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    now getting dirty on old cars, spending pension on old car bits in the vain hope they will go again - usually do though.
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  1. very nice - good buy for someone to keep in my view.
  2. Hi chaps, had a read of the german doc, read it as M5T in grey and with alcantara trim etc and 105kms. this wasn't mine, mine was black Schwarz, black leather, 1993 assigned plate and a five speed. so believe my ex car is still in Scotland where it was welcome by keen enthusiast as a keeper. hth
  3. unfortunately no as it more complex piece of old kit, it needs an experienced electronics guy to unpack the thing, identify the power failure and somehow get it to energise - will need to keep up the search - if it wrecked we are in big problems re non existent spares.
  4. Hi, any suggestions re reliable electronics engineer as we appear to have power loss, ie no voltage to start boot up process. so it 1987 electronics, pcb and components plus the wretched thing is irreplaceable if lost as well, we have the dash pod out now. help appreciated from any suitable provider. k
  5. Moslem community on here please answer without rheroteroic You have the means, intelligent senior management to achieve some moderation via speeches and media attentions, Please stop some of the inflammatory demands re Sharia law imposition in UK, vitriolic hate spouted by well known individuals via stronger mosque management - until then the natural inhabitants of this country are going to get more rabid after the next incidents - then the genie may well escape the bottle. Surely the Muslim elders can see the above as cold sense and actually apply management success to demonstrate to us, who expect such responsibilities. Stop the hate sermons and invitations to kill us (infidel/non believers by any means) we sick of hearing it quoted from some version or other of the Koran. I am concerned the pressure build up by these crazy individuals, home based, returning somehow from Jihand etc are part of a policy/plan to destabilize our pleasant and largely tolerant country, but it not a one sided correction. Prisons have to be addressed, too many civil liberties there, too much time and money = breeding ground that should be stopped now - forget the lefftie luvies and for our sake stamp on the piss poor contractors who fleece the tax payers. not racist, don't suggest it either - just a uk higher tax payer for over 55 years. moderators, please consider this is a balanced posting - any edit necessary is fine by me,
  6. rubbish, hyprocisy is not my style, so don't make up my response - had I heard it there would have been no comment.
  7. No, at 155k miles its still unbelievably quick, never had it flat out and it so quick through the autobox - someone will always want it - just like the 175k miles rocket ship E34 M5. the old 3.8 straight six hth and just personal view
  8. Glaring silence of condemnation from one religion re the attack - heard any of the so called Imans calling for peace and prayers for the innocents? I haven't - unless it supressed by the right wing press - even leftie BBC found no champions to present re this comment. don't throw racist at me either - just annoyed its a one way condemnation, don't care he was born here.
  9. Most of the B10 were business expresses so low mileage examples must be rare and rarer. my 2000 is sat on 155k although has a mass history of work done, so that's the realism now around 14/18 years into E39 model. still rate Alpina as the dog's danglies in terms of doing it all in style
  10. There is a real danger of some "nut of the other extreme" planning vengeance as it appears to be planned provocation each time, then followed by a silence from the related community, no press of tv statements - just ignored or claimed he had a history of mental illness. PC correctness in this country is now absolute madness.
  11. guess its selling price Carl ?
  12. looks and advertised realistically, well worth watching and what realistic bidders (not 0 idiots) value it at. mileage not huge and looks a cared for example.
  13. hope the mentally ill knifeman is no longer on this planet.
  14. no just saving energy and judge someone else's results - us o.a.p. do it all the time !!
  15. Great farewell message from Edd, did what he believed right and not a wipe over rebuild by shell polishers etc. He will do good in his own right and not in the shadow of some re-rated American rat up programme.