. When I was 18 I swaped from a 1.1 Peugeot 205 to a 1.8 16v Alfa 155. The price was the same.... I asked and they said it was because the 155 was seen as a grown up car where as the 205 was driven and crashed by every idiot.
  7. We're still leaving.
  8. I have purple. Not black.
  9. I have up rated powerflex ones in mine. (Same as E30 btw) Let me find out which way round I had mine fitted. Mine are adjustable so you could buy a set of those and then get it set up spot on.
  10. I think I'm gonna need popcorn
  11. That's awful news mate. I'll keep an eye out for suspect parts.
  12. It would be nice to get back out there but the 5 won't be ready for a few more months and the GTA which is the car I usually take is also in a million pieces. Aiming to be there later this year in one of them though
  13. Thanks mate. Gonna try and repair mine
  14. Wish I could remember mate
  15. I read about this yesterday. whoopsy.....