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  1. Matthew Ashton

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    And like everyone else... just an opinion. I assume you’ll be going with personal preference?
  2. Matthew Ashton

    Parking brake switch

    For all your maintenance needs NEWTIS.INFO is your friend: See this link for the specifics: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-530d-tou_201007/repair-manuals/61-general-vehicle-electrical-system/61-31-switch-sensor/CMh4s8P6
  3. Matthew Ashton

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    Sure, one could go and buy the parts that a car with the “high speed or reinforced” brake option from factory has, but all you’ll gain is 6mm thickness on the disc and a calliper to suit (530 and 535s all had 348mm diameter discs). Hardly worth it, and coming from a 530d with 348x30 discs, the brakes were already impressive. My current BMW has the M Performance brake option with 374x36 discs and I still reckon the 530d on its lowly 348x30 discs, under normal driving conditions, will give the new ones a run for their money.
  4. Matthew Ashton

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    BMW didn’t offer a genuine after purchase brake upgrade kit for the F1x 530d (or any others in the range as far as I know).
  5. Matthew Ashton

    Dash drains?

    It is.
  6. Matthew Ashton

    Dash drains?

    Sorry, should have been more specific, left looking from front to back over a hot engine, driver’s side, off-side. Def not the grommet side which is on the passenger side, near side.
  7. Matthew Ashton

    F10 535i Service advice

    It all depends on what was done at each service. The car has condition based servicing but you’d expect Oil change every 2 years (good practice to change it each year) this would include micro filter change too. Brake fluid service every 2 years Full service including air, oil, micro filter and spark plugs every second oil change. You can can find this information here (good source for all maintenance instructions for the car) : https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-535i-tou/repair-manuals/00-maintenance-general-note/00-00-maintenance/1VnYt3Q7Gy The schedule you’ve provided seems reasonable so long as the above has been adhered to.
  8. Matthew Ashton

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    I’d suggest those are right Dave. Same size as I had on my 530d F11. Unless as you feel the need to take the 525d on a race track, ignore anything that is cross drilled or grooved. Also, check with Cotswold BMW,sponsors in this site, they’ll tell you the accurate part number and they may surprise you with the cost. Although I see you’ve been quoted a pretty good deal elsewhere - depending on quality of course.
  9. Matthew Ashton

    Towbar removal

    Factory fit (electric) towbars are rare on these cars. The removable swan neck ones are far more popular and that is what is fitted to the pictured car.
  10. Matthew Ashton

    Towbar removal

    Yes, I still have the bumper carrier from my F11. That towbar pictured above is a removable swan neck unless my eyesight fails me. There is a blue knob to the right of the lower bend of the towbar neck that will no doubt require a key to remove. The swan neck can be removed and stowed leaving the car with no visible clue as to the fact a towbar is fitted. I’d be looking to find the key and remove the swan neck rather than start disassembling the rear end to remove the whole towbar.
  11. Matthew Ashton

    Dash drains?

    I doubt this is yellow grommet related. The engine EUC is in a box on the left side of the engine if I remember correctly and it would probably be these electrics that were affected. The yellow grommet allows water into the cabin but the water misses any major electrics as it trickles down the inside of the bulkhead through to the rear footwell.
  12. Matthew Ashton

    Over-tightened Wheel Bolts

    Yep, 2 bolts were intact but the flower shaped groove damaged and the other 2 bolts were in pieces having been destroyed when removed from the car. All about customer service which is a rare thing these days (or maybe it was any days!?).
  13. Matthew Ashton

    Over-tightened Wheel Bolts

    McGard is the manufacturer of the locking wheel bolts BMW uses. When I contacted them about removing the over-tightened bolts they were ready to help but I found the specialist and had it done soonest. When I went back to McGard in Germany to thank them and to say I wouldn't take them up on their offer, they said, if you have the damaged bolts, send them to us and we'll replace them under warranty!. So, £6.20 later to send a parcel to Germany and a week later I received a brand new set of BMW branded locking wheel bolts via DHL free of charge! Now that is service.
  14. Matthew Ashton

    Over-tightened Wheel Bolts

    Too true Mike. Also, as @Caesar says, we're in the minority. But I will do as I always have for the past 20 years or so and double check the tyre fitters and thankfully I did it this time too. But this should be common sense (oh, not a lot of that going on at the tyre sellers!) an impact airgun is going to apply a force of around 400Nm. I doubt any of them invest in a variable torque gun as they are expensive! But even then any mechanic worth his or her salt will "feel" resistance and pressure while tightening bolts and should always take care and use a torque wrench.