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  1. DAB retro fit

    The rear windscreen would not be as bad if it’s got a long enough lead to do so, will give them a call to see what the options are.
  2. DAB retro fit

    Sounds like a worthy upgrade then just need to swallow the cost up as it’s expensive for what it is, not a fan of having a windscreen antenna will look into if there’s any other option. Thanks for the info.
  3. DAB retro fit

    How’s the reception have you had any drop outs or is it pretty stable most of the time?
  4. DAB retro fit

    Ok cheers I have had a look at it and google brings up no reviews on the product. Just thought I’d ask you if it’s worth the money and how it’s going for you.
  5. 2018-1 CIC NBT maps

    Are these not generated codes (hacked) as Bmw does not offer lifetime codes?
  6. DAB retro fit

    Not a diy job then would you say? What’s the black box we are talking about? As you have had it installed for a while now how would you rate it? Any reception issues etc?
  7. 2018-1 CIC NBT maps

    Is this code all that’s need to update the maps?
  8. Oil level sensor

    Hi Phil Can I have a price on this part number please 12617607909 Many thanks
  9. DAB retro fit

    Can you confirm if you added a extra antenna and if so which one did you buy? Any drop outs yet and was this plug and play?
  10. Start / Stop

    Went to see my Indy tonight who confirmed if the battery state is below a certain level it disables the s/s moral of the story connect your ctek and it will work again that’s if you want it to work of course.
  11. Bmw f10 performance parts

    Can I have a breakdown of costs please. thanks
  12. Bmw f10 performance parts

    Hi I have found the part numbers. 51712165539 51712165528 51192219338 51142240803 51192291327 51142344583 Thanks
  13. Bmw f10 performance parts

    Hi Could you price up separately a pair of m performance kidney grills in high gloss black for a 2012 f10 m sport also a price on the m performance rear diffuser and the front diffuser/lower skirt Many thanks
  14. Parts price request

    Hi Phil csn you please price up a pair of front discs hopefully the part numbers I give you are for the value line if not can you see if there is a price difference for the value line many thanks. 34116785669 34116785670 left and right discs front
  15. Thanks for sharing the info. What setup did you have in your f10 to start with was is base spec or hi-fi?