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  1. Second the exhaust manifold common failure
  2. That is low mileage indeed. Do you actually get to drive it with those miles??
  3. I have fitted one of the cast manifolds to my previous car x5 with no problems at all very well made bit of kit should my e60 suffer with this I will be buying another of these in a flash.
  4. Petrol or diesel?
  5. Ok so it would not code the module to the car and said it's not compatible which obviously it is it would not update the ccc unit because of this. I had to take the car away as I needed it back and we are going to try plugging the cd changer back in and updateing the ccc unit that way then try and recode the module once everything is updated and go from there. just need to find some more time to drop it off again and it won't be for a few weeks now as I'm away next weekend.
  6. It's a 8 hour update for everything so it's being done overnight should know more tomorrow afternoon
  7. No field motors BMW specialist very good indi would not go anywhere else.
  8. Going to my local indi in botley he is going to update the software for the whole car and then code the module to the car. No worries if it works I'm more then happy to meet up and try yours.
  9. It seems the one I have is the only one listed under my chassis number so I'm pretty sure it's the correct one.
  10. Just tried another old iPod classic running software version 1.3 it would not even have the charge sign up so still not working taking it in for coding tomorrow updating all the ccc unit etc will see if that gets it working if not I give up.
  11. I will try and get hold of a old iPod then and put this to bed if it's a iPod issue or a car issue. Thanks for your help.
  12. How old is yours or what gen is it?
  13. Thanks for the offer mate but I'm so tied up with work at the moment I don't think I would get any time soon to come up and meet you, but will bear the offer in mind many thanks
  14. Southampton
  15. Yeah will give that ago although my classic is the 5th gen classic and only a few years old so I would imagine the software may be to new maybe?