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  1. Heavy rain, Water leak

    I still can't see how the vapour barrier coming away allows water into the F10/F11 as the door card has a molded flange that seals against the inner door weather seal so a leaking vapour barrier is going to leak outside of the cabin. If you could share pics of how that water was getting in it would be helpful. The major cause of water in the rear footwell is via the yellow grommet in the firewall and a leave/crud build up between an acoustic cover and the grommet in the engine bay.
  2. F07 Air Springs

    Thanks for all the info and the pictures. This will be very helpful when I eventually have to replace mine. As for the Black plastic bearing, Arnott's fitting instructions state that the black ring used on the OEM airspring should be discarded as the Arnott part doesn't need it. I suggest that for the Active Steering this part is needed due to the articulation hence them saying it will eventually get noisy.
  3. F07 Air Springs

    I looked at those part numbers when you raised the question but Arnott are very specific about not being for Active Steering cars so who knows if there is a real difference. Did you take a photo of the new or removed parts you could share? What did the genuine part cost you?
  4. F10 lci front end parts

    I've just done a side by side comparison of an LCI vs non-LCI F10 on REALOEM and the front wings and bonnet have identical part numbers. The bumper cover has a dfferent part number but as I said the LCI version MSport o e should be a straight swap.
  5. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Haven't you put your winters on since then? Or could you let me know what tyres they are as I really need some that get a deeper tread over time. Could this be the end of the cost of tyres?
  6. Heavy rain, Water leak

    You are most welcome and yours must be the worst build up and high watermark that I've seen. This is the reason I, and many others, spend time contributing to the forum. To see others benefit, in this case, in a very obvious way is very gratifying. Thanks for showing us the before and after pics. Definitely a major design flaw by BMW. I bet the majority of cars that spend their lives parked outside suffer from the same issue. In the future rust could become a problem if the water finds the slightest flaw in the corrosion protection in the rear footwell.

    Hi C. This is definitely one of the easier DIY services you can do. Good luck.
  8. F10 lci front end parts

    I've not seen any posts here nor in the US where someone has changed a preLCI MSport bumper for a postLCI MSport bumper. It isn't really much of a conversion as the bumper covers look so similar. Realoem is showing a different part number for the cover only and the bumper carrier and other supports are identical so I'd assume the covers are interchangeable.
  9. F10 Reverse light and/or Foglight warning

    A failing filament bulb could cause the same symptom. I'd change the bulbs first before taking it to BMW as, if you take it to them and they find it is the bulb, you will pay handsomely for their technician to change it for you. Just eliminate that at least.
  10. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Thanks for that Andrew, So I'm ok because I don't drive around with the detachable swan neck attached but you aren't as they just need to press the button to swivel the towbar into it's usable position. They can also shine a torch up into the bumper cavity to make sure the mounting nuts are in place on the bar but nothing else. Then the electrics should be tested but I don't think mine have been tested during the 2 MOTs I've had since fitting my towbar.
  11. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I think the towbar is a bit of a grey area. Unless it is visible to the tester i.e. in its fully extended mode, they don't go fiddling to get it out in order to check the electrics.
  12. Upcoming Service

    Sorry, when replying I removed the pictures of your iDrive status and didn't look back at them. Yes, Rear brake pads will need changing and as has been mentioned in the forum before, the mileage due can fluctuate drastically as the wear sensor gets to the end of its life. I'd do a physical check of the pad material actually remaining and would probably get them changed sooner than later. Check that website to get the quote for your car so you have an immediate cost benchmark when discussing prices with the service department.
  13. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    It sure is. So I wonder what the tech did, fiddle with a setting in ISTA?
  14. Upcoming Service

    Hi Sarjoo, The BMW Vehicle check is not the MOT - 2 different things but ultimately looking at the same areas of the car. I let them do the vehicle check on mine just to keep a clean service history and then had the MOT done. Take a look at www.bmw-service.co.uk with your Reg and mileage and you'll see the cost of the different service items. I'd suggest you need: Engine oil service with microfilter, air filter & fuel filter Vehicle Check Standard Scope (This is required with most services at BMW) Your rear brakes are showing being required in 49,710 miles so a long way off yet. Most dealers are going to give you the standard price as shown on the website I mentioned. But do try to haggle of course. You can go the Indi route but as you have AUC still, I'd consider going with BMW so there are no arguments should anything fail while still under warranty. That is just my opinion and mine is to have the standard services done at BMW but brakes I will do myself. Just to maintain the dealer service record.