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  1. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    I'm sure many will be interested in the report. Sound quality. Mirrored Google maps. Etc. My experience of Bluetooth music streaming with a Kenwood unit was disappointing. Will you use phone in unit or mulf? To save wiring Mic.
  2. What he said. But if it starts fine why bother? Spring now anyway!
  3. Inpa says all six failed. Starts fine. Exhaust spotless. Video on utube says change module in 30m without taking manifold off.
  4. Dotcom? 202 with or without service?
  5. My 04 530d is showing all 6 glowplugs failed. I've bought new controller but couldn't be arsed fitting it in this weather. Car starts fine. I drive still showing 110.000 miles left on dpf. Think glowplugs for regen might be a myth!
  6. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Looks good. Updates please. I guess it's coming from HK or PRC by the delivery date.
  7. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Interested to hear the answer as well. I think you should be able to get it for under€500.
  8. I think you have to butcher a bit even for space saver.
  9. Cold start nightmare

    Mine a little slower to start in -1 with no glowplugs . Lumpy for 2-3 secs. Have relay but winter probably over before it gets fitted.
  10. Fitting the Space Saver Spare

    Came with rft but spare option.
  11. After living for 9 months with Sony z5 and z1 phone disconnecting after each call finally got upgrade to samsung s8. Connects every time even though address book a bit random. Was all set to kick double din onto dash and put cd in glove box. But now maybe aux in will do. Can I mirror screen with 50£ hongkong wifi device onto 04 6.5 display?
  12. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    Buy a lottery ticket, you is obviously lucky!
  13. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    A lot cheaper than I expected.
  14. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    I took them out of my 525d. I couldn't be arsed taking them out of my 530d. I took it from 187k to 225k then it ate one. Scrap. I wish I had taken them out. They are out of current 530d.
  15. 530d Starting Issue

    ORDER DATE 14 Apr, 2017 ORDER TOTAL £47.99 + £12.99 postage Order ARG144 ALTERNATOR Regulator BMW 520d 525d 530d 535d 2.0 2.5 3.0 d xd E60 E61View similar itemsView seller's other items More actions 1 item sold by alternator-startermotor-parts ARG144 ALTERNATOR Regulator BMW 520d 525d 530d 535d 2.0 2.5 3.0 d xd E60 E61 ( 251836623240 ) Got all sorts of faults , tranny, steering, battery, charge etc. I think I preferred my E39!