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  1. get the cill covers off asap and advertise for a good used cats, try quarry motors and watch ebay - good used do come around from breakers.
  2. This car is not being used, as I am unwell at moment and limiting my driving. Should you be interested and wishing to discuss then use the forum, however not discussing in same vein as last year. The car is excellent, 179k with full service history and treated by me as second private owner to the same standard as rest, excellent clutch and gearbox so driving is very smooth and relaxed. I have fully sorted out minor rust (properly) the car has long MoT, recently serviced and everything works. Excellent spec as it was BMW press demo car, double glazed etc etc, vermount green with beige interior, manual sport seats, sat nav, uprated sound, factory roof spoiler etc etc - car is totally original Yes I have lots of cars etc etc and they are my hobby, not a business and provide me with endless enjoyment - this is a genuine opportunity to consider getting a rare car in very very good order and still priced to keep clear of breaking for the six speed gearbox, pedal box etc etc. Spares package including susp. legs/bags and compressor plus other bits comes with the car.
  3. Hi Dan, are there similar pattern to M5 and not sure if they would fit the touring as guessing they are for saloon, please let me know as for no money they would nice touch. thanks
  4. I didn't rate my M5 Touring, surely the Elekta is only a limited Italian marker variant (correct?) so some freak is always wallet full and brain light. mine was basically a good sound car, not perfect but capable of being a 90% version only needing minor work. So the 3.8/5 saloon was kept and the Touring sold on, for sensible money that enabled someone in UK to take on the work and still have a reasonable car and no mortgaged soul. I found the legend surpassed the reality, the saloon chassis balance is much better in my view plus a much cleaner profile and shape. 540/6 Touring can make a nice and lower cost alternative if possible to find/buy a specimen. I must be one of the minority who is not having a goal seeking plan to have the 3.8/T in the shed.
  5. Rare f/l beast, maybe a true Alpina enthusiast will bid as a collector item, as a low mileage, recomissioned nice car for use I think it will struggle beyond £14/15k. Its not a V8S and associated premium, it is rhd re out of uk sale, so only a committed few may jump. would I bother? no because I prefer the B10 as a stylish saloon that although more it has the classic shape. its very nice and interested to see where it leads, Old Colonel Cars I suspect and then £22k one off ever !!
  6. Hi, need a dye to correct colour of arm rest kit being added. the car is 1998 A6 Quattro saloon. the interior is full leather dark blue Buffalo - I have code BP on docs linked to torquise blue BK2412 chassis number WAUZZZ4BZWN08773 are you able to identify and mix a small kit from this info. thanks keith
  7. OK. will do as the new owner may now fancy the Alpina and the plans change.
  8. So are you a party to the rescue and service etc of this car? your postings suggest detailed knowledge etc.
  9. very nice, interested to see the price re mileage and condition. so what is the story re this rather rare specimen?
  10. Don't know who is silliest on this Juncker re USA stupidity, or Spain being accommodated re Veto by EU crass move and Michael Howard getting the context and comments all wrong. However, the die is cast for Spanish veto, ably supported by our EU no longer colleagues, so change that if UK can. ! I am giving up on Brexit postings now, I can see no commonsense from either UK or EU parties, just slinging as many complications, added trash and punishments that UK may or may not deserve. No idea where this democratic decision by UK will lead us to very soon - doubt end agreement is possible now re above additional complications that arise each and every day.
  11. Don't know who is silliest on this Juncker re USA stupidity, or Spain being accommodated re Veto by EU crass move and Michael Howard getting the context and comments all wrong. However, the die is cast for Spanish veto, ably supported by our EU no longer colleagues, so change that if UK can. ! To me it just gets made more and more confrontational and wait the next "Gib" moment re Spain veto over Falklands and anything else that can be tossed into the mix.
  12. This is the government's plan, bring it all in asap, then gradually review and change into UK revised law - that seems reasonable plan apart from the quislings and HoL adding more problems.
  13. Here comes the tough times, 27 V 1 plus fallon, sturgeon and any other saboteours who wish to make a bigger mess of the ratified decision. I have no idea how the PM/government can fight so many issues at same time, particularly as we have our own fifth column of EU quislings. Treason comes to mind for the extremists who put damage to the country and its majority who voted out as a prime objective. Can Article 50 be used by UK to say enough of this crap - we are out now and WTO rules effective from, say 31/12/2017 as punishment is the only word EU politicians can focus on. Worse case scenario is England/Wales then stands alone in WTO rules, Scotland flees to bosom of EU, Ireland gets unification and falls outside the comfort zone re trading and borders. Is this the nightmare scenario that EU seeks to reward UK with 40 years of net contribution to the most politically distraught organisation that benefits the German factory output via cheap currency (d/mark v euro) discrepancy - and sacrifices all the south and meditteranean countries. Think I need a drink after this summation/error or fright.
  14. will record both plus wsb also around as well - good frantic racing but prefer two wheel action
  15. Fine car from a 20+ year Toyota fan, ok ours is only a Previa but what quality and reliability in 22 years of non stinting work, whatever the task, family transport, works van or just a general lugger of bits. Really like the Lexus brand and particularly this top end saloon - great project. had I not had the Alpina B10 and liked it so much then a look/see what around is possibility.
  16. The chips are down now, odds 27 versus 1, so be prepared for crap demands, little or no compromises from fortress EU, this will be a testing time for UK to declare its mettle and show it not being kicked around - it may well turn out to be a pre-cursor to walk away and no agreement. We are going to need to back the Brexit now, dump Scotland and Ireland issues into the future and focus on UK well being despite the self centred EU. Demand a full balance sheet of assets and liabilities including our monies in all European institutions so we can net down the ridiculous demands to a realistic/accurate value and call in all loans made to EU member countries who benefitted from cash injections. No pay to EU before all set off's applied and certified as agreed. Time to grab the opportunity now their hand is declared, and shut Fallon, Clegg and the Gina women up by one process or another - this country is out whether you voted yes/no - its a one way EU led punishment exit path. Next target via Spain announced today, Veto all unless Gibraltar future status suits them - so the pile grows until there is no point in even negotiating - not that I believe there is on day 3 anyhow. just my view of course.
  17. Chris, you have surpassed my efforts for saving 540 estates, they are excellent cars and yours looks brilliant - I would leave both the front and rear spoilers as now, like the wheels and enjoy your usual mass of work this spring. great save of a great car.
  18. It was an ill considered rant from Junker responding to US import tariff threats on cheese, scooters etc. EU management appears crap at moment and main task it aims is damage to uk. Think Southern Ireland owe us a bundle we can recall without any fallout - sure we loaned money at height of their banking failures, and as usual Gideon/Carmoron gave away some of our borrowed funds.
  19. Surely an integrated Ireland (north and south) should it happen, is an independent arrangement and as such will not enjoy free entrance to UK and formal border controls would be mandatory as we now out of EU and a united Ireland assumes the mantle worn at moment by RoI - am is missing something or does this seem realistic. Cant have an open border into UK via irish ferries and airports and vehicles just dumping more of the same here ala france etc.
  20. Agree with this statement, but not being Irish or immensely religious how can the two opposing religions co exist whilst the fanatics either side will not accept peace except within each sets of distorted terms. Hard border controls at all UK ports and Airports now seems mandatory with immediate rejections and not allowing off the perimeter - straight back via lorry they came in or aircraft they sat in? Must be effective/legal and actionable rejection process not linked to costly appeals processed sold by solicitors fleecing state legal aid as now. What is left of NI manufacturing base and gdp for southern Ireland to effectively manage - s.i. seems good a butter and banking follies but what else will pick up the social burden of NI should they form one new integrated company or country - largesse from the EU or another massive payoff bill to UK ? just my thoughts.
  21. All the experience, tips and advice helps with the M5, I certainly asked, got and posted as much as I thought helpful on my jobs. hth
  22. Hi, any suggestions re reliable electronics engineer as we appear to have power loss, ie no voltage to start boot up process. so it 1987 electronics, pcb and components plus the wretched thing is irreplaceable if lost as well, we have the dash pod out now. help appreciated from any suitable provider. k
  23. very nice - good buy for someone to keep in my view.
  24. Hi chaps, had a read of the german doc, read it as M5T in grey and with alcantara trim etc and 105kms. this wasn't mine, mine was black Schwarz, black leather, 1993 assigned plate and a five speed. so believe my ex car is still in Scotland where it was welcome by keen enthusiast as a keeper. hth
  25. unfortunately no as it more complex piece of old kit, it needs an experienced electronics guy to unpack the thing, identify the power failure and somehow get it to energise - will need to keep up the search - if it wrecked we are in big problems re non existent spares.