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  1. Use of M5 wheels on regular F11

    Welcome, This topic has been discussed many times previously on the forum. A standard 19" wheel on the F11 is 8.5J all round which differs from the F10 that has a 9J wheel on the rear with an offset of ET33 (ET44 rear F10). The M408s are 9J width with an offset of ET32. Others have mounted them to the F10, can't remember if also to the F11 but a search will help you there. The issue you have is the tyre width. When mounted on the M5 the width is 255/40 on the 9J rim. On the F11 the standard is 245/40 on the 8.5J rim. So the wheel circumference will be slightly different and this will make your speedo be out slightly. I will always go with a wheel intended for the specific car but as I said others are happy to mix it up.
  2. Tyre pressure warning

    I bought mine for around £30 and it is self calibrating so I have much more confidence than with my much cheaper sealey one and it is much easier to use with the long wand and rubber hose.
  3. Tyre pressure warning

    Same here re frequency but I don’t trust a petrol station’s equipment nor a vendor like Kwik fit to check my tyre pressures. I bought myself one of these and couldn’t be happier: https://www.pcl-online.com/dtpg8-digital-tyre-pressure-gauge-1358-p.asp My wife’s F45 has full TPMS and is far more sensitive to pressure fluctuations so this pressure gauge is very handy.
  4. I don't believe it but its true

    But you aren’t telling that you only got to 42mph as your maximum speed and you were on eco pro! On a serious note though, that is very impressive from a turbo petrol car and says a lot about BMW’s engineering. P.s. Why aren’t you doing diy at home rather than going to work on a Sunday? Thought it was just me!
  5. Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Great info thanks Ryan. Now on my Must Do list.
  6. Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Hi Ryan, I'm so impressed that the inlet manifold came up looking so good. I'm thinking of stripping mine off to clean out the crud so a couple of questions. You say you use an Ultrasonic Carb Cleaner, could you let me know the product please? And then you jet washed it, so you took a Karcher to the inlet manifold? Weren't you worried about damaging any parts? And it got right in to the cavities blasting the carbon build up out? Thanks.
  7. F11 jacking points

    As @535i Andrew and @sshooie have said, get yourself a jackpad and trolley jack to raise each side, you don't need to take the wheel off, just reach in from the back of the wheel and wipe the air spring bellows clean.
  8. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    You aren't alone with this trait of yours. I really get annoyed with people who have a blatant disregard for others' stuff, whether a watch in for repair or my car - just makes my blood boil. It's mine, I paid good money for it, if I entrust you to work on it, make bloody sure you treat it like I do!
  9. Would these fit?

    These wheels take M12 x 1.5 bolts and the F10/11 uses M14 x 1.25 so the bolt hole is probably too small. Wrong wheel for our cars so keep on looking.
  10. Would these fit?

    Thanks, that helps. They are style 208 from a 1 Series.
  11. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Looks nice and shiny. Just wished they could stay like this!
  12. Engine Fault Reduced Powrr

    Not a good start. Disconnecting the earth means you are disconnecting the Intelligent Battery Sensor and bypassing this important part of the car's charging and monitoring circuit. BMW recommends charging via the +ve and -ve charging terminals under the bonnet. I use a CTEK MXS5.0 charger which has a specific AGM battery setting and I've adapted one of the leads provided with the charger and added a towbar plug and I charge via my towbar socket so I have no need to leave the bonnet nor boot open. Before I made this little towbar harness I trailed a charge lead with crocodile clips to the under bonnet charging points and then closed the bonnet and put the car back in the garage connecting up the charger.
  13. Towbar'

    The 7 pin and 13 pin sockets use the same wiring from the module to the car. There are numerous versions of the included instructions that are updated by Westfalia as they add new cars for use with their products. The original towbar wiring part:: 303 460 300 107/113 was sold with instruction document 303 460 391 101 - 003 and covered E82; E90 and E60 (with their range variants such as E61) Then the 303 460 300 107/113 part was sold with instruction document 303 460 391 101 - 007 and covered, in addition to the above models: F30; 5 GT and X1. Then the 303 460 300 107/113 part was sold with instruction document 303 460 391 101 - 015 and covered, in addition to the above models: F31; F32; F10; F11; F20; F22 and X3. For F10/F11/F07LCI the wiring part number changed to: 303 352 300 107/113 and its instruction document was 303 352 391 101 - 004 I'm sure there are other document numbers but these bring us up to date or thereabouts. All of these documents specifically state that a BMW diagnostic connection is NOT required but they all show that once the battery has been disconnected the Radio Coding needs to be observed. (I put this down to an industry standard and on our cars you need to reset the clock.) Before I bought my towbar and wiring kit I did a lot of investigation to make sure that I didn't need to program the car to let it know about the electrics and Westfalia didn't fail me and this is where there unit differs from others available aftermarket.
  14. Would these fit?

    Yes, sorry, didn't see it was your calculation rather than a tyre size (far too late last night). I was thinking about this after the post and I'd still steer clear of changing the specified size of tyre from that set by the manufacturer. It will probably make little difference but BMW specify sizes for a reason.
  15. Would these fit?

    The 100 is the load rating. The difference on the rear is going to be about 37mm difference in circumference. You'll need to check the offset of the replacement wheels too to make sure they won't foul the suspension nor stick out too far.
  16. Advice on winter wheels

    Asked and answered in another thread.
  17. What BMW Connected services do you renew?

    I have a CIC based car and didn't renew any part of connected drive but do keep my SATNAV maps updated but not via BMW.
  18. Engine Fault Reduced Powrr

    It'd be fantastic if all that effort in cleaning and reassembly has paid off. I hope it stays this way. Is your battery charger a smart charger that has a specific setting for the AGM battery in your car? If so then a full charge should make for a happy car/battery combo again. If I Ieave my car off the charger and don't drive it for a couple of weeks I too get the same message which is common for these cars.
  19. Would these fit?

    The standard wheels and tyres on an F10 with the 19" staggered setup is 245/40R19 8.5j on the front and 275/35R19 9j on the rear. Putting a 255/40R19 tyre on the car is going to change the rolling radius of the wheel so not recommended.
  20. Towbar'

    Yes, the F07 was based on the F01 architecture and was released in 2009 alongside the outgoing E60/61.
  21. Towbar'

    The pre-LCI 5GT towbar electrics, connect to the CanBus wires in the boot. F10 and F11 cars need to pick up the signal at the front of the car. But there is no coding needed unless you buy the "Right Connections" dedicated wiring which does recommend it. My F11 towbar electrics work as if the car rolled out of the factory with the towbar and electrics fitted. For Post-LCI F07s the Westfalia instructions show a connection at the front only inline with the F10 and F11.
  22. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    52000 and majority of that via runs of more than 100 miles.
  23. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    @sshooie‘s and my car are identical in nearly every way - except for the attainable MPG that is! Poor @sshooie being ridiculed again, by... And no, I’m not like that, honest guv!
  24. 530d f11...oil spots

    What a random generalisation to be made by the garage - that diesels are renown for what, leaks, in this modern world? Maybe 30 years ago and British Leyland cars but not modern day diesels. As the cover for the sump plug is covered in some fluid I’d start by looking at the sump plug that has been mentioned before in this thread.
  25. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I'm sure you have the same engine as mine (245 BHP) yet I'm amazed each time you show off with your MPG! What are you doing that is so different from me? I consider myself a stable speed driver and rarely exceed the speed limit yet I get no more than 42MPG. I want some of what you have please?