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  1. The coding plug is on the back of the cluster. Make sure the battery is disconnected for a while before removing the cluster. You then break the cage around the plug to get it out. As I recall, the ashtray is not illuminated although the cigarette lighter is. To change that light bulb, you need to remove the central console so probably not worth doing.
  2. Check out the breaking section for the red M20 520 Tim Pollock is breaking, it has just he door cards you are after. I have a set of reading lights, please PM for details. Sunroof illumination switch, get some Grain of Sand light bulbs and solder one in to replace the one that has blown. The automatic gear selector screen is a seperate box. They are still available from BMW or you can give it to someone who's a whiz in electronics and ask them to replace the capacitors (which I think is what goes in these units). I have a first aid bracket around somewhere. Geoff
  3. All you need to do is to swop over the door cards, gloveboxes and consoles from a facelift car. Easy to do and the principal reason for doing it is to use the later, better door cards that are far less prone to vinyl lift than the earlier ones.
  4. Really? You know something new every day!
  5. Yes, the temp sensor is jammed into the front bumper. You need to take the front bumper off to access it. It almost certainly needs replacing. I have spare units.
  6. I will try again, see attached for the door part numbers. The changeover was in Sept 1991 and I agree, I forgot to mention the side impact bars. I think BMW has cheated slightly as the side impact bars came in after Sept 1991 but they haven't changed the part number.
  7. I know where a Cal Red car is being broken, just asking now for you.
  8. Which door do you need? I probably have what you need albeit inevitably in the wrong colour.
  9. So to answer the OP's point, you need a facelift door to take the later style locks and actuators.
  10. Right, there is no such thing as a single face lift point. There are several "face lift" points. Doors were upgraded to use the later actuators from around September 1991. Wing mirrors, there are actually three basic types. The first (all painted) have the white connectors outside the door skin, the second (all painted) type have the black connector inside the door. The third type are the partial painted, partial plastic ones with the black connectors introduced September 1992. All V8's came with wide grilles, other models received wide grilles mainly from 1994 onwards. M50 engines were upgraded to Vanos from September 1992. There were several variants of door harnesses as well. Side skirts became standard at some point late on as well. So the only truly face lift models are the wide grille late model variants, all the others are a mixture of pre-facelift and facelift features. Consult the parts file.
  11. Put the key in the lock and turn it to lock the car. Easy!
  12. Carl, I have a complete kit, including electrics. Don't think I am ever going to fit it, will get some photos together for you if the rain stops. Geoff
  13. Great, thanks for trying that out. Geoff
  14. Have found everything you need, see your PM's for my phone number. Geoff