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  1. NBT was introduced to the F07 in 07/2012
  2. This is a good post describing one person's mission to import music into the HDD in an NBT system - As for the info you have about overwriting the existing music on import, this isn't correct. In the olden days (2011) when I used the internal HDD on my F11 with CIC I could happily import MP3 files from multiple USBs to the internal HDD and it just added them to the list. For a long time now I export from iTunes to a 64GB USB stick and leave that permanently attached to the armrest USB port to playback music from Too much faffing with the import process - and the older CIC didn't give you album art from the internal stored music and I like album art
  3. Not with NBT. The USB in the glovebox was merged into the one in the armrest.
  4. See the 2nd post, with the option 6NH that you have you don't get the ability to control the iPhone when connected to the USB port with the White Apple Cable. If you had 6NS which is enhanced Bluetooth and USB you would. (This can possibly be coded to give you the ability) I have not had to use a Y cable so you would need to try one to see if it works via the steering controls. If you have a newer iPhone then something like this would work: The Y cable allows for music playback and charging at the same time. If you want to try the coding route and you live in the SouthEast I can help you out just PM me
  5. No clue, sorry. There was a good DIY removal and clean on one of the forums. If you are interested I'll trawl through my posts and let you know.
  6. Mine registered one swirl flap fault about 20000 miles ago. I think the inlet manifold gets gunged up and needs to be removed and deep cleaned to allow the swirl flaps full motion again.
  7. BMW spec 140Nm
  8. Thanks for the great service. Parts arrived ready to be fitted.
  9. Easy install, see the first few posts in this thread, unless of course you need to replace the cables. I bought mine here:
  10. You can only code with Esys. The ISTA+ version you probably have has ISTA/D (Diagnostics) and ISTA/P (Programming) capabilities but only ISTA/D works with the Enet cable. You need the ICOM device for full ISTA/P programming as used in the BMW service centres. But Esys is available and works very well.
  11. In ISTA go to Vehicle Information -> Control Unit Tree. Click on the TRSVC module. Click on the button at the bottom of the screen - Call up ECU functions. Now look for Initialse camera or Learn in camera. You have to select the camera and do the initialising. I'm at the office and can't remember the exact screen and option but when I get home I'll connect to the car to get the specific instructions if you've not already fixed it by then.
  12. Reverse and Rear Fog lights have incandescent bulbs not LED.
  13. Not that I know of.
  14. This gives all of the ride heights in case anyone else needs the info for other rim sizes too. F10 Ride Height - Front.pdf F10 Ride Height - Rear.pdf
  15. Great your Maps have finally worked. My mistake about the 4GB that was the zipped file doh! My music USB is formatted as NTFS and works just fine. I extract from iTunes using the tool from here: