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  1. wing

    E34 I assume. Contact Tim Pollock. He has other colours, not Daytona.
  2. Suspension parts supplier

    Plenty of the centre tie rods for sale on ebay.co.uk. Can't you get international shipping through Ebay?
  3. I suspect his wife has told him to get rid of it, hence the price which indicates that actually he doesn't want to get rid of it. After a few weeks, he can genuinely turn round and say "sorry darling, it hasn't sold, best we keep it".
  4. How dead is this engine?

    Mike, Tim Pollock has a M50TUB25 out of another iX for sale. I suggest you contact him if you want a replacement engine. Goeff Mi
  5. 1998 540i Touring Spares or Repair

  6. E34 centre lap belt black

    Call Tim Pollock, he's breaking a TDS saloon at the moment.
  7. E34 under seat battery cover

    Time to rip them out and replace with a standard set of rear seats?
  8. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    Hi, what did you use for the leather restoration?
  9. E34 under seat battery cover

    Details on how to should be in the handbook, but be advised, as I have heard in the past, BMW used a particular type of alloy for some of the components in the folding mechanism that hasn't lasted well and is prone to fracturing under load so in my opinion it's best left alone.
  10. E34 under seat battery cover

    Folding rear seats, such a rare option!. All in good working order?
  11. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Tyre is scrap
  12. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Tyre is scrap.
  13. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Right, the seller has sent the following info, its kerbed and previously had a weld on the inner barrel but balanced up fine after being ground down. Photos to follow this evening if you are still interested.
  14. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    You are totally right about the first 525i auto, the interior is prefacelift, both the cloth pattern and door cards are the earlier type. It's not a very early interior, I noticed yesteday when at Tim Polock's place that a G reg M20B25 he has in, has black leather sides to the rear bench head rests.
  15. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    I am pretty certain that this car was one that came up for sale a short while ago on the Island of Jersey and didn't sell until the current dealer went and bought it. It was priced around the £2K mark so if anyone does buy it, the dealer presumably is making a handsome profit.
  16. Door insulation/vapor barriers

    Yes, will take a look today. Geoff
  17. INPA - how to?

    Sorry, can't help you here. I have given up trying to code read E34's relying instead on good old manual problem solving techniques.
  18. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Yes, I know where one is, will get details for you. Geoff
  19. Noooo,, you can't give up on that yet.
  20. Fjord Grau (grey) e34 touring front passenger door

    Same happened to me, the insurance assessor reckoned on £2100 for repairs. Make sure you have properly assessed the cost as you should have a bodyside respray to blend everything in and you won't get that for £600 if done properly. A new door from BMW wth new fittings is around £2300 so make sure you are in a position to claim what it really will cost. Obviously getting a Fjord Grey door will cut costs. Cheers
  21. Start up

    This used to happen to me when I owned an E36 M50B20. However my non vanos iX is much more forgiving for some reason.
  22. Love the way the first one is bombing along, with what looks like an empty fuel tank!
  23. E34 or E32 Auto gear knob

    Got back to Oxford once it cooled down but there's definitely a leak in the cooling system plus an airlock/it's possibly taking in air as well. The cooling system will be stripped down this week.
  24. E34 or E32 Auto gear knob

    No, indeed it did as it arrived while I was busy dealing with my steaming E46 320D on the Kirkstone Pass.