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  1. The wiper arm that breaks is at least a cheap fix even by stealer prices I didn't mine last yr. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. I'm hoping my plans to be with you all don't get scuppered by BMW not being able to supply me with a new coolant hose in time (its coming from Germany.
  3. Yes Obc will inform of low level. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. You mention a change of ownership Geoff, who actually owns the site now ?
  5. Hi I'm part way through an interior colour change to black from grey and sometime in the near future i'd like to find a buyer for the grey leather and rear split folding seats, along with all the other grey trim and grey carpets and clean headliner, the car has not been smoked in. I only want £250 for the whole lot but it will have to be a collection as it makes a big pile.
  6. I have recently dyed my front door cards from grey to black with a product from ebay called scratch doctor but it is a bit too shiny and doesn't match the other trim. Can you supply the right shade of dye that i require so i can re do it ? I have done a complete interior colour change but i kept my original front door cards as i had my door builds in them.
  7. Just to update this a bit, i am now in the process of changing the colour of my trim and headlining from grey to black and the contours will soon be going in. I`m also buying a heated loom set from stretch which he is now making/selling so i can do the wiring all at the same time, as fitting a rear blind as well.
  8. I enjoyed it and had a few laughs, its much better with Chris Evans out of the picture.
  9. I quite like the 4th June option at the BULL ITH THORN
  10. I'll be getting my rear sills repaired soon along with a couple of other bits and bobs. If you can spray and have facilities to do so it would be madness not to.
  11. You have put a lot of time and effort into your build and it looks very nice well done.
  12. I'm up for our local meet, we seem to have missed last yrs. 1. alpinaman 2. Raymond 3. Yokozuna 4. avinalaugh 5. Digidick 6. Kenny
  13. I had a towbar on my V70 and we were rear ended in a stationary line of traffic. The Fiesta that hit us was in bits behind us and it pushed me into the car in front which also had a towbar fitted. The towbar on that car bent up so badly that it effectively locked him out of his tail gate, my V70 drove away from the accident with much shorter door gaps and was written off but we suffered no injuries other than being a little shaken.
  14. I bought my 540 in 2011 for £2000 have probably spent another £5000 doing the supercharger and other mods.
  15. Thanks to e34-535ise i now have what i needed, a great chap to do business with.