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  1. How bl**dy much !

    That will never sell at that price piss take.
  2. DENSION 500S BT installation for BMW E60

    It will more then likely need coding to the car mine did anyway.
  3. My old sepia e39 back up for sale

    Possibly we will soon see IMO it’s still not £4300 worth however nice it may be.
  4. My old e39 up for sale shame to see that it has been messed with as this was one of the best e39’s on the road and absolutely mint, still it’s only done 8000 miles since I sold it and removing the stupid badges changing the grills back to standard and removing the cone filter is easily done, if it was priced at the 3k I sold it for I would most probably buy this back without question. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263429645536
  5. My old sepia e39 back up for sale

    Agree not worth what it’s up for at all it’s only a 525i after all!! I sold it for 3k and by the looks of it the only things money has been spent on is badges and a air filter it was serviced just before it was sold so hardly 1300 quids worth still has the Michelin tyres on I fitted, anyone is entitled to sell there car at whatever they want but it doubt it very much this will sell at this price, I would have it back at 3k as I know how good this car is and I doubt I would find another e39 in this condition anywhere for 3k.
  6. 2005 M5 E60 ABS

    Your first post indicates you only have a abs warning if your getting other faults transmission etc then there is a good chance it could be the battery or alternator, use a volt meter to check the voltage at the battery terminals with and without the engine running and post the results.
  7. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    Perfect thanks for your help.
  8. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    Looking to get my oem m5 wheels refurbished as they are starting to look a bit shabby, I want as close as match to oem as possible being shadow chrome I know this can vary from place to place. Now I know leptons are more the likely the best place for these to be done but coming in at near on £500 they are not cheap. Wondered if anyone else knows a decent firm to use that will get as close as a match to oem as possible and a bit cheaper without compromising the quality. If leptons is the place to go I’ll go with it just wanted to check if there is any alternatives before pulling the trigger.
  9. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    They look spot on, so to stop it happening to me and to get it right first time round what do I need to ask for?
  10. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    Cheers ally will look them up.
  11. E39 M5 Wheel refurb options

    I agree with you there good old saying you pay for what you get, I think I will go with lepsons, do you know if they have to different shadow chrome options one is darker then the other? Not a keen lover of the darker colour they do, just want to make sure I ask for the right colour choice.
  12. 2005 M5 E60 ABS

    It would be best to read the codes first and go from there to be honest.
  13. E39 525D Front & Rear Driver Side Lights Issue

    Yes that’s the one not sure if Jimmy on here cable shack may supply these too at least with him your know he only sells decent stuff. May be worth dropping him a pm
  14. E39 525D Front & Rear Driver Side Lights Issue

    The light control module is in the drivers footwell, you can change this quite easy with a second hand unit but you will need it programmed to match the vin and mileage if you have the Obd cable that works on your car and Bmw scanner 1.4 It can easily be programmed. I woukd also check the wiring loom in your boot as the wires can break with the boot opening and shutting, pull the black congregated rubber back and see if this is the case.
  15. E39 525D Front & Rear Driver Side Lights Issue

    I would suspect the light control module being at fault here seen as you have a few lights out at the same time, replace the bulbs first if no good that’s what I would be looking at.
  16. Sold

    Price reduced to £85
  17. Sold

    X2 fast and furious live tickets for the London 02 arena on Sunday 21st January SOLD
  18. Sold

    Sorry missed the most important part now updated.
  19. Wind noise from front screen

    Thanks Richard will check there also saying that I replaced all 4 this year so maybe one is either not fitted correctly or fallen off.
  20. Wind noise from front screen

    I have a lot of wind noise coming from the front screen from anything over 30mph. I have read other threads where the windscreen has been replaced and then the wind noise was apparent. However mine has not been replaced and nothing has changed in my 4 years of ownership, no chips or cracks etc in the screen itself. Any pointers as to what the problem may be?
  21. Wind noise from front screen

    All the trims are fitted ok, will check the scuttle panel as this has been off recently to do both rocker cover gaskets so that could be the cupruit maybe...will have a good dig around just thought I would get any pointers before taking a closer look.
  22. Freezer problem

    As above normal operation should resume now.
  23. Freezer problem

    That will most certainly be the timer, I replace them all the time it’s a common fault. Let me know how it goes.
  24. Freezer problem

    No problem. It sounds like it’s just the timer at fault. Although for the cost of a new stat it would not hurt to change that too.