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  1. robsey29

    E39 M5 Water pump

    When I did mine 4 years ago there was no alternative out there at all it was Bmw or nothing.
  2. robsey29

    Factory Specification lookup website

    There is a way if you send me the reg I will get you the vin
  3. I have just had my wheels done at leptons and there work is second to none personally I would not have my wheels done anywhere else. They do get the shadow chrome right and no orange peel like I had on my previous refurbishment done at dips London.
  4. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    As above late 2013/2014 models are facelift lci models.
  5. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    Seen quite a few lci models now that have needed new engines so don’t think this oil pump issue is related to pre-lci. I also accuired about a 2011 and phoned bmw uk and they said there was no recall for the oil pump so I’m a bit confused as to if this is the reason why the engines are going bang.
  6. robsey29

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Dms are stupid money personally I wouldn’t go there and pay there prices as I’m pretty sure they use most generic maps and then just tweek them slightly. I have used Simon at emaps plenty of times and run cars for years with his maps and never ever had 1 issue with them. He will come to you when he is next down this way and rough guide you will be looking at around £350-£400 and that’s for him to travel to you.
  7. robsey29

    Wheel Balancing

    I have this problem on my m5 wheels every time, when the fitter puts the wheel on the machine and spins it up it will ask for wheel weights, now this is where the fitter always goes wrong imo make sure once they have the wheel weights on to spin the wheel back up and check again if it’s asking for anymore if it does then more need adding until it has zero on each side of the wheel. Works every time for my wheels and this is where it goes wrong as normally it asks for more weight after the first spin up.
  8. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    At 35k you will have no problem my budget is a lot less then that I may hold out till they have depreciated a bit more now the new m5 is due out I suspect the prices will drop quite a bit.
  9. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    Thanks peterl but I’m on the case too checking every day on eBay autotrader piston heads etc so very unlikely I’ve missed much. Are you looking for a facelift model or pre?
  10. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    Thanks for clearing that up. Is the gearbox serviceable I.e can you get bits for them if needed or is it like the e60 box where you can’t get many bits to rebuild the box. Also do you know if rod bearings are a issue.
  11. robsey29

    Quote please

    Hi Phil can you quote me on part number 51718184153 Thanks
  12. robsey29

    Quote please

    Ok no problem. Thanks
  13. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    I’m also looking into buying one but for this reason it’s scaring me off. My budget won’t allow me to get a facelift so if this is the case and it has been rectified that would be good to know as I can keep looking and make sure the above work has already been carried out.
  14. robsey29

    Quote please

    Many thanks payment sent through PayPal. Thanks Matt
  15. robsey29

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    I have seen quite a lot of the early ones have had to have new engines fitted anyone have any idea why this is happening?
  16. robsey29

    E39 m5 Vapor barrier repair

    I have also used this stuff as recommended and leaking again will give it another go.
  17. robsey29

    Brake Pads replacement

    I have a genuine set of rear pads if anyone is interested for a f10 530d sport will put them up in the for sale section shortly anyway as I’ve now sold the car.
  18. Ecp prices have gone in the roof even with there discounts I hardly ever buy from them anymore as no question it’s cheaper from elsewhere.
  19. robsey29

    E39 Washer Jet Nozzle

    Hi Phil csn you provide me with a quote for part number 61668361042 Thanks Matt
  20. robsey29

    530i M Sport Techno Violet

    Almost certainly shill bidding that’s stupid money almost m5 money now. I’m sure it will be relisted several times
  21. robsey29

    Really loud X5 in cabin

    Suspect wheel bearing failure if it disappears when you turn right. You need to get the car on a 4 poster ramp and spin each wheel and put your hand on the strut and feel for any vibrations coming up through the strut.
  22. robsey29


    Euro car parts prices are massively overpriced on everything nowadays. I normally use gsf as they always have weekend offers on and are miles cheaper then euros every time.
  23. Exactly what I have just brought the yellow stuff pads will be fitting them in the next couple of weeks so I will let you know.
  24. I have the k-sport kit fitted to my m5 and the only word of advise I can say about them is don’t go for the k-sport pads as they are shit apart from that no complaints at all.
  25. When I picked the car up there were various scratches on the widescreen monitor and it’s bugging me, is there a way to get rid of them?