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  1. 540i error codes

    I can tell you that map cooling refers to your electric thermostat.
  2. Happy new year!

    Happy new year to you all.
  3. I need an undertray for a V8 SE in decent nick if anyone can help ?
  4. V8 curiosity

    I'm still pretty happy with my 540 had it 5yrs now.
  5. Death in the family

    Sorry for your loss Paul.
  6. Cheers dan i've sent him or her a message about it.
  7. Hi I bought a bmw scanner disc and leads from an ebay seller and went to load it on the pc but norton flagged it up as dangerous. Should i get in touch with the seller about this or ebay ?
  8. vanos repair parts

    Hi Phil Could you please give me your best price for the following parts they are all for GF11244 Bank 1 vanos distribution piece (11-36-1-433-660) Bank 2 vanos distribution piece (11-36-1-433-664) Bank 1 vanos distribution piece gasket (11-36-1-705-578) Bank 2 vanos distribution piece gasket (11-36-1-705-579) 2 x solenoid check valve (11-12-1-706-921) 6 x camshaft seal ring (11-31-1-705-512) Many thanks
  9. Windscreen trim set for e39 wanted

    You mean i have to buy the cover cap as an extra item to fix your frame cover that has holes in the wrong place ?
  10. Windscreen trim set for e39 wanted

    Not exactly the answer i was expecting, so i have to drill it in the right place and cover the useless hole with what ??
  11. Windscreen trim set for e39 wanted

    unfortunately that is the same number that was on the old part so it must be a manufacturing error. GF11244 is my vin number.
  12. Windscreen trim set for e39 wanted

    Hi I have a problem with the frame cover part no 51718159292 The part on the right is the new one you have supplied me, the part on the left is my original. As you can see the mounting hole on yours is cut in the wrong place meaning i can't connect it properly and there is a hole showing where there should be no hole. Please advise as to what we have to do.
  13. Windscreen trim set for e39 wanted

    Transaction completed sent by paypal as gift. Thanks very much.
  14. Hi Could i get a price for a windscreen trim set 51318159784 right cover 51718193202 left cover 51718193201 frame cover 51718159292 Thanks