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  1. OEM Velour floor mats

    No, Genuine BMW mats don't have a heel plate, the carpet underneath does though.
  2. Advice please viewing a E34 M5

    What concerns me is the letter giving the insurance valuation as £25K which he's using to justify the price. I always thought insurance valuations were higher than market prices. Best check that out first and do your own market research. To take an average M5 and get ir restored properly is going to cost around £25K -£30K so this has to be a minter to justify the price.
  3. 525iX won't start

    Actually 12141427006 is a 3.3.1 Motronic Unit. See the link below. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HJ82-EUR-12_1991_E34_BMW_525ix&diagId=12_1689#12141427006 I have here a 12141703563 which superceded to a 12141703724 which is listed in the link above. It's from a Sept 93 build auto iX and should be minus EWS. It should work in your car and also delete the EWS problem as it simply won't be looking for an EWS signal, please PM me your address and I can get a price for postage. Cheers Geoff
  4. 525iX won't start

    Sensible BMW tech - running a classic BMW rather than a modern BMW. Couldn't do that repair to an E60 or later very easily
  5. 525iX won't start

    Hello from a fellow iX owner. If it is an immobiliser problem, I would get the DME chip recoded and delete EWS rather than repair the EWS. I would also try unplugging the alarm system, these aren't £40K cars anymore so you don't really need the protection (and problems) that they offer and you can still protect the car with a steering wheel lock. Does the car have a double sunroof? If so, look for water ingress problems as the sunroof channels block and water gets where it's not supposed to be causing no end of weird problems.
  6. E34 M5 Rear SLS Shock Leak

    Micmike313 had his rear SLS shocks refurbished by Nagegast, see
  7. e34 airbag slip ring

    Is that an airbag light at the bottom of the middle spoke?
  8. e34 airbag slip ring

    I ask because that part number you give was in use up to May 1994.
  9. e34 airbag slip ring

    What's the last 7 digits of your vin?
  10. E34 door sills

    Aziz, you have a PM. Cheers Geoff
  11. E34 door sills

    I have a set of the black ones, the later type always break up. Will dig them out and take a photo. Cheers Geoff
  12. E34 door sills

    Aziz, can you please post a photo of what you are after? Geoff
  13. Thanks Blackman, nice to meet you today and to see your steed. Keep up the good work.
  14. Sword removal

    Hi Five-Oh, good to hear from you. According to the parts file, the microfilter was fitted to cars built from June 1990 so as an added bonus, all the owners of early E34's get to breathe in lots of diesel particulates. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E34-Sedan/Europe/535i-M30/R-A/browse/heater_and_air_conditioning/microfilter/ Happy days.
  15. Sword removal

    What is it located or inserted into? Can you push it back in and take a photo of it in place?