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  1. Wind noise from front screen

    Thanks Richard will check there also saying that I replaced all 4 this year so maybe one is either not fitted correctly or fallen off.
  2. Wind noise from front screen

    All the trims are fitted ok, will check the scuttle panel as this has been off recently to do both rocker cover gaskets so that could be the cupruit maybe...will have a good dig around just thought I would get any pointers before taking a closer look.
  3. Wind noise from front screen

    I have a lot of wind noise coming from the front screen from anything over 30mph. I have read other threads where the windscreen has been replaced and then the wind noise was apparent. However mine has not been replaced and nothing has changed in my 4 years of ownership, no chips or cracks etc in the screen itself. Any pointers as to what the problem may be?
  4. Freezer problem

    As above normal operation should resume now.
  5. Freezer problem

    That will most certainly be the timer, I replace them all the time it’s a common fault. Let me know how it goes.
  6. Freezer problem

    No problem. It sounds like it’s just the timer at fault. Although for the cost of a new stat it would not hurt to change that too.
  7. Freezer problem

    And yes that’s a mechanical timer, there’s a service kit for this where the timer is changed out for a p.c.b instead. It may be beko changed the timer on your model so it was not a fire risk but they still swap it out for a p.c.b instead of a mechanical timer that you have fitted now, I’ve checked the parts diagram for your model.
  8. Freezer problem

    You need to turn the timer all the way round till you hear a pronounced click that’s when the heaters come on, it will stop the fan and compressor as that’s its defrost period (one cycle every 24 hours) can you hear the timer clicking at all when switched on or put a screwdriver on the timer to feel if there’s any ticking coming from it. If the the heaters don’t come on when the timer hits it’s pronounced click then chances are it’s not the timer, it will take a while for the fan to kick in after you move it on from it’s pronounced click.
  9. Freezer problem

    Just checked on your model and it sure has the mechanical timer 90% sure it will be this I replace loads of them.
  10. Freezer problem

    Power to the heaters are supplied from the timer unit, can you take a picture of the timer unit. Is it a box at the rear to the left side of the compressor? If so you can unscrew this and put a screwdriver in the middle of the box to turn it till it clicks once it clicks it will send power to the defrost heaters, if it does then the timer will be st fault. Also if it’s a mechanical timer this should be replaced anyway as these are a fire risk and there is a conversion kit for them a pcb takes there place.
  11. Ok no problem the travel to you is my problem as I don’t have the time. I will have a think and let you know if I want them.
  12. BMW 535d 3l M sport 2007 (07)

    Thanks mate should of spotted that myself duh
  13. BMW 535d 3l M sport 2007 (07)

    Hi so is the mileage on the car now around the 185k mark?
  14. Don’t think you read the thread properly as it was not the op asking for a set of rears the op was offering his set to the op in this thread.
  15. Hi dan thanks for clearing that up as you can see from your post before it looked like the rears where non genuine as you were offering then to someone else as non gen rears, don’t suppose you come anywhere near Southampton way do you?