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  1. Hi Dave, it was introduced with the iDrive 5 with the touch screen. I don't think you can retrofit it.
  2. USB in the glove box is only used for importing new map data on the CIC Headunit. For NBT the USB in the glovebox was removed and its function was moved to the armrest USB port. If you go for HU_CIC you will need the GPS aerial in the roof aerial and also a Combox. (Combox was removed with HU-NBT as its function was included in the head unit.)
  3. To help we really need more information than we're being given, There are a lot of clever people on the forum willing to help with the right information. Also, you seem to have identified the module yourself.
  4. I must be honest with you but finding arbritrary modules that you think are missing due to there being a spare connection in the car is a flawed approach. You may cause damage to other areas of the car's electronics. Modules can be specific to a model year or a VIN. To reiterate what I said before, consider the options you want on the car and focus your time, funds and energy getting those options installed. Just for my interest, what is the module you identified on newtis?
  5. How do you know there was such a module in your car and it is missing? Earlier you mentioned that all current features were working on the car so is this one you've found at fault?
  6. Count my vote in too...
  7. Thanks but I'd rather just plug the hole if I did get a puncture. At least if it was permanently repairable a patch could subsequently be glued on the inside of the tyre. With the tyre gloop there's no chance.
  8. Sorry, that is not good news. What is the repair for if not the timing chain. Ball park cost?
  9. Good idea. I carry the compressor in the car but don't have the puncture plug kit - off to the bay I go...
  10. So a Basic_Basic headunit. But not the module in the "What module is this" quiz.
  11. The back end of the radio looks like this (or should) so the module in question isn't it unless the police got a special unit. HU_Basic.pdf
  12. Sorry, multitasking and you are right of course. So who knows how they got the manual car's console to work in an auto!
  13. I thought the same but assumed that was too easy a deduction to make as the other picture does show the cd slot which is usually associated with the radio. You're probably right.
  14. He has a manual car and I assume your's is auto?
  15. Where is it in the pictures? Is it the backend of the one with the CD slot in it? Is there a part number or manufacturer code visible?