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  1. kenny

    Virtual machine detection BMW Scanner PA Soft 1.4

    Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fits-BMW-OBD-Scanner-1-4-0-Diagnostic-Interface-Code-Reader-Scan-Tool/301942381738?hash=item464d2b1caa:g:VckAAOSwdrhbz1CJ:rk:6:pf:0
  2. kenny

    Misplaced your BMW?

    I believe that Mick is as honest as the day is long and wouldn't do such a thing.
  3. kenny

    OBC Resetting

    You set the time and date in the MID assuming that you have one.
  4. kenny

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    I would have liked to be able to make it but i get back from my hols that day so its gotta be a no from me.
  5. kenny

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Rebuilt my front calipers with new pistons and seals from Biggred, also changed the pads to brembo's as i found one of the redstuff pads had separated from its backing plate.
  6. kenny

    After 3 years with Mercedes..I’m back

    Welcome back to the fold Fezzy16v, don't forget obligatory pics when it arrives.
  7. Which one did you use i need a 4 wheel alignment doing now ?
  8. kenny

    E39 boot lid

    US Spec bootlid OEM No is 41628212602 how to get one in the uk ??
  9. kenny

    E39 Horns

    you will find them behind the front bumper on the left hand side behind the lower compartment screen cover.
  10. kenny

    Solution Finish Trim Restorer

    A link would be lovely.
  11. kenny

    Beautiful! INCREDIBLE!

    Stretch is building one at the moment
  12. kenny

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    yes they are style 5's
  13. kenny

    V8 Tapping Noise

    It's not such a massive job it's just that there is lots to come off to get you where you need to be to address the issue. You wont need the chain just the guides gaskets and check valves and the cam tensioner shoes. If the vanos seals are worn out they will need to be replaced either by the Beisan method or what i did, you will need to see if you need to replace the camshaft distribution piece also.
  14. kenny

    V8 Tapping Noise

    Definitely doesn't sound good.