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  1. NIce Bargain. Uses the same Fiat engine that used to be in my 156 JTD. Point to note about the cam belt you may not be aware of is the water pump issue they have. On the Alfa forums we recommend 3 years 36k fro the JTD engine with water pump just like the old TS engines. The water pumps seem to be made of cheese so regular replacement is critical. Other than that though those engine are really tough and make bags of power. I see yours is done but worth noting for the future.
  2. Some sort of terror attack? Shooting and everything
  3. No Problem. I spoke to Nigel and mentioned that he's had interest so I'm sure he'll be please to make the connection between the three of us.
  4. Yes mate. He repaired the front footwells of the 5 a year or so ago plus I have a friend who owns an Alfa garage and he uses him for lots of his work. I had a look at several of the jobs he's currently doing including a spitfire and an old dino and he doesn't mess about. If you want it done right then he's a great choice IMO. Very pleased with his work generally and they are happy for you to come down, look, take photos as you can see to make sure you are happy with the work being carried out.
  5. Hi Hippy. Same guy. They have a spray booth. Trickett welding.
  6. How about a nice new Alfa Giulia QV. Now that is a car
  7. I'm with Jam on the uniroyals. They are extremely good compared to the price.
  8. Yes mate I may be available for show season although I may still get the front scuttle sorted first
  9. Speaking with Nigel he suggested stone chip under layer up too the bumper then flatted back and painted gloss. The rubberised stone chip underneath would help prevent chips. I do have a set or OEM mud flaps but they don't look that great. I though about trimming them to make them more like spatz though.
  10. Cheers guys. I'm dressing the floor pan next time!!!. It's starting to get shaped up today. Progress is looking good. Finally I have defined rear arches again rather than the mess or the previous work. So excited. Hopefully this will stop the creaking from the rear end too. Jam. Did you opt for stone chip below the bumper line and in the boot or smooth finish? Can't decide at the moment.
  11. More pictures of just how bad it is.
  12. Haha. Well I haven't dared look at the floorpan and sills. That will be for another time. Still got my GTA project as well.
  13. Agreed mate. This 5 has been waiting for this for too long. Got some pictures of the rear mount and the lower arch.
  14. I know the floor isn't great mate but where do I stop. The front is also in pretty bad shape but will soldier on for a couple more years yet. I have a bad A post and the front scuttle is knackered too. I've said to Nigel that if we are on budget then I will stretch to get these two bits sorted as they are the next critical part but that will be as far as I can go.