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  1. Bmw probably don't care about something this old. It's Sony Xperia Z5 and net is crawling with complaints. It's hard to know how to proceed. Z5 worked well with a couple of hiccups on kenwood nav/TV / bt in old e39. If I could fit it to E61 I would start in the morning.
  2. Hi, I bought myself 2004 E61 to replace my 2001 e39 touring that I didn't bother doing the swirl flaps on. It bit me. Anyway my android phone pairs and transfers numbers but I'm lucky to get one call before the sound reverts back to the phone with nothing through the speakers. Is this fixable? Or is the bt unit just too old. I guess this is a common problem. Any solution? Cheers.
  3. Possibly the pyrotechnic thing on the positive battery terminal has gone off!
  4. It did. I think some manuals didn't.
  5. Adeel43 you were really lucky. The ones I removed from 525d were perfect, lulled me into false sense of security.
  6. That's what I like to hear. Previous owner has done flaps, exhaust manifold, bushes and tailgate harness.
  7. I removed the flaps from my previous 525d because it cost me a couple of grand. However I didn't bother doing it on my current 530d as it was sub €900 and 187k miles. After a trouble free 40k more it sucked in a flap and is now fubar. Silly for the sake of a few hours labour. Picking up a deflapped E61 tomorrow. We'll see how it compares.
  8. Fair play to ya.
  9. Wife's volvo 850 used to do this all the time, If you moved it then stopped it wouldn't start. Nothing worked. It would sometimes eventually start, battery was good. Towstarted it, manual. I thought this problem only happened to volvo 2.0. I was lead to believe it was something to do with the oil in the valve buckets????? It will probably start if left overnight.
  10. The picture is actually a mini disc player, only realised when I went to put a cassette in. I'd say the sound of that Bluetooth cassette thing is rubbish. I swapped the factory unit for this old kenwood. Lost most computer functions and wheel controls. If I was starting from scratch I'd fit 9 or 10" android head unit as the space is there.
  11. Do they not separate like this?
  12. Read somewhere that it works on petrol from 2001, and diesel from either 04 or 06! It would not work on my 01 525d. So I use inpa
  13. Do they not separate like this?
  14. Dennis, I tried with music files, Spotify, Fip radio, all sound disappointing. They're grand streamed on domestic hifi, or headphones on phone. I thought Bluetooth standard had improved, but? Yet I can watch videos in HD on tethered Bluetooth device. To cap it all I was thinking of _ _ grading to E61 with poverty spec stereo. So it all begins again. Sigh.
  15. Phone is Xperia Z5 Bluetooth streaming is so awful I don't use it. Makes ipod seem like audiophiles standard. Also tried domestic unit, rubbish as well. WiFi streaming with airport seems much better, but I'm not giving apple my money.