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  1. I purchased my old E60 from Harry Fairbairn (Arnold Clark) almost 8 years ago, I flew up and drove it back, 600ish miles. I discovered it had warped discs 3 hrs in to my drive home, there attitude was terrible when I spoke to them, it was a case of, well your 600 ish miles away, not interested. But I kept in touch and 3 weeks later I drove back up for a funeral, popped in, insisted an engineer took the car out and when he came back he agreed with me. I walked away with a full set of discs and pads as they agreed to let me fit them when I got home........ More then likely the same folk working there. Is the paint covered under the BMW paint warranty, But as already mentioned, speak to BMW direct and complain....
  2. Bmw steering wheel paddle extesions

    I am wondering if they will fit my 335,,,, Ummmmmm How much?
  3. I Like that, Very Much and when the time comes I will more then likely get a M3 my self. I have a 335i running around 400bhp and after thinking about it I should have gone and purchased a M3 then and not bothered with the 335.... you live n learn
  4. Got the F11 535D

    Sorry, I had some issues with the car again, it was due to go in to my local BMW, some very bad shaking from 40ish up to 90ish and I thought it was the prop shaft rubber mount worn, I then replaced the front tyres with some thing a little wider, 235 to 245, then I removed the 20" wheels and put the original wheels back on and had the 20" rears checked but on my way to DCM Tyres the wobble had gone completely. On inspection of the rear wheels one of the tyres were out of shape and there was a small crack on the inner lip, SO, lip repaired, 2 more new tyres on the rear and wider, 275 to 295 as its a 10.5J wheel. fitting them back on the car over the weekend after every thing gets a good clean
  5. Brand new wheel bolts

    Most BMW wheel bolts are 12x1.50, it changed when the newer f10/11 and f07 and some other newer models to M14x1.50
  6. Got the F11 535D

  7. Triumph street triple R

    NOT ALLOWED ANY THING WITH 2 WHEELS, That's until she dies or I divorce her.... The wife just don't like any thing with 2 wheels... I had several over the years, before I had my licence over in Germany I rode a CX500, then a Harley 850 hugger and took my test on a 500cc Can Am In Germany before being posted back to the UK, I then purchased a 750 fazer and eventually wrote that off, I then got posted to Cyprus in 1990 where I got a 1400 Intruder and had the RAF stick it on a pallet and it went back on a Herc to Brize, they were happy days. On the Up, I am left alone when it comes to my cars,,,,,, she know better
  8. Purchased a e93 335i

    PM Sent
  9. Purchased a e93 335i

    The rear defuser I purchased was a non starter, after getting it painted gloss black I went o fit it last night but it requires some exhaust work to make it fit as the current rear box's were fitted around the current defuser. So I will be selling that. Gutted,,,,
  10. Purchased a e93 335i

    Well, the wheels arrived and yesterday I went over to my local tyre man and got the tyres fitted, 245/35 and 255/30 as recommended by the Judd people. The wheels are 9j and 10j but a bit of an aggressive offset et25 and et28. The rear set up is spot on, no issues, However the front tyres 245/35 are to wide and are rubbing on the arch, I have a pair of 235/35 on the front of my F11 so I will be swapping the tyres over on Saturday, then with the new KW coilovers going on I should get the adjustment just right. He say's,,,,,
  11. Purchased a e93 335i

    Due to the on going saga with the EML and the catless down pipes and the location of the lambda sensor on bank one I decided to bite the bullet and get a set of VRSF down pipes and remove the cheep pipes I got through ebay,,, Bit of a result, NO More EML and the car runs so much better. Now I just need to start her up first thing in the morning to see how much louder on start up she is.......
  12. VHT Caliper Paint - Help

    I am now speaking to my brother who lives out in the USA,,, se if he can get me some and post it over
  13. VHT Caliper Paint - Help

    YES,,, they can not import that paint due to the chemicals in it. Some thing to do with EU Rules........ However, is this any good http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Quality-Metallic-Chromatic-Acrylic-Gloss-Aerosol-Spray-Paint-400ml-/262339918852?var=561119989568&hash=item3d14ad7c04:g:~GgAAOSwmmxW6wI6
  14. Purchased a e93 335i

    As the car was being recovered on Monday I decided to remove the wheels and put the original wheels back on as I did not want the wheels being marked while being lifted and dropped of to low loader Then I farted and had a brain wave, I decided to sell the wheels from the 335i, WHY? I don't Know, but I just did. I Advertised them and under an hour they were gone. I am now sat hear thinking, "What Did I Do That For,,,,,,, BUT I have an urge to full fill, getting some thing with a deep dish and not MK's
  15. Purchased a e93 335i

    And then this happened Drove all the way back from Birmingham Saturday night, no problem, woke up Sunday morning and went to go out in the car and no steering. Reversed back and forward and got out and had a look and found this, power steering fluid all over my drive. I checked the reservoir and that was empty, I put a 1lt bottle of fluid back in and thing's seemed fine, but I got BMW emergency recovery to come out and take a look, I then got him to lift the car and take it to my local BMW. The car was all sorted by Wednesday, they found a pipe clip had broken so the pipe and clip were replaced, fresh fluid and to top every thing off there was NO Cost to me at all. While they had the car I got them to carry out a break fluid change at £58.....