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  1. Dongiov

    E34 gear position indicator

    Ah well it used to be £100, obviously they are running out of stock now so have put the price up.
  2. Dongiov

    E34 clear rear lights and front indicators

    I will be breaking a car shortly that does have these. Send me a PM please.
  3. Dongiov

    E34 gear position indicator

    Calypso E34, go to BMW for that part, it's still available and costs about £100. Any 2nd hand part is going to be iffy.
  4. Dongiov

    E12 M535i

    Price new £13745, yours for £29995. Perhaps BMW should start making them again!
  5. Dongiov

    E34 Biege/Tan leather sport seat needed

    JobBB, I have a ASC central console (wood variety) plus glovebox. Please PM me with your address. Thanks
  6. Dongiov

    E34 Biege/Tan leather sport seat needed

    What trim pieces do you need? Geoff
  7. Dongiov

    Rear Door Window Poser Moulding Leaking Water

    Item no.7, ending in 347 and 348, now showing as 97 euros on BMW Classic!
  8. Dongiov

    High mile 518i , why not?

    518's are great to drive provided you avoid the Achilles heel of the 518i, trying to drive one with a full load one up a steep hill. That's when you will find out the shortcomings, otherwise I agree with all the comments above about how nice it is to drive around town.
  9. Dongiov

    37k for an E34

    Seconded, definitely no. Massive dealer markup is in that price.
  10. Dongiov

    Project bites off more than can chew

    When I saw it, yes it was a shed. His garage is full of E30, the E34 doubled up as the shed!
  11. Dongiov

    Project bites off more than can chew

    If the dash is both, you might be missing a bit.
  12. Dongiov

    Project bites off more than can chew

    Sir Anthony Regents-Park, I see from various E34 brochures that you are right and that BMW did take the Er out and put the Ing in. But I was referring to the car, not the model, so I used the correct noun to describe the vehicle. If Simon gets it working, then when he uses it, he is "touring". Just because BMW don't know the difference between a verb and a noun doesn't mean we should all make the same mistake. They are German after all, what what. P.S. It's cold and wet here and I have nothing better to do than pontificate on this!
  13. Dongiov

    Project bites off more than can chew

    I also have in front of me a folder containing a genuine BWM electrical trouble shooting manual. Fortuitously it is dated 1992 and covers both the 525i and 535i. Am hoping it will prove useful to you. Geoff
  14. Dongiov

    Project bites off more than can chew

    Simon, at last we can talk about this car. I've seen it in the flesh, when done, it's going to be one fantastic tourer. Anyway, first off which loom is M30 and which is M50? You can see here that the M30 535i has three main looms, the front loom, the rear loom and the dash loom. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E34-Sedan/Europe/535i-M30/L/browse/vehicle_electrical_system/main_wiring_harness_3#1391492_1 Here's the M50 main wiring diagram, interstingly the front looms were common to 525i and 535i. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E34-Sedan/Europe/535i-M30/L/browse/vehicle_electrical_system/main_wiring_harness_3#1391492_1
  15. Dongiov

    E34 needed for mag article and studio photo shoot

    Arfan gets all the magazine shots, he's done another either last month or this, hopefully someone else's turn this time.