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  1. osealy

    Rythmic vibrations through seat

    What he said.
  2. osealy

    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    Ugly maybe, but cost nothing. Not point at throwing money at a €600 car. If anything packs up I'll be back in an e61.
  3. osealy

    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    I am back in an old 530d est. So I fitted old double din Kenwood. Didn't need to cut airbox just bastardise the business stereo bracket. The facia is just jammed in.
  4. osealy

    Can I replace MULF with MULF2?

    Thanks, I think I tried all those things. However e61 3.0D engine siezed at 145k rather suddenly. So currently back in e39 touring. Much nicer interior but definitely feels like an older car. Which I suppose it is.
  5. osealy

    Can I replace MULF with MULF2?

    I replaced failing mulf with MULF 2. It was straight swap. But still no phonebook from Samsung galaxy s8!
  6. osealy

    Headlights - repair possible?

    Mine were the same. Ignore the flashing green light. Never saw the active thing working so don't know if I'm missing anything. Tried drying out lights a few times inc silica gell etc. In the end I just left the two covers off and all has been fine for over a year. Light is still fine even though the lenses don't look great.
  7. osealy

    Adding Bluetooth / ULF Module to CCC.

    Mine failed in 04 car. Replaced with a MULF 2 worked fine. Paid €100 used.
  8. osealy

    Style 66's on and E61?

    I had style 48 on my E61 530d. Just because they had good tyres. No problem with brakes.
  9. I cant enable aux in with ncs expert because of corrupted vehicle order. Odd things like Thailand motor??? I have an old sony 10 cd changer with fm modulator, which I could connect Bluetooth or ipod to. Is this the aerial connection in the boot! And what is the connection beside it? 12v between red and brown, can I use it to power modulator or will it prevent car from sleeping?
  10. osealy

    Sunroof issues.

    Not much help. But my pano rattles horribly when shut. It's fine when open or tilted. I think it's just worn plastic sliders. After 14 yrs. But it's worth it for the sunshine.
  11. osealy

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Cool. I see you needed two trolley jacks to install it! How's phone connectivity or are you still using mulf?
  12. osealy

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Pre owned mulf2
  13. osealy

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Good man. Waiting for a report. Just threw €100 at a new MULF yesterday. And I have a problem with corrupted VO and cannot enable aux in.
  14. osealy

    E60 520d Auto Transmissuon failure!

    Mine went into limp mode caused by failing voltage regulator. 50€ part 1/2 hr to change. Newish Battery also needed changing caused by over and under charging. Voltage was random between 11 and 15.7vb
  15. osealy

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Need to hear some good news soon. Mulf just packed up. And not sure if I should put old Kenwood double din into lower dash.