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  1. Thanks will get my ass in gear and get my done. Would you say the finish is as close to oem as you can get? I know every set varied from the factory it's hard to tell from your photos as certain light etc
  2. They do look good how much did they set you back if you don't mind me asking mine are due to be done.
  3. Just found the summer special on the official Gatwick site it's only on north terminal and I'm flying from south but no big deal only take 5-10 minutes to get across and at £76 that's acceptable. i did just see the news about the meet and greet place which puts even more doubts on my mind not to use them especially if I take the m5.
  4. Just booked a Hoilday to Greece and trying to book airport parking tried the usual sites but it's seems expensive compared to last year or I am just being tight. any pointers for somewhere to find cheap but good airport parking not too keen on meet and greet but willing to give it ago.
  5. Same problems as u only a few weeks ago new condenser fitted and now it's ice ice cold pretty sure that will be the answer I'm pretty sure my fan does not work only when the ambient temp is very hot as it's needed for extra cooling so does not run all the time
  6. Should of seen this earlier but I could of recommended a good indi I've used for years but it is in Southampton, looks like it's in good hands now anyway, hope you get it sorted.
  7. No way your not selling up surely?
  8. Now sold
  9. sold
  10. Not in Southampton but he will travel to you my recommendation would be Simon at emaps.
  11. Edit wrong section
  12. BMW OEM ALPINE IPOD INTERFACE Part number 65410411033
  13. I'm not looking to do the front lights just the rears is coding only needed for the rears or a wiring harness modification needed also? £200 for the harness ouch that's more then the lights are.....which harness did you use?