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  1. M5 CTG number plate price drop

    What does CTG mean mate, over 1000 M5 plates at DVLA for £250 including all fees

    PM sent
  3. Beautiful, but more importantly. Must resist
  4. Wanted E31 18" Alpinas

    Unfortunately must be staggered set, appreciate the reply
  5. Wanted E31 18" Alpinas

    Had 3 sets last year and paid between £1300-£1600, need another set and will pay over the odds, willing to pay £2k - £2.5k for a nice set, just wheels 07767665544, cheers
  6. BMW Z4 35is

    Bit of a long shot, did this sell matey
  7. Any reason my post count as diminished, am pretty sure it was over 500 and now 82, happened since the upgrade
  8. FS: BMW F11 525d M Sport Touring Auto

    Great car, great spec and colour, miss my old one but this is just outside of my budget. GLWS
  9. Bargain price for the options and and final OTR price http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2012-BMW-640D-M-Sport-Gran-Coupe-16900-miles-only-in-Frozen-Bronze-/141895636130?hash=item2109a394a2:g:IAQAAOSwX~dWs681
  10. He's Never Going To Sell These

    Got a set in lovely condition, i can't shift for £250
  11. Is it wrong i find this appealling?

    Love the 928GTS, favourite porsche ever
  12. 18" RH X-Rad with wider rears, refurbished!

    Awesome wheels and bordering on trade money, stunning refurb job, in my opinion retail should be £795 at least
  13. am proper liking this, for very reasonable money, think you can nick this for £3500 and very minimal rust. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-fitted-with-M3-3-2-engine-5-speed-from-3-0-M3-M5-Touring-Estate-Sleeper-/111889426970?hash=item1a0d212a1a:g:-uAAAOSwFMZWq3Ya
  14. Alpina Alloys - Staggered 16" Open Lug

    way toooooo much £700-£900 with tyres