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    now getting dirty on old cars, spending pension on old car bits in the vain hope they will go again - usually do though.
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  1. seem to remember you had a V12 not so long ago ?
  2. my guess, 6 speed untested box, (needs check over etc at specialist say another £350 - so £1000/1150 (the price of my secondhand/good 5 speed was £900. 3.8 engine completed with all bits except correct prop shaft for M5 - needs £350 basic check over at specialists, so guess £2500/3000 dependent upon desperation for a getting rare engine. Overhaul/rebuild costs up to £5k with anything awful hiding in the block. hth and prices above are retail guesses.
  3. Well done chaps, good turnout and sorry couldn't be there this time, k
  4. plus 20% vat on bid price plus any other handling costs plus vat plus removal costs plus vat. it would have to be a low winning bid to take on that amount of damage and nor come out on a real losing side re costs versus sale value of repair car.
  5. T.May, will she go down in history as the PM who threw away a 40point or so lead, fouled up completely over more cuts re NHS, Security and Police plus clawing back allowances to English pensioners, also refused to consider reducing/deleting the 0.8% pf GDP we give to willing despots and NGO for next model of white Landcruiser and choice of which 5 star hotel to admininster from. Maybe the will get in with a scrimping majority, (enter stage left Gina Miller and here antics) and then balance that lot against a Brexit farce called managed exit. How could they make such a mess in approximately 3 weeks - anyone else agree ? or am I totally misreading the current situation.
  6. Aah, but you have the cherished blue cloth - the never used bmw wiper of dreams - sure a towing eye will be available from Tim or others on forum - if not Ebay search as well.
  7. don't understand your comment - you mean just let them carry on members of the public ?
  8. Terrible, cowardly attack on young innocents, I sincerely hope there is no backlash in Manchester where extremists of other conviction delight in an opportunity like this act. Manchester Imans, come out and deliver condolences and contain the idiotic rhetoric that encourages this treasonable act - capital punishment should be restored for these hideous act and all those involved. a few years in jail with mobile phones to use plus access to wifi gives them even more opportunities to plan such acts and the hideous message they preach.
  9. I had a C43 amg a few years ago and never got attached to it, despite the effortless performance, never had a RRover but understand the luxury drive element. Still very content with the B10 V8, it is everything I ever needed, no four wheel drive but that need is not in my library re off road etc. (have the audi V6 Quattro sport with awd if it needed) Good luck with the car and sure you will cossetted and probably pass me in the fast lane at some time - most RR do !!
  10. sebring grey followed by family favourite avus blue in M5 format with granit silver trim pieces.
  11. Truthfully this is a fine little car, honest condition report, mechanics 95% at least, 11 months MoT, full leather interior at 95%, no rips/tears, cd, climate, tape all work, tyres 90% as were renewed, paintwork 80% re 16 years old, minor repaired damage/dint on o/side front wing, few other marks and tailgate paint not so good, nothing hanging off and rest of panels incl doors etc very good. Original handbooks incl service book, old mot, invoices etc available for inspection as well. Central locking, remote and factory imobiliser is 100% on 2 key fobs - this is ready for immediate use. so thruthful description for anyone needing cheap and reliable comfortable 6 six speed daily that is not a potential pile of expenditure, as its the five door version it a bit more family friendly. I cannot advertise it as 100% or concours for £1350 so above should clarify it condition accurately, for a serious buyer/user its a good sound car. k
  12. this has been around for a while and been on ebay before as well I think for £4k.
  13. PM sent re reg'n number and picture set now ready.
  14. not advertised elsewhere - so let me know. k
  15. Should anyone be interested Mrs 540 VR6 is for sale. 2001 silver, 6 speed, 5 door, top spec black heated leather seats etc, climate control, radio, cd x 6, tape player all part of top spec car and bonus of no sun roof to leak. history, invoices and handbooks all here. 2 owners before us, we have owned for 4+ years. 11 months MoT to May 2018, we have renewed alternator, starter, battery, brakes rebuild and tyres as needed plus haldex service/filter. 154k miles, full VAG service history till we bought it at 150k or so, then looked after by my local specialists. Excellent condition, few blemishes but is very clean inside/out for 16 year old car, alarmed and central locking plus 2 fobs. Returns well over 32mpg on motorway runs and around 23/25mpg on mixed local. very quick and comfy little car but it not being used and it deserves release from prison/carport as always parked out of weather. £1350 ovno - please email if interested.