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  1. Dongiov

    Self Levelling Suspension spares

    They are handed.
  2. Dongiov

    Touring wiring,

    Simon, I would cut the section that takes all the flexing out and put some replacement wire in. I have some tailgate loom ready for this, taken from inside the D pillars so same colour, same loading, just "Fresh". If you want some, drop me a PM please.
  3. Dongiov

    Oxford Green e34 530i v8 auto

    Don't knock the M60B30 auto, I love mine. Great V8 if you don't want a 4L.
  4. Dongiov

    E34 Touring wanted

    There's a Cal Red 520i auto touring on Ebay, been off the road for 5 years, gearbox jammed in neutral. Would make a good project. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-520i-SE-TOURING-1994-e34/323480924239?hash=item4b50f7304f:g:mrwAAOSwj6lbsMrp
  5. Intake and tb are different.
  6. Dongiov

    E34 Touring wanted

    There's three M5 Tourings for sale and little else, they get snapped up as soon as they appear.
  7. Dongiov


    Contact Tim Pollock, known as Tims on this forum.
  8. Dongiov

    E34 Flat Star Alloys 7J 16 CT20

    !6" or 17"? I have three 16".
  9. Dongiov

    WTD: E32/ E34 Wooden Auto Gear Shft handle

    Scott, I have one, please PM me with your details and I will let you know how much. Geoff
  10. Dongiov

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    How does that work then? The keys were stolen from a locked house, you clearly weren't driving the car, it was involved in a police chase, there's loads of CCTv showing who was driving the car and the aftermath of the accident, why does it end up as a fault claim against you?
  11. Hi Alex, BMW never made a M60B44, do you mean the M60B40 or the M62B44 in your comments above?
  12. Dongiov

    WANTED - Style 37 18" Paras

    Here you go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-E39-18-M-Parallel-Style-37-set-of-4-X-wheels-Refurbished-Staggered/232908313974?hash=item363a6ad576:g:jigAAOSwkVVbXgFB
  13. Dongiov

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    Mumbo Jumbo, PM on the way.
  14. Dongiov

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    There's a P reg M5 around, it was on the stand at the new 5 series launch, one of the Rosso Red cars. Only thing is, the owner told me that hwen new, the car went to Ireland and when it returned to the UK, the owner at the time filled the paperwork in incorrectly so it was given a P plate when it was probably an M plate! Hopefully it's going in for a full restoration soon.