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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well, removed the plastic trim around the bottom of the windshield, removed the strut brace at the rear, removed the air box and the housing and managed to get my hand and hoover down again to clear all the crap,,, I still could not find the yellow grommet. what I did find though, I lifted the carpet in the passenger front footwell and the padding under that and found a channel about 2" wide, this was full of water, got the Vax out and sucked up around 3 to 4 pints of water and also sucked up the wet rear carpet, I need to do more research, should of taken some picks as well as you would be shocked at the amount of water I sucked up,,,,,,,,,, Going to have another look tomorrow

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Although I mentioned I had this issue months ago on the F07GT over the last month it's got very bad and I had a go at sorting it out yesterday. Struggling to get my head round this,,,, Tried going through the glove box, removed it and tried to pull the carpet away but causing more damage then anything else, I removed the wheel arch and also removed the undertray bit under the passenger seat but still cant see it, I noticed there is another build up of leaves etc so going to remove the crap today. Read and re read this whole thread, also Matt Asheton's post so going to have another look today,

    New wheels

    Very Nice, looking for some thing deep myself for the GT... Your 61 looks amazing..

    Newbie Needs Coding

    Hi and Welcome, find some one local to you with the Carly App and they can do that, I just done a 17 plate 335D touring for one of the lads up hear (Scotland) with out any problems....

    Hello All from sunny Glasgow (for once)

    Welcome, I am west of you over in Troon, I recently handed back my F11535D, I had that gutted and mapped and the smoke wasn't noticeable even after over 90k miles. Currently running a 530D GT and its getting sorted soon...

    Price Please

    Price Please for a F07 550GT M Sport rear defuser BMW Part Number 51128051224 Regards Steve

    F07 GT Side repeaters,,,,,

    Not scratches,,, glue residue from some black insulating tape that I had covering the hole where the indicator went in,,, keep the rain out,,,...……. easily clean that off when I fit the new ones,,
  8. I recently got my self another GT, A 530D M Sport with 48K when I picked it up. I normally purchase some new indicators from BMW and get them painted to match the car, NOT a big fan of the chrome stuff and normally when you remove them they break so I end up chucking them anyway and at almost £90 to replace from BMW I decided to look around, and after looking on another website and speaking to some one who had replaced his with a set of DEPO side indicators from the US I went ahead and made contact with the fella in the US and two weeks later they have arrived, They are identical to the BMW indicators but come is satin black, they are a direct fitment as well. SO, next stop, get them painted to match the car and fit them. And get the chrome strip at the back wrapped or painted gloss black.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Smoke-Black-Fender-Side-Marker-Lights-For-10-14-BMW-F07-5-Series-GT-Gran-Turismo-/152575606087?hash=item238636fd47

    Buying part worn tyres

    Its not US you have to worry about, its the unscrupulous individual that is selling tyres that have been abused, run flat and not divulged and any other type of repair that has not been disclosed.... YES, I did purchase a set of part worn tyres ONCE,,,, that had great tread, and looked tidy. After trying to get them fitted it turned out that they had been run flat causing the inside wall to fall apart. Needless to say I took them back and got a refund and I had to looked online and get a new pair of tyres. I will never use part worn again... especially on a BMW
  10. GT STEVE

    Sat Nav Software Updates

    Sat Nav Software Updates Is there any one on hear supplying sat nav updates, mine is still on 2012 and I need 2018 as its well out of date.. Thought I would ask before I look on ebay..
  11. GT STEVE

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well,,,, After almost 6 weeks of owning my latest 530 GT I have discovered the same problem, rear passenger carpet was soaked, I removed all the plastic trim from the front right of the engine bay and cleared a bucket load of crap and leaves, stuck the hoover in there and sucked up even more shit, I need to find time now to remove the glove box and see what going on, and try to replace the grommet and unblock the drain pipe... This whole thread has helped lots and going to look at Neil's video later when I get home... Pretty Crap for such a good brand, BUT I have never experienced this issue with any of my other recent BMW,s like the my last GT, the F11 or the e93 so its a first...... If I cant sort it then its going to a garage as I have a warranty with the car and it should be covered.
  12. GT STEVE


    BUMP,,, I still have them... Ideal if you have a F11
  13. BMW F11 REAR BOOT TRAY & DOG GUARD That's It, as the F11 has now gone and they don't fit in the GT I just purchased, SO I have hear a F11 Dog guard and a full size BMW Boot Tray They were just over £150 each from BMW and it will be a shame just to stick them in the back of the shed gathering dust Looking for £120 for the both or £70 each I wont post the tray as its to big but I will post the dog guard at what ever it cost's to post it on top, If you looking and want to collect then SP47TU (Amesbury near Salisbury) or RG224BY (Basingstoke) PM Me if interested, The boot tray is in very good condition and the dog guard looks like new The tray looks like this but for a F11 and not a e60 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-5-Series-Touring-E61-F11-Boot-Liner/263567785110?hash=item3d5ddd3c96:g:g2gAAOSwhktatpVl The dog guard is like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-GENUINE-DOG-GUARD-GRILL-GRATE-FOR-BMW-F11-5-SERIES-ESTATE-TOURING-866/182686834516?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AF11&hash=item2a88fbdf54:g:9OgAAOSwv0tVXbXP
  14. Hi, I am picking up a 530GT on a 12 plate in the morning,,, I will be looking at both engine and gear box maps, can you sort me out with both.. Also the car is a M Sport but NO paddles so I will be purchasing a new steering wheel with paddles, I know that will need coding, can you sort me out there as well. The last GT I had I did the same as I prefer to use the sport mode and paddles but that company is down south and I will be moving to Scotland very soon... Regards...
  15. GT STEVE


    And you believe me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there is a first..... We Will See