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  1. Performance air filter

    All scheduled servicing at BMW.
  2. Performance air filter

    I'm on to my 3rd air filter and have done 52000 miles on my 530d.
  3. BMW F10 535d warning oil to high

    The software update you see in the iDrive is just for Bluetooth compatibility for phones and updates are rarely made available. The software mentioned by @SuperDave, if available, is a programming activity that is normally done at the BMW dealer. They will generally only offer programming if there is a specific issue to be resolved as there are risks involved in programming with the potential to end up with a bricked ecu or two. That is an extreme outcome but it has happened from time to time.
  4. Bimmer guru dvd

    If you are looking for Video in motion from a DVD, get yourself a copy of ESys - Freely available; and an Enet cable - £20; and code the car yourself.
  5. Bimmer guru dvd

    What is a Bimmer Guru DVD?
  6. 19" Wheels - Much of a difference?

    Not in my experience of driving both.
  7. F10 Wind Noise

    As I've indicated previously in this thread, no glaring wind noise issue at all and the wipers are fine. I'd think wipers would need to be really bad for them to impact on the noise you hear. Body panels out of alignment, badly designed wing mirrors (no issue there for me) and windscreen seating or trim are the areas to look for. With the number of people saying their cars are quiet, is this something with the build of your specific example?
  8. 71k on the original set of rear brake pads sounds too good to be true. Mine were replaced at around the same mileage as @535i Andrew
  9. I would get as close to OEM as possible. Usually you get what you pay for and if this was me and it was in fact the compressor, I'd be looking for a high quality replacement.
  10. Heavy rain, Water leak

    That fabric is there for noise deadening so don't pull it off. The panel is made from 3 or 4mm thick ABS plastic so you will need to remove the bolts to gain access, there is very little give in the plastic itself. Also, for those drilling holes in the plastic cover, aren't you just delaying the inevitable if leaf build up is the actual issue? The leaves will just block the holes you've drilled and you will be back to square one? My view on this is that this cover has become a regular maintenance job so I will be removing mine every 6 months to clear any debris but without modifying the cover itself.
  11. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I have the standard part electric seats on mine with power folding mirrors as standard. The 2 aren't interlinked.
  12. Yes the valve unit is a component of the compressor assembly.
  13. There is a distribution valve attached to the compressor and is part of the valve set up so the assumption is that part has failed somehow. The discharge process is controlled by the Ride height control module and the compressor/valve unit.
  14. Air Suspension (Again, Again)

    Only one compressor dealing with both sides via a distribution valve. I the car is sitting so low it is on its bump stops I'd advise not to drive the car as you could cause damage to other suspension and drive components. If you have access to ISTA and an eNet cable you can force the compressor into action from a laptop. I assume your independent has the technology to test the system - make sure they do.
  15. Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    The gearbox needs hydraulic pressure to change any gears and without the engine running that isn't going to happen.