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  1. Do the clutches not all run in oil???? Contaminated clutch???
  2. Iirc the problem is wear in the hp pump. In Europe that's probably what the car is worth. I did read that someone fixed it by changing the pump temp sensor. Buy the module and enjoy the car.
  3. I retired a perfectly good omega wagon because it wouldn't start when hot, I didn't have the solution at the time. Just buy the eBay item. If you map it the automatic transmission will probably die.
  4. Just blank screen, no options. Sony gave me a new Z5 with 32.2.a.2.33 same as before so far, will sometimes connect then disconnects during first call. If it will reconnect it works till next time.
  5. Link not working.
  6. Temp sensor is in pump. Apparently pump wears and doesn't give much fuel for hot start for emissions.
  7. I'd just buy it if I was you. It's only a resistor and relay.
  8. Doubt BMW will list compatible phone from 2017 with 2004 car. Z1 did transfer phonebook after all but always disconnects after 1St call. Sony sent me a new Z5 today so will try my luck.
  9. Interested to hear how you get on. Lots of problems with nougat on all cars. My Sony z5 was hopeless. Currently using z1 while Z5 in hospital. It connects automatically and disconnects on first call, if I then tell the phone to reconnect it works fine till next ignition turn on. No phone book transfer though. The z5 used to transfer phone book sometimes but stopped when nougat updated to. 33
  10. No hot start is common problem. You need to trick the pump into thinking it's cold. Loads of answers on Internet.
  11. Might need adapters.
  12. If left? Generic kit from boy racer shop is great. Might need adapters. Approx €75 all in. Had them for 40k mls, no problems. Huge difference over halogen.
  13. Ill try an iphone, Software update? how is this done?
  14. My Xperia Z5 pairs with car, sometimes phonebook copies, as soon as I answer a call the connection drops or else sound only from phone speaker. If I freshly pair it, it will sometimes work for the duration of the journey. But on next journey, same problem. What phones definitely work or is the system too old? 2004
  15. Dotcom http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251836623240?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT fits on back of alternator behind clip on plastic cover. 1 Plug two leads behind big nut ,then 3 small nuts. I was getting transmission fault amongst other things, it would then lock into 3rd/ Limp mode?