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  1. Just check the part numbers on and you will find they are identical F11/F10
  2. F10 and F11 use most of the same components so the autodimming was on option on both.
  3. This is some really good information so thanks to @MPowerph for sharing with the forum. Who'd have thunk it possible that a simple 5amp fuse could cause such trauma? And to think BMW put the ABS/DSC circuit together with the door handle comfort access sensor heaters!
  4. Auto Hold uses the DSC to brake all 4 wheels while the engine is running (or stop start activated) and once you brake with the foot pedal and bring the car to a stop - Auto Hold activated. If the engine is switched off by pressing the start/stop button, and Auto Hold was engaged, the handbrake EMF actuator is activated and the DSC releases the hydraulic pressure on the brakes. The handbrake EMF actuator is not used for Auto Hold and my assumption is that you need to release the brakes immediately when you pull away from Auto Hold and the EMF actuator would take too long.
  5. Not so on these cars, the handbrake is activated via an EMF module that acts directly on the rear brake pads. The experience @535i Andrew is having is the transition from auto hold to handbrake activation once the car is stopped and engine switched off.
  6. I really don't think you'll find a link to 7 year old maps anywhere. Also, as the cars were delivered with the 2010 maps I doubt anyone would have had a need for them to be available. I have a document where someone gives instructions on updating just these modules: CMB_MEDIA; HU_CIC; KOMBI; ZGW so your remap of the DME ECU would stay intact. - Flashing ECU Guide.pdf?dl=0
  7. One other thing, do you have access to an appropriate battery charger to condition and charge the battery? (From the posts under the bonnet of course)
  8. I wouldn't attempt to drive the car in case you make the issue worse. As @sanjx asked, do you have breakdown cover for them to come out and diagnose the issue?
  9. Just remember if you do replace the battery that you get it registered with the car as new.
  10. Read the error messages using ISTA to get the low down.
  11. I'm assuming the cable from the USB in the centre armrest is connected to the interface box in the boot (I think that is called the MULF or ULF-SBX). Not having ever done this retrofit I assume that USB cable needs to be connected to the new combox. As for the aerials, I assume they will be left disconnected.
  12. The 2 ports on the Combox are for USB connections and they use the HSD high speed Ethernet cables. The 2 plugs in your hand are coaxial aerial cables and I think one goes to the roof aerial and one to the Emergency GSM aerial.
  13. Looks very nice and enjoy your holiday but I have to ask, is your wife not allowed in your car and is forced to take her own? Oh silly me, I've just got it, your wife won't let you in the BMW!
  14. That makes sense as, with the stop start cycle, the car is always anticipating moving off rather than parking.
  15. From ISTA: Automatic hold function The automatic hold function is activated using a button behind the parking brake button. When the function is selected, the vehicle is hydraulically braked from the first application of the brake by the DSC until it comes to a complete halt. At engine standstill, the parking brake assumes the holding function. Pressing the accelerator pedal releases the wheel brakes and the vehicle begins to move. The automated braking and release process supports driving in urban traffic or in jams, for example. So front and rear brakes are engaged by the DSC hydraulically when auto hold is pressed until the engine is switched off when the EMF actuator is engaged for the parking brake.