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  1. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Price reduced to £6250.
  2. I am putting my 2007 LCI 530d Touring up for sale. The only reason I am selling up is I've bought a F10 535d. The current mileage is 123,000. The car comes with a very good spec and includes full heated leather seats, electric seats with drivers memory, electric folding mirrors, professional Sat nav, Bluetooth, 6cd changer, sun protection glass, 2 virtually brand new tyres on rear and fronts with pleanty of thread. The current MOT runs until July 2018. The car is also fitted with 19" inch staggered ISPIRI ISR5 wheels. I also have both sets of keys for the car. The car has full service history, both main dealer and Independant. I've just had the oil and filter changed, so there are no service requirements for a long time. The car also comes with a folder full of receipts from both myself and the previous owner showing a detailed history of what was done to the car. The bodywork is in pretty good condition, but to be totally honest there are some stone chips on the bonnet and front wings as is to be expected from a car of this age. When I purchased it I changed both the thermostats. Also as the car was not specced with xenon light from the factory I installed a HID kit. I chose the correct colour temperature for the kit so it looks pretty much OEM. I also added Logic 7 tweeters to the stereo, and this really helped improve the base system. I have owned this car for 2 years now and it has never missed a beat. Its the perfect blend of comfort, power and economy. I am based in a town called Newry in Northern Ireland. Its about 40 minutes away from both of the Airport and Docks in Belfast, and about 50 minutes from both Dublin airport and docks. Flights can normally be got for about 30 quid, and the ferry is very reasonable too. I'm sure I have missed out some bits so please feel free to ask any questions. The price is £6,250. Please excuse the poor pictures I have added, I had planned to get some better ones but its been tipping it down here for the last couple of days. If anyone would like some more detailed pictures I am happy to oblige.
  3. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    The details are from one of the previous owners buddy, but cheers anyway.
  4. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    Could I get a price on a set of these Phil please?
  5. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    Which probably explains why the dealer I bought the car off shoved 2 in that quite obviously do not fit the car. Thanks Phil.
  6. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    Do you have the carpet type Phil?
  7. New car questions?

    On my F10 its one press of the stop button, with foot still on the brake pedal, to switch off engine but all systems remain on. Then take foot off brake pedal and press stop button again to switch off systems. Or as stated above all systems will shut down when you lock the car.
  8. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    YC63 GJK
  9. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Still available and I will listen to offers in the region of £6,700. Anyone out there for a nice E61?
  10. I've just bought both. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. I have Adapted drive on my 535d M sport F10. I must say it's one of the best features of the car, and I often flick between the different settings depending on road conditions, if the family are in the car with me etc.
  12. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Will do Dan. To be honest I never really think of using EBay or Gumtree because they are not somewhere I'd browse for cars myself, but i shall take your advice and put an advert up on both.
  13. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Good point about the phone number Dan, I've now removed it. Yes I'm very suprised there hasn't been very much interest as well. I can only assume it's a combination of time of year and my location. To be honest I haven't really advertised it except for on here and the local car sales website called usedcarsni, mainly because of the fact I was trying to sell it just after Christmas. I'm not in too much of a rush to move it on and I can wait a few months to things pick up if necessary, but on the other hand I'd rather have the money sitting in my bank account that the car sitting on the driveway It really is a cracking car, it just needs the right person to come along and buy it I guess.
  14. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Still available and I am open to sensible offers.
  15. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    I really could be doing with the car gone as it's just sat on my driveway not being used, so I am reducing the price to £7,000. This makes it by far the cheapest I can see for sale on Autotrader with comparable spec. etc. I have also added photos of the full service history details. I also checked the folder of receipts that is with the car and the gearbox was serviced on the 9/8/14 at 91919 mles.
  16. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    I've just had the oil and filter changed today, so as you can see from the photos there are no service items required for a long time.
  17. Simple answer is iPhone yes, android no.
  18. F11 Buying advice - new owner

    I've just picked up a 535d with the Msport plus package. Its a very well specked car with Adapted drive etc. Mine doesn't have the enhanced Bluetooth so I can't stream music but I believe this can be coded easily. I believe the Plus package is Harmon Kardon stereo, 19 inch alloys and sun protection glass. Xenons are standard on the 2013 cars. I must say I'm very impressed so far. Perfect blend of comfort, toys, economy and effortless power. I managed to negotiate a grand off and picked it up for 20 grand. Its definitely a good time of year to buy.
  19. Hi everyone I'm looking for some help here as to hoW to play Spotify from my Galaxy S8 through my NBT iDrive. I have read through all the posts on here, searched the internet etc. and I'm still pulling my hair out trying to get it to work. I have updated the software to UPD05021 as recommended on here, but this has made no difference. Basically when I connect my phone via USB cable the only media the car can see on my phone is the Sunrise track that comes pre- loaded on the phone. I also do not have the option to stream music via bluetooth, so it seems the USB cable is my only hope. Here is a list of the media options fitted to the car:
  20. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    I was an Apple fanboy back in the day, but after a few years iTunes nearly drove me insane, so I went android and to be honest I will never go back. Its just a pity BMWs support for android is so poor.
  21. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    Yes that seems to be the case Superdave. It says on the Spotify site they are working on a fix, but who knows how long that will take. In the meantime if I can at least stream from my phone via Bluetooth I will be happy with that. Failing that I'll have to dig out my AUX cable
  22. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    No worries Matthew I have a very good local BMW independent garage I will see if they can do it. Failing that I believe there are some guys over on the M3cutters site who can do it remotely. Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer.
  23. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    I've just checked the vin decoder again Matthew and I do have the 6NH option, so it looks like an option would be to find someone who is able to code it to the 6NS option to allow Bluetooth streaming. Just need to find someone who can do this in Northern Ireland now.
  24. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    In the idrive telephone settings the only checkbox is for telephone, there is nothing for Bluetooth audio. I'm assuming this is why I cannot stream music, but I cannot figure out why I cannot play Spotify over SUB. I've done the update which apparently is supposed to enable it, but it's still not working. I've even got most of my Spotify music saved to an external memory card on my phone, but the idrive does not seem to be finding this either. I've only just bought the car yesterday and I assumed as it had the NBT idrive it would just be a matter of attaching the cable and away we go. How wrong I was.