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  1. Brake warning light F11

    That is weird. I'd get the pads (and discs if necessary) replaced and once the brake wear indicator is reset, just keep a close eye on it.
  2. Brake warning light F11

    Same as mine - Rear disc 330 x 20 out of the box with an allowable thickness of 18.4 based on the 1.6 which is probably the min thickness scribed into the disc itself. or 17.6 if you go by ISTA / NewTIS - I would not let them get that thin though. The iDrive can only determine when the pads have worn, not the disc.
  3. New to F11, any advice?

    No cambelt on these cars but as Andrew says, the timing chain can become a problem on N47 engined cars. As yours is 2014, depending on the month you quite possibly have the B47 engine which, so far, seems to be immune from the problem. Put the last 7 digits of your VIN into BMWVIN.COM to see all options fitted to your car, REALOEM.COM for a full car parts break down and NEWTIS.INFO for the full workshop manual including wiring diagrams. Use genuine BMW washer fluid in the specified water mix ratio to prevent the washer bottle growing gunk around the little pump filters that cause blockages. Easy enough to fix if they do block but it is a reservoir out job. Change the engine oil every year instead of every 2 years as dictated by the condition based service schedule to keep the Diesel engine happy. Hope you you enjoy the car.
  4. Coolant Leak

    Hi, I think the cracked pipe is part 12 in this section: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=FW12-EUR---F10-BMW-520d&diagId=11_4565
  5. Side View Camera Failure

    I started getting a "Side View failure" and then "Rear view camera failure" message each time I put the car in reverse although the rear view camera is working fine and the top view cameras are working too. The last time I had an issue with the Side view camera, the error only presented itself when I pressed the side view button but now it is throwing up a fault message for the complete TRSVC module (Top, Rear, Side View Camera). The last time this happened I checked the fault with ISTA and went through the diagnostic process which led me to removing the camera from the bumper, removing the attached electrical connection socket and cleaning both thoroughly and putting it all back together. So this time I thought I'd get away with the same procedure... Not so lucky! Here is the error for the Side View Camera See the left bumper camera is not functioning (I suppose this is like a good old Blue Screen of Death!) And the Rear View Camera: But the Rear View Camera actually works So the Side View Camera failure is causing a general fault condition within the TRSVC module. I connected the laptop to the car and performed the diagnostics for the TRSVC module and Cameras: All faults in memory: Specific details for the left Side View Camera: TRSVC Module diagnostics: (See the dead give away with the bumper camera, left? No power consumption at all!) So, I'm thinking this is the same as I had in September where a quick removal of the camera, clean the contacts and socket, put it all back in and away we go. Not so easily done! Remove the 3 hex head screws located here: This Irwin angled driver works wonders for tighter spaces: This is the camera exposed from behind the trim panel Using a small T5 torx bit, remove the 2 screws that attach the camera to the bumper This is the little camera, the marble effect is just the effect of heat over time I think. And this is the problem: See the 3 gold coloured GOOD pins and then the red stub BAD pin? That is a corroded pin with the other half still stuck in the socket! So one of the contacts is no longer contacting as the pin has corroded and broken so I need a new camera. These things are about £300 each but I found one on eBay, new, for a lot less so I'm hoping it arrives in 2 days as promised. The socket is so small that I couldn't remove the broken pin but with all my trying it vanished further inside the socket. I'm hoping that the cable and socket still have integrity and aren't corroded too badly and a replacement camera is all that's needed. If not, I will need to replace the cable too (approx £150) and that requires the removal of the passenger front seat to enable the cable to be fed all the way from the front bumper to the TRSVC module in the boot so I can see a possible wasted Saturday in my future. This is the contact cleaner I used for the socket. It is infused with a lubricating oil that will hopefully keep further corrosion at bay. I'll keep you posted once the camera arrives. Wish me luck,
  6. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    When it is the same car with the same engine being complained about time and time again, the potential for a very expensive repair must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to buy such a car. Remember it is a very small minority of car drivers anal enough about their cars to bother spending time on the forums so the opposite is also true, how many drivers out there have problems that we never hear about. People want to buy a car that is going to see them through for a number of years hopefully troublefree. All we are saying is that careful consideration needs to be given to buying an N47 engined car and to furnish someone like the OP with a spectrum of experiences so they can make an informed decision.
  7. Can't find air spring solenoid!

    Yes, the compressor is under the black cover looking forward of the towbar. But you shouldn't need to access the compressor if you are just replacing the air springs. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-530d-tou_201007/repair-manuals/37-integrated-suspension-systems/37-12-control-suspension-elements-rear/B9tMjJRO
  8. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    2010 F11 with Sport Auto and I have Sport+, Sport and Normal with the button to disable DSC.
  9. Rheingold

    INPA won't work on F and G cars so you need to work with ISTA. I haven't done any deep diagnosis for a while but I always start at the ECU tree that comes up when you first read the information from the car on ISTA startup. I click on the relevant ECU on the tree view and drill down from there.
  10. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    I used a genuine BMW filter bought from Cotswold BMW via this forum. The BMW filter is manufactured by MANN. Of the 2 you mention, I would go for the Mahle one. See if you can't get a genuine one though.
  11. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    Yep, I paid £55
  12. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    Oil Drain Plug = 25NM Oil Filter Housing = 25NM Oil Filter comes with the small and large O Rings. Take a look at my post here for details of my oil change.
  13. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    I've just done a 12 month interim oil change on my 530d and used Shell Helix Ultra ECT (C3) 5w30 oil (from Eurocarparts with a 40% discount a few weeks ago) which is on the BMW recommended list. The Valvoline oil you mention is also on the list BMW details here: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-530d-tou_201007/repair-manuals/11-engine/11-42-oil-filters-lines/1VnZ1vFi9W You'll need 7 litres of oil.
  14. F11 tailgate release button

    Thanks Dave Andrew, there are long lists of coding options out on the Internet that you have to decipher to see what is applicable to the UK cars. US cars have many functions disabled from the factory that we in the UK (and Europe) have set by default so actually in the UK there is little that we need to mess around with coding wise.
  15. F11 tailgate release button

    This is what needs changing if you are using ESYS via an ENET cable: Boot lid close from Driver's kick panel button (now moved to new position which I like!): HKFM 3010 TASTER_FBD aktiv SCH_TOEHKI aktiv
  16. A few General F07 questions from a new BMW owner

    The cars come standard with a certain level of kit which is very similar between SE and MSport at that age. Things like SatNav and Speaker systems can be spec'd higher so put the last 7 digits of your VIN into www.bmwvin.com and see the list of options fitted to your car. If you have 609 - You have pro Nav (wide 10" screen); 606 - Business Nav (small 6.5" screen) If you have the cradle in the armrest you have Enhanced Bluetooth. This is linked to the aerial for better Cell reception and is connected to the Combox or HeadUnit for connectivity to the Audio system. Don't think it wise to remove it as the car may not be happy with missing but expected connections. You can pay BMW £70 for 2 years of updates to the NAV or pay someone on eBay for a code stolen from BMW or generate the code yourself with specific software and a cable to link to the car. Search the Internet and you'll find loads of information on these options. See here for the BMW official links: https://www.bmw-connecteddrive.co.uk/app/index.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuvyhnNvk2QIVirDtCh0K1ghWEAAYAiAAEgJft_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#/portal/store/Base_RemoteOffer I think there is a retrofit available from BMW. Check REALOEM.COM again with your VIN and you'll see the part number if there is such a retrofit. Don't always reject main dealers off the cuff. BMW offers value servicing for older cars and the prices aren't too bad. Brakes are often priced better than an Indi. https://www.bmw-service.co.uk/value_service?ncp=1&utm_source=PPC&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bmwservice&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIity50Nvk2QIVSLHtCh0NGQcrEAAYASAAEgJqGPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds An automatic boot opening retrofit isn't available from BMW others have retrofitted it F10's but the F07 is way more involved making it very expensive and difficult. If you have automatic boot opening, a hold down of the large button will open the full tailgate. Not done this. Winter tyres are generally rate for use with ambient temperatures bellow 7 degrees C. For the correct size of tyre for your car, look at the tyre pressure sticker on the B pillar and visible when you open the driver's door. The car will tell you what it thinks needs doing during the next service via the iDrive - Vehicle Status - Service. Look at the BMW Service link I shared earlier to see the costs. Look at NewTIS.INFO if you want a workshop manual for your car including all wiring diagrams as used at BMW workshops.
  17. F11 tailgate release button

    Easy to code to close as well as open. Esys and ENET cable.
  18. F11 rear air spring concern

    See here for the ride height specification for the F11. It could be the ride height sensor that needs resetting and the only way to do that is via ISTA and an ENET cable.
  19. Start / Stop

    Put the car on charge overnight with an appropriate charger and see if S/S miraculously starts working. There are so many variables as you'll see from that document but the Battery charge is the one that seems to have the biggest impact on my wife's F45. (My F11 doesn't have it).
  20. Behind the kidneys

    If the louvre motor or system had failed then you would know all about it as you'd be presented with a Fault message on the iDrive. I'd suggest this is normal behaviour due to the current ambient temperatures and the need for the engine to maintain a constant temperature for efficiency. Check again in summer temperatures when I would expect the louvres to open under different circumstances. Remember there is also the lower air dam letting in cool air to the radiator too so the kidney grill isn't the only fresh air ingress point. Unless your car's oil temp gauge has suddenly gone over the 100 degree mark, I wouldn't think your car is faulting.
  21. Registering my car with BMW.

    Just confirming that for our older CIC equipped cars, if you want to re-enable the Connected Drive features (and I see no great benefit as the connection was so slow) you do need to submit paperwork proving ownership of the car. Later NBT cars use a different SIM set up which doesn't expire for many features like SatNav send to car, door locking commands and ventilation activation, so for these cars, buying a new subscription for "non-booked" features is just a matter of buying the service and loading the code.
  22. Instrument displays..

    Ordering new today the only option is the 6WB full LCD one (on the G30/31).
  23. FM radio reception

    You sure you're not being tracked by aliens? That's probably the explanation Sorry, on a lighter note, I've not experienced those issues myself nor can I recall reading about them elsewhere either. I hardly ever listen to the radio but there again I rarely drive my car.
  24. What tune should i go for?

    Sounds like you may be US based. Here in the UK it is very rare to find someone modding their car and your questions are really around US based tuning products.
  25. Side View Camera Failure

    PM will be sent.