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  1. robsey29

    E39 Washer Jet Nozzle

    Hi Phil csn you provide me with a quote for part number 61668361042 Thanks Matt
  2. robsey29

    530i M Sport Techno Violet

    Almost certainly shill bidding that’s stupid money almost m5 money now. I’m sure it will be relisted several times
  3. robsey29

    Really loud X5 in cabin

    Suspect wheel bearing failure if it disappears when you turn right. You need to get the car on a 4 poster ramp and spin each wheel and put your hand on the strut and feel for any vibrations coming up through the strut.
  4. robsey29


    Euro car parts prices are massively overpriced on everything nowadays. I normally use gsf as they always have weekend offers on and are miles cheaper then euros every time.
  5. Exactly what I have just brought the yellow stuff pads will be fitting them in the next couple of weeks so I will let you know.
  6. I have the k-sport kit fitted to my m5 and the only word of advise I can say about them is don’t go for the k-sport pads as they are shit apart from that no complaints at all.
  7. robsey29

    Scratches on monitor screen

    Just brought a matte screen protector from Germany that have a anti glare coating on, have not fitted it just yet as I’m unsure if I should remove the anti glare coating from the screen itself before applying the protector.
  8. Had the air con condenser replaced at Bmw today as a recall or quility enhancement as they want to call it!! plus a free health check with nothing to report and a clean bill of health which is always nice to see.
  9. robsey29

    Breakdown cover

    For the money I don’t think you can beat it for breakdown cover, same as you used them once and money was in my account in a week no quibbles.
  10. robsey29

    Breakdown cover

    Been with them for 5 years now used them once and no problems at all, this was when they were a pay and claim and use whoever you like, now they are not a pay and claim and have there own people they use will have to see how that goes, touch wood it will be sometime before I need to do that.
  11. robsey29

    Scratches on monitor screen

    Did you remove all of the anti glare on the screen or just were the marks were?
  12. robsey29

    Servicing Question

    My indi is linked up to the Bmw database and puts the service history onto there it does cost him to do so mind you so it’s put into the costs of servicing etc.
  13. robsey29

    Advice on buying, please

    My indi had a n57 in not long ago that indeed needed a new timing chain so 100% they do go but not as much as the n47, personally I would only go for a 6 cylinder as the engine is far superior over the 4 pot.
  14. robsey29

    Scratches on monitor screen

    Just been looking at the screen protectors that you can use has anyone tried one?
  15. When I picked the car up there were various scratches on the widescreen monitor and it’s bugging me, is there a way to get rid of them?