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  1. Help needed!

    Thanks for the reply m8. It's just frustrating that with all the tech in the car that it's not a standard feature, even in my old st220 it had one!!
  2. Help needed!

    I know this has been covered before; but here it goes!! I have an e60 55 plate, pro nav. I don't have the socket for iPhone etc under the slide panel job located under the phone cradle in centre console, just seems like an extra piece of plastic??? No socket in the rear centre console either!! Is there anything hidden somewhere on the car that will allow me to play music through my iphone 6? Not bothered about track list etc but I can't believe a car with this much tech cannot even do this as standard!!! Thanks in advance
  3. I'm baaaaacckk! Lol

    Well, it's been a while, but I'm finally back where I belong!! Behind the wheel of a so far problem free Bmw!! E60 530i msport, lovely cat all round!! The st220 was nice, but just not good enough!!
  4. just wondering........

    For which? My current car or the possible new one??
  5. just wondering........

    morning all i'm having a look around at a new 5er and thinking of a 530d e60 m sport. trouble is though i only have a budget of around £6k and have found one on the trader but it has done 116000 miles. what i'm asking is with that mileage, am i expecting many common faults etc? is it worth the money? any help and advice is much appreciated!!
  6. Help! Broken down!

    Had a new viscous less than a year ago!! Had a quick look at the tensioners etc and no other signs of damage, plus the belt still feels tight and completely in tact!!
  7. Help! Broken down!

    Thanks again fellas. I have looked at the rad this morning, no water leaking from it although there are a couple of very slight 'dents' on the rad where the blades breaking off the fan have caught it, but only very small / minor. Will the rad have to be replaced too? The car never over heated, in fact, the temp gauge stayed at 12 o'clock as it normally does. Im really hoping i can just have the water pump, fan and rad cowling replaced and not have to shell out for the whole fan belt kit!! Again, your views / advice please? What would be a decent price for labor charges?
  8. Help! Broken down!

    I have spoken to a mechanic I know and he's advising to replace the belt at the same time as the water pump, but that it should be done using the whole kit and not just a belt?? What are your views??
  9. Help! Broken down!

    Anyone near east london with some spare parts? Lol
  10. Help! Broken down!

    Thanks for all the replies. From 1st look, the fan blades broke just as i pulled over and cant see any damage to the rad, just the shroud (is that what its called?). Anyway, where the fan sits on the engine, its loose and moving around, sitting at an angle at the moment. So is that the water pump gone then??
  11. Help! Broken down!

    Morning Travelling on A13 this morning i heard a funny scraping kinda noise, as i pulled over a couple of different noises, popped the bonnet and there was water everywhere and all the blades have broken off of the main fan!!! Its also damaged the rad cowling!! What could of caused this? Water pump bearing? A pulley seriously broken?? Cheers in advance!!
  12. Read wheel noise

    Any more advice people??
  13. Read wheel noise

    Thanks for the replies Im thinking along the lines of hand / park brake shoe as i have not had handbrake for a while???
  14. Read wheel noise

    Hi all. I seem to have a kind of rotational squeeky noise coming from what i think is the o/s/r wheel. It sounds like tweetie pie is chasing me lol! Its as if there is wire rubbing on the disc etc, really not sure what to think tbh, surely it cant be much.............can it??? Enjoy the rest of the bank hol!!! Ob, it only happens when im moving at 10 - 20 mph, cant hear it after that ( road noise blocks it out), it does not get any louder as i get faster, its S annoying as getting a small stone stuck in the tread of a tyre pmsl!!!

    morning all!!! got in the car this morning, switched heater on and.....................nothing!!!!! i do have hot air blowing out, but even if i put it on full power its very minimal. does it point towards the above? final stage resistor / hedgehog??? any help is much appreciated.