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  1. Yes, there's quite a lot to do. Have you got a copy of the E34 Bentley manual? It's covered in there.
  2. Also try Jason at All German Parts. He should be able to get hold of the service kit.
  3. Uber, try investigating M3 lightened flywheel and clutch setup. Geoff
  4. Iain, I will have a rear glass available shortly. Spoiler is good. Located Northampton or Oxford. Where are you located? Geoff
  5. Simon, great work, just shows why it's worth going through the entire drivetrain replacing everything in one go when this happens.
  6. What diamater exhaust do they fit?
  7. Euro34, my 520i tourer is now definitely up for sale, with 12 month's MOT and a full service. Geoff
  8. The problem the seller has is that it's a car you need to go and see before buying. And who's got the time and money to pop over to Gurnsey to see what could be a rust bucket?
  9. Spray can it is. Thanks Tim, can't see black sunvisors or handles in that lot.
  10. Hi, as title, am after E34 black sun visors and handles in particular, bonus if A/B & C pillar trim available. Cheers Geoff
  11. What's the last 7 digits of the vin of your car?
  12. Ok, it's not a 5 series, anyone recognise the model? Looked original, apart from the roll cage over the rear bench.
  13. I just got a price for the surround trims, £157 each plus the VAT. If yours are ok, great, if not, I would go through insurance. Otherwise you are looking at a big, big bill for replacing it. Prices are: 51318117457 - £157.04 + VAT – GERMANY – 51318117458 - £157.04 + VAT – UK STOCK – 51311908645 - £21.05 + VAT – UK STOCK – 51311948155 - £7.50 + VAT – UK STOCK –
  14. Agreed, just reading up on it. Only exception appears to be the E39 which was RWD only as far as I can make out.
  15. That should read "Reintroduced" as the E34 525iX was the first 5 Series with 4wd, one of which, built June 1992, is sitting outside my house! Nice to see the G30 finally catching up with the E34 range.