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  1. Seayou_ntea

    e39 M5 rolling road disappointment

    Same here, Have done many dyno runs with just pulling the fuses. Running something like INPA when doing max power runs is good for keeping an eye on the inlet air and coolant temps. With the temps below, the best run I got was 293BHP at the rear wheels in 4th gear. With sucked air temps in the mid 20's the car made 314BHP at the rear wheels.
  2. Seayou_ntea

    e39 M5 rolling road disappointment

    Indeed. Higher coolant temps and overly high inlet air temps lower the output significantly. I've personally seen a 20hp at the wheels difference just from the inlet air temp being in the mid 20's and >50degC
  3. Seayou_ntea

    c23 BM radio to BM24 swap

  4. Seayou_ntea

    c23 BM radio to BM24 swap

    Thanks. My previous e39 m5 had a bm24 with nav but no dsp. No issues with radio stations in New Zealand. Will the bm24 work with the dsp amplifier in my current car? Is it a matter of just coding the radio to be in a dsp equipped car?
  5. Seayou_ntea

    c23 BM radio to BM24 swap

    I understand that these to radio units share the same plugs and are a straight swap. I have a Sep 99 built E39 M5 that has the c23 bm Oceania radio module alongside the DSP amplifier. My question is would a bm24 replacement radio module work with the dsp amplifier, or are the bm24's only for non-dsp equipped cars? Cheers.
  6. Seayou_ntea

    135k miles and track use?

    Aside from rod bearings you have things like brakes and worn out suspension which will rear it's ugly head at a track day.
  7. I have an E39 M5 that came with the TV but no Nav. I have a Mk4 nav unit and have already installed a 16:9 unit along with a 16:9 compatible video module. Just wondering if anyone has done this before, and what is required to install the Nav unit since I already have the TV unit. Cheers.
  8. Seayou_ntea

    e39 M5, Cat Delete, revert back to OE

    The trouble is that the oe cats are double walled on the engine facing side. This is tricky to re-weld back in once cut out and replaced with straight pipes.
  9. Seayou_ntea

    Viewed E39M5 - some advice please

    Having recently purchased another M5 with the exact same rattle symptoms as this one I found that the exhaust cam timing off bank 1 was off. This was confirmed by the vanos test failing on bank 1. The po also had used a main chsin tensioner out of a 540i m62.. If you proceed scan the dme for faults and carry out a vanos test. To rectify I followed Jamies procedure for vanos o'haul including new spring plates. Very straightforward and easy if you follow the instructions to the letter.
  10. Seayou_ntea

    E39 M5 timing chain tensioners

    The main chain tensioner is worth doing if it's still original. The 2 tensioners in between the cams is quite labour intensive to replace. These can be checked for wear and play when the valve covers are removed. if you're replacing these tensioners, considering the mileage, it's worth while doing the chains and guides as you're about half-way there since the upper timing covers have to be removed.
  11. Seayou_ntea

    Wheel alignment, how often?

    Depends on the road conditions. Bumpy roads, pot holes will put the geometry out of spec pretty quickly. Driving on smooth roads/motorway mile munching mostly i'd say would need an alignment check every 6-10k miles.
  12. Seayou_ntea

    My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Nice wheels!
  13. Seayou_ntea

    e39 M5 owner with standard gearshift in Scotland

    After 2 years of using the shitty ebay short shift rod the po installed, I did a full rebuild of the shifter assembly using oem parts. The stock shifter feel is immensely different but felt a bit too unprecise. I installed a Z4m shift knob, the extra weight in the knob makes shifting a touch more crisp. Recommend this setup.
  14. Seayou_ntea

    e39 M5 Bruyere club wood trim

    Wondering if any one has any spare bruyere club wood trim pieces. I'm after the piece that houses the tyre pressure control button. Cheers.