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  1. What is it? Aux?
  2. I think you can reach in from under the pollen filter! Spin it around and soak with wd40.
  3. I'm in Dublin.
  4. Does gateway do Bluetooth phone as well? Factory Bluetooth is very erratic with Sony phone!
  5. So is the audio on the optic loop and the wires on the connector are 0-12V. Now that cd's are almost extinct what would I expect to pay for a cd changer? or a better suggestion! Annoying , coming from an E39 which had a kenwoood that did everything.
  6. This is in the glove box with cd written on connection, but only two wires, red, brown. Can't see audio or fibre. Is the cd o/p analogue or optical?
  7. Thanks, I'll look in glovebox, I presumed it was in the boot.
  8. My vin says cd changer preparation but nothing on idrive menu, is this the audio connection and fibre optic in the boot? Do I need to enable? With inpa?
  9. Do the clutches not all run in oil???? Contaminated clutch???
  10. Iirc the problem is wear in the hp pump. In Europe that's probably what the car is worth. I did read that someone fixed it by changing the pump temp sensor. Buy the module and enjoy the car.
  11. I retired a perfectly good omega wagon because it wouldn't start when hot, I didn't have the solution at the time. Just buy the eBay item. If you map it the automatic transmission will probably die.
  12. Just blank screen, no options. Sony gave me a new Z5 with 32.2.a.2.33 same as before so far, will sometimes connect then disconnects during first call. If it will reconnect it works till next time.
  13. Link not working.
  14. Temp sensor is in pump. Apparently pump wears and doesn't give much fuel for hot start for emissions.
  15. I'd just buy it if I was you. It's only a resistor and relay.