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  1. Nice way to start ownership with a clean bill of health. Enjoy it!
  2. Not particularly interesting but the Dynamic Pack on the F11 was available on the early SE models and included Sports Seats, Sport Steering wheel, Anthracite Headlining, High gloss black exterior trim and 331 or 332 19" Wheels all for an additional £2880.
  3. That is one very nice machine. No triple turbo diesel there but a large V8 petrol lump methinks.
  4. Just weren't charging enough Very sad to see a good independent close doors.
  5. Dyson works wonders on the lawn...
  6. That is a good price. What gets me about this (and the same on my invoice from BMW for £280 for my replacement) is that you would normally pay around £45 for a regas of the system and they make no mention of the evacuation and regas on the invoice yet it only cost £205. Gotta love that labour price though... BMW is around £100 per hour or thereabouts! 'suppose they do have to pay for their fancy premises.
  7. Weird! I did mine on a painted garage floor so left no marks at all
  8. Congratulations in your new car. Looks very nice and that multi function instrument cluster is very neat.
  9. The headlights on ours definitely move around corners from standstill to high speeds.
  10. Haven't driven mine for 3 weeks so plugged the charger into the towbar socket to show the battery some charging love.
  11. I wouldn't bother trying to fix the blown condenser. They are relatively cheap at around £100 for a genuine Hella-Behr one from Eurocarparts at the moment so fixing the old one would be false economy.
  12. Hi Dave, On your car the Combox is no longer. All of its features were built into the headunit on NBT equipped cars. The combox gives you things like Bluetooth streaming, iPhone integration etc.
  13. You'll need to replace those sails with the ones with the tweeter grills but they are relatively cheap on eBay. For the speakers you will want the exact fit ones so those from Bavsound, Gladen 201, Focal IFBMW-S name a few I'm aware of.
  14. I don't want you to be disappointed when you pick the car up as those are the blank sails in your pics and not the ones with tweeters behind them. You have some good audio options available though to upgrade in the future - Sorry!
  15. When you collect the car, make sure the locking wheel bolt socket and token screwdriver are in their pouch which is attached inside the right hand cover in the boot. Just grab the handle and pull it open - in there is the rear fuse box and you should see the black and red pouch sticking out.