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  1. Just be aware that the reflectors on the standard headlamps are handed.
  2. The TV one went for £5K but didn't reach it's reserve.
  3. Check out the MOT history, a long list of advisories and two failures. Roof bars as per normal are flaking.
  4. If the locksmith can't sort it, then you will need to go to the dealer to get it sorted.
  5. Part numbers should be 12 14 1 729 291 and 12141729292
  6. M60 sensors have been superceded by M62 sensors but the supercessions aren't on the parts file. Just order M62 cam and crank sensors instead, or drop me a PM as I have one of each available.. Cheers Geoff
  7. Pm on the way.
  8. Oops, someone forgot to tax or SORN it. Mot until July though.
  9. Just you wait. (A) they have family rooms in youth hostels, (B) Old age comes to us all. You are not immune!
  10. I was staying in a youth hostel on Exmoor a while ago, my early 530i auto tourer (same master cylinder) was parked outside. I got talking to a German visitor, who turned out to work for Bosch, we talked cars, he had a look under the bonnet of my car and said "Ah, that's an ABS1 system, my colleague XXX designed that". It obviously was replaced by ABS2 and I think he said that the later E34's had ABS2. So are they interchangeable? No idea but as it's brakes, I would suggest you either swop the whole system over or you leave well alone and refurb the master cylinder.
  11. Hi, the part number I think is 34311161952 and it appears to be unique, i.e. only supplied by BMW and only fitted to V8's up until September 1993. Its 539 euro from BMW classic. Perhaps you should look at refurbishing it.
  12. Stefan, is that the one in Bristol that's for sale?
  13. That's a lovely car, wish I had the money and space....
  14. I think Hella did them, look for the Hella brand mark on the lights
  15. Blimey, that's deteriorated quickly.