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  1. V8 Tapping Noise

    If any bits of chain guides are in there they are not likely to come out with the oil.
  2. V8 Tapping Noise

    A rattle like that at startup, will be most likely down to the vanos units not being full of oil due to them leaking down because of worn seals and check valves. I engineered open both of my vanos units and resealed them with new seals i had a threaded cap made for the vanos and had the vanos body threaded so it closes back up again. Drop your oil pan and check to see if you have any debris from your guides if so you really do need to strip it down and change them out. It's not a ridiculous job but there is lots to come off and go back on again.
  3. E39 Rear Wheel Bearings

    I've just done mine and i used this vid to help me i suspect that all the bolts were previously loosend and using a pneumatic hammer didn't help like it did in his video to push the shafts through the hub. i used a big two arm puller to get the shaft to move and the bearing came off with a slide hammer ok. Its certainly doable but if things are stuck you might wish you had sent it to the garage.
  4. Bl**dy handbrake adjustment

    I've just replaced both half shafts both rear bearings and all the brakes at the rear, i have the final hand brake adjustment to do in daylight hours this Sat before i go for MOT on Sun wish me luck.
  5. Brand New G30/G31 20" 669M Wheel & Tyre Set - £2950

    These Retail at £5000 but we are offering them to Forum members for just £2950 including vat This price includes fitting at our Cheltenham Branch or Delivered to mainland UK To order or for more info please call 01242335365 or email partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com Its in the add.
  6. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    Push your brake pedal to the floor and crack the bleed screws, then use a bit of wood or a bankstick with a V rodrest to go under your steering wheel and hold the pedal down.
  7. 540i error codes

    I can tell you that map cooling refers to your electric thermostat.
  8. Happy new year!

    Happy new year to you all.
  9. I need an undertray for a V8 SE in decent nick if anyone can help ?
  10. V8 curiosity

    I'm still pretty happy with my 540 had it 5yrs now.
  11. Death in the family

    Sorry for your loss Paul.
  12. Cheers dan i've sent him or her a message about it.
  13. Hi I bought a bmw scanner disc and leads from an ebay seller and went to load it on the pc but norton flagged it up as dangerous. Should i get in touch with the seller about this or ebay ?
  14. vanos repair parts

    Hi Phil Could you please give me your best price for the following parts they are all for GF11244 Bank 1 vanos distribution piece (11-36-1-433-660) Bank 2 vanos distribution piece (11-36-1-433-664) Bank 1 vanos distribution piece gasket (11-36-1-705-578) Bank 2 vanos distribution piece gasket (11-36-1-705-579) 2 x solenoid check valve (11-12-1-706-921) 6 x camshaft seal ring (11-31-1-705-512) Many thanks