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  1. Matthew Ashton

    Purple or green condenser O rings?

    So long as they are the correct part for your car, whatever BMW supplies will be fine. Glad you've go the right thing though people have been known to use the black standard O rings which I can't imagine will last. As has been said the gasses and oil are quite potent and you need the right seals.
  2. Matthew Ashton

    2013 F11 Suspension Compressor faulty?

    If you don't already have it, get a copy of ISTA along with an ENET cable as you can fully test the air suspension and compressor by inflating and deflating the system and setting the ride height. Maybe £20 for the cable and a PM to me will get you links to ISTA. The only sensors are the ride height sensors at each corner of the car. Then there's the solenoid block attached to the compressor.
  3. Matthew Ashton

    just found leaks from front of car

    That looks like an aircon pipe. Nowhere near my car to check as it’s parked at an airport somewhere but try follow the pipe and if it is joined to a black rubber pipe along its route then it’s more than likely aircon related. If this is the case the oil is PAG oil that is added when the aircon is regassed and is critical to the lubrication of the aircon compressor and the rubber seals at each joint in the system.
  4. Matthew Ashton

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    That’s terrible Andrew. Hope they get the car back to you in perfect condition soon! Look after your back - you only have the one and having back ache is not pleasant. I agree the hybrid cars seem to be a bit of a gimmic for anything other than the school run type journeys and to reduce BIK taxes.
  5. I’m not sure where else the condenser could be situated in the car. All cars I’ve had with aircon, the condenser has been in front of the radiator. Mine also failed but it wasn’t due to stone damage, the leak started in the bottom right corner where the matrix attached to the side tank although it was well pitted from bugs and stones hitting the cooling vanes between the horizontal fine tubes. It was/is the quality of the part rather than its position in the engine bay.
  6. Matthew Ashton

    I drive service history

    Any of the F10/F11 cars can have it coded but BMW won’t do it for you. They won’t code features and you’ll need to do it yourself or get a willing party to do it for you.
  7. Matthew Ashton

    Servicing Question

    You know the standard cars have electronic power steering so there is no power steering fluid to be replaced as it doesn’t exist?
  8. Matthew Ashton

    I drive service history

    At the end of 2013 all BMWs had the iDrive option for the Service history and the service book was discontinued. Using ESYS and an ENET cable you can enable this feature for cars pre this change. Note though that the services only started being logged in the iDrive around mid 2012 so if your car is an earlier model, it’s earliest services may be missing once the feature is coded. I drive a 2010 model and have coded this history in my car so services are now showing from 2012 onwards.
  9. Matthew Ashton

    Servicing Question

    What model car do you have that has hydraulic power steering? Or does it have integrated active steering if it’s an F10/11. Why did did it need a coolant replacement? Is it very high mileage? BMW state the coolant is very long life and should need replacing under normal driving and relatively low mileage.
  10. Matthew Ashton

    Sidewall damage on runflat tyre

    Pothole is the only explanation methinks. Or you were driving in a war zone and the tyre was shot out
  11. Matthew Ashton

    Clutch and dmf

    And to add, I’d definitely consider a DMF replacement at the same time. It is no more work to fit it once the gearbox has been removed. Sounds cheap for a clutch and DMF.
  12. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Thanks for the write up and I’m pleased for you at the level of sound improvement.
  13. Matthew Ashton

    Servicing Question

    No need to disconnect the battery to change the filters.
  14. Matthew Ashton

    Servicing Question

    If the car has been serviced as per recommendation and the iDrive updated each time, go with the car's view of when it needs servicing (intermediate oil changes excepted).
  15. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    I always loved unpacking new in car entertainment. Good luck with the installation and to echo @Dakota, let us know how you get on.
  16. Matthew Ashton

    Memory Seats

    Took the F11 to work today (yes, it was bring your car to work experience day!) and tested the memory settings. I switched between profiles in the iDrive, imitating using 2 keys and the mirrors’ position is memorised, along with presets, aircon, volume. So yes, mirrors do change position between different keys/profiles used on the F10, F11 without the need for memory seats.
  17. Matthew Ashton

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I bought these some years ago now and I've used them a number of times with no damage to the wheel paint and it makes it much easier locating the wheel on the car. http://www.reverselogic.us/lug-guides.html I did buy them in the US though. Had them delivered to my hotel along with a jack pad while on one of my visits.
  18. Matthew Ashton

    Memory Seats

    That’s odd. My wife’s F45 doesn’t have memory seats but each of our keys remembers the personalisation settings so mirrors, HUD, presets and air con. I’ve not tried the F11 as I’m the only one driving it. I’ll give it a go sometime and see.
  19. Matthew Ashton

    Towbar issues

    And my F11: You can just see the hole I drilled on the far right of the picture.
  20. Matthew Ashton

    Towbar issues

    Ah yes, that makes sense now (never thought for a minute you were daft! ). On the F11 you have to drill a 32mm hole through the offside bodywork just underneath the parking sensor loom so It was on the "right" side of the car for the length of the wires.
  21. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Door Tweeter Cover (Mirror Baseplate) BMW Price approx £12 Left 51337275779 Right 51337275780
  22. Matthew Ashton

    2010 525d m sport sound upgrade

    Do a search of this very forum and you'll see a number of Options as this topic has come up many times. Here's one very current thread:
  23. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Bike Rack Recommendations

    I don't like those that dangle off the rear of the boot lid and from what I can see there are none specific to the F11, maybe some cheaper option - I've not looked. I think your options are roof mounted bars then with bicycle carriers or the expensive towbar/bike rack route. I went for this option as I didn't fancy picking up 3 or 4 bikes over my head and onto the roof of the car. For me, the towbar and towbar mounted bike rack is the easiest and safest, and it tilts backwards with all bikes mounted so you can still access the boot.
  24. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    There is a plug and play wiring harness available from TEAMSPB.co.uk but you do need to run the wires to the boot where the aftermarket amp (additional cost of course)would reside. In your case try out those speakers and see if the improvement justifies the cost of the speaker without further amplification others say definitely and I hope this is the same in your case.
  25. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Bike Rack Recommendations

    I installed a Westfalia towbar specifically to attach this Thule rack: Thule Velocompact 3 with an additional attachment for a 4th bike.