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  1. Breakdown cover

    For the money I don’t think you can beat it for breakdown cover, same as you used them once and money was in my account in a week no quibbles.
  2. Breakdown cover

    Been with them for 5 years now used them once and no problems at all, this was when they were a pay and claim and use whoever you like, now they are not a pay and claim and have there own people they use will have to see how that goes, touch wood it will be sometime before I need to do that.
  3. Scratches on monitor screen

    Did you remove all of the anti glare on the screen or just were the marks were?
  4. When I picked the car up there were various scratches on the widescreen monitor and it’s bugging me, is there a way to get rid of them?
  5. Servicing Question

    My indi is linked up to the Bmw database and puts the service history onto there it does cost him to do so mind you so it’s put into the costs of servicing etc.
  6. Advice on buying, please

    My indi had a n57 in not long ago that indeed needed a new timing chain so 100% they do go but not as much as the n47, personally I would only go for a 6 cylinder as the engine is far superior over the 4 pot.
  7. Scratches on monitor screen

    Just been looking at the screen protectors that you can use has anyone tried one?
  8. Droning noise from right rear area

    Sounds like a wheel bearing from your description mine had 2 new wheel bearings at 50k for some reason unknown to me.
  9. Pulling to left when braking

    Will check them could the tie rods also be a culprit?
  10. I have a issue with the car pulling to the left when braking, this only happens at motorway speeds 70-80 it’s to the point that you have to counter steer the car back in a straight line. The discs were past there best so i have replaced them and bedded them in probsrly, this was also a issue before replacing the discs I will add. So so here’s a list what I have checked already: Check the calipers are not binding, I have also checked the temp of each wheel after a run and there is even brake dust on each wheel. bleed the system including activating the abs control unit put it on the brake test machine to check for imbalance on the brakes check out to be fine. tyre pressures all correct and tyres are all vertically brand new No cracked alloys or flat spots that I can see. full hunter alignment i do have a slight vibration at 70 go past 70 and it goes which I’m 99% sure will be wheel balancing which will be done this weekend, although I’m pretty sure this would not create this issue anyway. Like I said it only happens mainly on motorway speeds so perhaps a bit heavier braking. My thoughts are possible shock absorbers not taking the strain very well at higher speeds as the car is a heavy barge, but saying that it passed the shocker test at the mot station when we tried that too. Has anyone had a similar problem or any suggestions.
  11. Pulling to left when braking

    Yes checked them also
  12. Parts price request

    Hi Phil Could you quote of part number 12138657273 i need 6 of these. thanks
  13. BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Ok no problem also a price posted
  14. Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    Thanks they do look a bit too silver from that photo.
  15. F10 530d Owner - Remap Question

    Is it not possible to map not for maximum bhp and torque but for better fuel economy?
  16. When I brought the car it was not working but a regas sorted it. I would imagine it was not documented when it was done in 2015. I have a feeling mind you I will drop the car off and they will say sorry sir you have the updated condenser already so no need to change it.
  17. eBay Carbon Grilles

    I brought a set off a German eBay seller not carbon but high gloss black with a chrome outer. Quality was very good and fitment was fine. It’s not as easy as tis mentions as the clips take some force to come out there’s 8 clips in total but the bottom 2 are very hard to get your hands down there to release them. Mine would not budge with a good old tug.
  18. Fair enough my dealer called it a recall!! Mine was changed under warranty in 2015 by the previous owner at another dealer but calling my local it’s flagged up it needs changing so I’m not going to argue.
  19. There is a recall on changing the condenser have you had yours done? mine is in next week to be changed as a recall.
  20. Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    Has anyone got any pictures of there demo shadow chrome to compare? Want to get mine mine sent off next week but undecided weather to go for there demo chrome or as the thread above.
  21. BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Do you have the Heater control panel? Any buttons broken etc?
  22. Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    See this thread
  23. Shadow Chrome. Who are the best?

    Looking at sending mine to lepsons but I have read on here there shadow chrome is a little bit too dark and to ask for another pass of silver. Has anyone else experienced this with there shadow chrome finish?
  24. e39 M5 Front brakes

    Pm sent