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  1. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Price reduced to £6250.
  2. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    The details are from one of the previous owners buddy, but cheers anyway.
  3. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    Which probably explains why the dealer I bought the car off shoved 2 in that quite obviously do not fit the car. Thanks Phil.
  4. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    Do you have the carpet type Phil?
  5. New car questions?

    On my F10 its one press of the stop button, with foot still on the brake pedal, to switch off engine but all systems remain on. Then take foot off brake pedal and press stop button again to switch off systems. Or as stated above all systems will shut down when you lock the car.
  6. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    YC63 GJK
  7. BMW F10 rear floor mats

    Could I get a price on a set of these Phil please?
  8. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Still available and I will listen to offers in the region of £6,700. Anyone out there for a nice E61?
  9. I've just bought both. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. I have Adapted drive on my 535d M sport F10. I must say it's one of the best features of the car, and I often flick between the different settings depending on road conditions, if the family are in the car with me etc.
  11. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Will do Dan. To be honest I never really think of using EBay or Gumtree because they are not somewhere I'd browse for cars myself, but i shall take your advice and put an advert up on both.
  12. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Good point about the phone number Dan, I've now removed it. Yes I'm very suprised there hasn't been very much interest as well. I can only assume it's a combination of time of year and my location. To be honest I haven't really advertised it except for on here and the local car sales website called usedcarsni, mainly because of the fact I was trying to sell it just after Christmas. I'm not in too much of a rush to move it on and I can wait a few months to things pick up if necessary, but on the other hand I'd rather have the money sitting in my bank account that the car sitting on the driveway It really is a cracking car, it just needs the right person to come along and buy it I guess.
  13. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    Still available and I am open to sensible offers.
  14. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale £6,250

    I really could be doing with the car gone as it's just sat on my driveway not being used, so I am reducing the price to £7,000. This makes it by far the cheapest I can see for sale on Autotrader with comparable spec. etc. I have also added photos of the full service history details. I also checked the folder of receipts that is with the car and the gearbox was serviced on the 9/8/14 at 91919 mles.