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  1. Hello All. I have changed the rear numberplate light to an LED on that has resistors fitted! Sometime when I switch the side/headlights on the boot opens I have an interior boot release button. I have noticed that sometimes when I go to close the boot there is a whirring coming from a lock motor, and the boot won't shut/lock. Would anybody here have any idea what the problem may be? Thanks D
  2. den1

    DIY Retrofit Rear Electric Blind

    So! Therefore.. K-bus is a single-wire bus system, that sends & receives signals to the main ECU on the car. The centre console switch unit will send a specially coded message to the ECU to say when the roller blind is operating!
  3. den1

    DIY Retrofit Rear Electric Blind

    This is a terrific write up! I myself have just bought a rear electric blind & control unit! What I am wondering however...Is why... Pin 21: A wire from the centre console to a junction box behind the glovebox (not the fusebox) is this (Going to the intergrated electronic control unit) used? It is a white/red/yellow coloured wire...Where is the control unit ( and is it terminated on terminal number 7)?
  4. den1

    DIY: Retrofit Side Blinds

    Yet another terrific write up ! Thanks D
  5. den1

    Automatic Transmition fluid e39 530i

    Anybody here have a clue??? No ?
  6. Hello. I have a 2002 BMW e39 530i petrol automatic. I am thinking of having the auto transmission fluid changed since it has 119,000 on the odometer. Would anybody know what grade transmission fluid, and what quantity, would be needed for the fluid (oil?) change? I am getting a BMW Mechanic to do it ...but I am wondering about the fluid needed. Thanks Dennis.!
  7. I contacted the manufacturer about this a year ago. They said the professional way of applying it (As they recommend for BMW) is to spray the foam into the condenser via the drainage tube underneath the car!
  8. den1

    3.0i coolant expansion tank

    I have managed to get another one of these expansion bottles for £39 with p&p. http://www.bmwpartss...nsion-tank.html Now I have to figure out how to safely detach the 2 rubber pipes on the bottom.
  9. den1


    .....As a matter of interest...I have a BMW e39 530i (Petrol)..and a Webasto Thermotop"C" that I WAS going to fit to my VW passat Tdi (Which I no longer have!!)Is there a fitting kit for a e30 available?? Thanks D
  10. den1

    Mpg and outside temp

    I just went by the cars handbook which said to use premium grade fuel...page 23 octane number 98
  11. Hello All I look at the black expansion tank on my 2002 e39 530i auto, and wonder.??? Why didn't BMW just fit a CLEAR expansion bottle rather than this contraption?? The float needle inside has either become stuck (Again!!) or has gotten lost inside this tank! I can see liquid level with the plastic where the float used to shoot out of, when the coolant bottle is warm to the touch (Temperature gauge is just out of the blue).. I only ever do very short journeys..4 to 6 miles.. and even if I do 20 miles+ the temperature gauge is rock steady in the centre! Has anybody else encountered problems with these stupid/Bothersome bottles?? Dennis.!
  12. den1

    530i going to look at, opinions please

    To be honest I know what you mean But frankly..If I wanted to go down that route I would buy a M5 I already have a Toyota Supra TT.....soon to go BPU (440bhp?)....so the se does me
  13. den1

    530i going to look at, opinions please

    With all due respect MATE!...87500 x 2 is 175 K NOT 116 K! 28.5 K of motorway & duel carriageway driving more!...and... 2nd it's 3 Grand MORE!! Apart from the satnav,,,(and I have one of those already) it's the same spec!! Sport....Another car that has probably been thrashed.
  14. den1

    530i going to look at, opinions please

    I bought my 116k 02 BMW e39 530i se auto with FSH in June for just over 2K!......SO this is a TAD overpriced!!
  15. This Stuff works a treat! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=390337427620&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:VRI How many times a year are you going to clean the air con condenser?